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LindseyXZ's World


Hello! My name is LindseyXZ! I am just an average college student, and my hobbies include archery to a fair extent. I like to fix computers and I hope to get into a career that suits one of my passions. But for now, I am living one day at a time.

I like to draw, paint and do some graphic art. You can find some of my work at this link> Deviantart

Important Announcements:

March 4 2017:

Sorry everyone. I am so scattered brained. I've had so much going on with life and school that I have had lots of anxiety. Over this time, I have been planning a Mass Effect fanfiction which involves my own OC based on anime characters such as Kikyo from Inuyasha, things from the Legend of Dragoon, and Xena. I am still not sure when I'll write again. Just so busy with my life. I hope everyone can understand. For my other stories I am open to suggestions.

August 11, 2013:

I have been very busy trying to get into university (trying to get funding is a bitch), and as such I won't be able to work on my stories as much as I would like to. But don't worry, I do intend to keep on writing when I can. I thank those who have supported me for all this time. :)

Beta readers I recommend:

Shadowess 88 is from what I have seen, very good at pointing out flaws in how characters are portrayed. She has helped me a great deal with determining my own faults in my story. What she is proficient at is finding repetitive words, proper grammar, and is very good at giving suggestions to make your story have more detail. If you write about anime whether it be original canon, or crossovers, she's the one to ask! You can find out more on her beta reader profile!

Anime and manga I like are:

Ghost in The Shell



Inuyasha; which is a pure classic to my eyes.

TV series I like are:

Dead Like Me

Buffy The Vampire Slayer


Animes I am not crazy about:

Dragonball Z - (Don't like it that much, good but, the majority of anime is all about boasting and showing off and that's how they get defeated. Like Gohan for example when he is fighting Super Buu. I find the fanfictions make a better impression of the characters, providing characters are not OOC.)

Dragonball GT - (Could have been better. But it just seemed to get clumsy and the villains are too original. How about instead of destroying the world all the time, they make a villain who is cunning and clever, like something similar to Naraku from Inuyasha? With a lot less boasting? (I always liked Naraku, my favorite villain from the Inuyasha series! Sure he boasted, but he did it with style.)

Then again, who am I kidding? Every anime has its own way of portraying its characters.

Games I like are:

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Jurassic Park Trespasser

Legend of Dragoon

Spyro (Up to #3. All the others have lost their touch.)

Turok Evolution

Thief Deadly Shadows

My favorite anime/ game characters are:

From Inuyasha: Kikyo and Kagome. Also Enju (who only appears in episode "92 - Plot of the Walking Dead".)

From DBZ: Gohan, but Future Gohan mostly.

From Bleach: Byakuya Kuchiki and his Flashy Senbonzakura, Sode No Shirayuki and Kensei Muguruma.

From Ghost in the Shell: Motoko Kusanagi.

Legend of Dragoon: Shana, Miranda, Rose, Meru, Albert and Lavitz.

Character pairings I like are:

Gohan/Videl (Sometimes this pairing can get a little overrated for me however, as I have read a fair amount regarding this pairing. The stories I read are good, great even. Just gets Overrated...)

Gohan/18 (Future timeline preferable. Sometimes they are great reads.)



Favorite quotes:

"We weep for a bird's cry, but not for a fish's blood. Blessed are those with a voice." - From Ghost in The Shell Movie 2: Said by Motoko Kusanagi.

"I wish for a heart. A heart of the man whom I'll never allow to forget me." - From Inuyasha: Said by Kikyo.

"When Dragoons meet, blood doth flow and as they leave, time doth slow." - From The Legend of Dragoon: Said by Rose

"Since you fucked it up; you gonna to eat it up." - From the movie; Precious: Said by Mary (That was so hilarious!)

My current stories:

The Crossroads of Fate and Destiny = In Progress... (On Hiatus)

Whisper of the Soul = In progress! (On Hiatus)

My current story pictures:

The Crossroads of Fate and Destiny: Story Cover, A Promise... *Chap. 9* or Accepting Fate... *Chap. 10*

Whatever got me into writing fanfics, I'll never know... Perhaps I do know though, it was from reading so many fanfics to begin with! I swear, what some people write is so much more expressive than some mangas or animes! There is truly more heart, emotion and effort put into them fanfics that makes them more enjoyable to read! All in all, I write to to see what people think of my ideas and more importantly, to have fun! You don't have to agree with me on some things, but we all have our personal preference and we are all entitled to them. :D

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