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Author has written 5 stories for Super Smash Brothers, Kid Icarus, Pokémon, and His Dark Materials.

I am Ze Dybbuk!

Wolves are my favorite color and blue is my favorite animal. I'm not even kidding.

Just like everybody else and their mom, I like writing/reading and am trying to turn some of the noise in my head into a novel. We'll see how that goes. In the meantime my current plans include college, followed by employment, followed by retirement, followed by leading an armada of penguins and oompa-loompas on the first ever voyage to the center of the sun, which will probably be followed by death. If it is not followed by death, I will either construct a robot me that is like me in every way (except for laser vision) and send it to my family reunions just for the lulz, or I will design window treatments with the help of my floating cat, Stuffie. I haven't quite decided yet.

Wait, Lemme Bullshit about my Stories for a Little Bit--

If you've navigated to this page in the vague and indistinct hope of securing a little background info before venturing into the dark bowels of an unknown fanfiction that just so happens to have been written by me, then congratulations! This section is where I'm posting some expanded summaries and various explanations of just what the frickafrack I'm trying to do with this stuff. So anyway.

Fatty and the Kid: By which I mean the "Fluff" series, all the crackfics down yonder there with the ridiculously long (and weird) titles. These follow the fantastical misadventures of Ike (otherwise known as Fatty) and his batshit crazy roommate Pit, who spends an unhealthy amount of his free time ranting about eggplants and fantasizing about the end of the world and other fun things like that. I actually did try to put a little meaning in the first two (you have to squint), and will probably try and at least follow that standard for any others subsequent, but again, you'll have to squint. All things considered, I'm really surprised this series has gotten as much love as it has, and I'm pretty much super psyched about the whole deal. If you prefer your crackfic with a little smear of intelligence, gimme a whirl.

Kid Icarus: Skyworld Campaign (KI:SC): Ever play the original Kid Icarus on the NES/Famicom? No? Great, neither have I! In fact, I firmly believed that Kid Icarus had been a third-party endeavour until Nintendo decided to stick Pit in Brawl roughly seventeen years after his last (edit: second!) sequel. Don't sell me short, though; Myths'n Monsters might have been the only title I played, but it left a mark. I had two goals when I decided to write this fic. The first was to help myself better get to know a franchise I'd always liked a lot. The second was to try and stir some interest among the fan community for a game that doesn't get as much love as it probably deserves. The way I decided to do that was to retell the original story, but with enough twists to add new meaning and to repair disjointed elements of the plot. That was the idea, anyway.
--UPDATE: ...I know that I said in one of the author's notes that I "wasn't gonna give this up, wasn't gonna let this down," but, uh, yeah. I'm just really bored with this. And given that it DOES cost me my free time to write these things, I'm just saying, I'd rather not. ON HIATUS until further notice. Yes, I know that I'm a lying sack of testicles. Shut up.

Wonderful AI: It's a metafic (vidja game characters live amongst their real-life creators). It's also a parody (of It's a Wonderful Life). Nothing too tricky, cha. Luigi's on the verge of suicide, because hey, his life sucks. Or DOES it? What exactly would the world BE like without the bountiful wonder of the little green plumber? Good Golly, Miss Molly, the suspense!

The Car Named Carl: Title says it all. Seriously.

Hold on, Something Else--

I wanted to blather on about a couple ideas I had for future works. Humor me for half a minute, it won't take that daisies long.

Game Masters: Basically a brief, kitschy, and slightly fantastic history of Nintendo. Also metafic. The sheer amount of work that this would entail absolutely makes my skin crawl (what with the research so I won't sound like an asshat, and the development of decent characters and plot points...so I won't sound like an asshat), but the idea won't leave me alone, and I'll probably end up doing it eventually. Although I would wait until I had the whole thing done before I started posting chaps, so don't expect to see it anytime soon. Also, that's just a working title, I probably won't leave it at that, if for no other reason than the knuckle-gnawing way that it reminds me of Captain N. Others I've been considering include the not-so-terribly-creative Leave Luck to Heaven and Mario & Company, and the dark-sounding yet oddly fitting Withered Technology. Ever wanted to follow a fantastic account of videogames and their creators, all the while discovering how their worlds fall apart and come together? This'd be it, cha. Eventually, anyway.
--UPDATE: Settled on a title: R and D, Meet Code and Pixel.

Fluff and Blahblahstance or Link's Stupid Whatever: Definitely (I repeat, DEFINITELY) a working title. In fact, Link's titular Stupid Whatever (as described through implication in gloriously nonexistant detail in the previous Fatty & the Kid) probably won't have goddamn anything to do at all with this story. Currently, I'm thinking about it having something to do with the stage builder. Or, you know, the bumper item. Or party balls. Or something. ...Seriously, if you have any ideas, PM me. I don't bite.


Oh And Hey--

Like pretty much everybody else here, I like getting reviews. Unlike some people here, I like getting any kind of review; praise, critique, straight up flames, the product of smashing one's face against the keyboard, etc. I consider myself a pretty mellow person, so feel free to write whatever you really think about a story; I'm not going to get offended. Pinky swear!

I try to be at least sort of constructive when I give reviews. I point out things done well and things that I like, but also point out things I think are weaknesses and suggest ways to improve. I'm not trying to be nasty at all when I do this, but if you feel like I came across that way anyway, please tell me so! That way I can punch myself in the face and try and do better next time.

Okay, I'm done.

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