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Hello to all of you who are visiting my profile, and thank you very much for taking the time to do so.

I am a fan of various TV series, book series, and even book series. I am also a fan of a few isolated films. I do not listen to a lot of music, but nevertheless I find music a very good form of expression, and there are several isolated songs that I find great, although I confess that there is , and films so far all my writing is related to the Dragon Ball trilogy, because it is the one I feel most comfortable to write about.

My current fanfic, Of Brothers and Battles, is unfortunately on hiatus, because I found I did not yet have the required skill to develop the concept as deeply as it deserved to be developed. I apologize to all the readers who enjoyed the fanfic.

However, rest assured, I intend to start working on it again as soon as I feel my writing skills are sharp enough to write it.

In the meantime, I will be improving my writing skills, and working with with fellow author American Vigor as contributing writer/editor of his most prominent work, Honor Trip, after having been granted that privilege.

You can see American Vigor's profile here, and Honor Trip is in the list of the author's works.

Favorite Dragon Ball Z sagas:

Cell Games Saga - It was a terrible surprise that one of the biggest threats the Earth's fighters ever had to face was a creature that was intentionally designed by a mad scientist to be well suited to destroy them. Yet, the way how they unite against this seemingly undefeatable threat, and how they end up working together to overcome it when everything seems lost, is truly worthy of notice.

Buu Saga - The fact that there is a threat so great that the one who oversees the whole universe must take action is an excellent way to end the Dragon Ball Z series. Majin Buu truly lives up to his fame, as over and over again, right when it seems he is defeated, he bounces back more terrible than he was before, if not necessarily more powerful. I find it particularly worthy of notice that he is defeated by a technique that involves the help of every person on Earth, as it demonstrates what can be achieved by a group of people united to work toward a single purpose.

Garlic Junior Saga - Although it is the only saga of Dragon Ball Z that is purely filler, and even considering that its main villain is not readily compatible with the mainstream series, the valiant way how Gohan struggles to overcome a group of diabolical villains and save his own planet, and manages to prove that, as a mere six years old child, can not only prove that he can win his own battles without needing his father to fight for him, is worthy of both notice and respect.

Frieza Saga - It was mostly thanks to an oversight of a previous villain that this whole saga took place, a misfortune that is only smaller than the overwhelming power Frieza has when compared to the warriors that are competing with him to get the Dragon Balls. However, through their combined effort, their perseverance, and their uneasy alliance with another threat, the Earth's fighters manage to stop Frieza from reaching his goal. The way how Frieza was defeated - even if he was not killed - is particularly fitting for a dictator like him.

Saiyan Saga - The battle against the Saiyans is worthy of notice not only because of how bravely, but how their sacrifices seemed, at first, ultimate It is fortunate indeed that there was an unexpected last resort to be exploited, as well as it is terrible that it caused them to face a threat so great the Saiyans were nothing against it.

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile,


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