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Author has written 2 stories for Harry Potter, and Warriors.

hey everyone i'm kylee and i am a proud canadian, i love canada but i have nothing against other countired, ive got uncle in the USA and Austrilia and my best friend is from the philipians

ok so i have 2 stories up the first is called Harry Potter and the Next Generation, the name pretty much says it all, it leaves off in the last Harry Poter Book. I've currently put this story on hold due to the fact, #1 I realsied it has no plot and #2 i'm way to busy with school, activities to write a story i am not that intrested in. I'm not planning on continuing with it for awhile

the second on is called Blossoming and it's a warriors fanfic. the summary is:

Cherry and Fang live in a band of rouges the exact opposite of the clans. In here if you're not strong enough, your killed. Detirmed to be a higher rank Cherry does some pretty stupid stuff and fins herself in Thunderclan with no way out, when Fang comes to her rescue in finds himself trapped in Thinderclan too. Will they go from their fierce lives, to the caring of Thunderclan?

Well that's it, you should definetly check it out!



ps I'm a christian and PROUD of it

Best Friends: jdog1o1 and cattiebear

Nicknames: Progie, Luke, Kylee go Kylee (I know a boy in my class made up that one), Longneck, Chedder, Smartstuff

Favorite Books (Warning extremly long list ahead)

Inkheart series (Indeath is my absolute fav book)


Harry Potter

Artemis Fowl

Darest Power Series (Summoning, Awakening, Reckoning) ( I put the names of the series because I had no idea what the name of the series was till I investigated)

Women of the Otherworld

Septimus Heap

Hunger Games, Catching Fire ( I CAN NOT wait for the 3rd book to come out, they left off at such a cliff!!)


A Kiss in Time


Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Imortals

And (of course) The BIBLE

And thats all for now, but I'll probably have more soon!!

Fav movie: Avatar!! (that is an amazazing movie!!) Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (According to my friends I am Luke and I have friends named Grover, Annabeth, Percy, Thalia, Zoey, and Gabe (haha I know, she hasn't read the books) )

fav parring:

artemis/holly (my bet is that artemis will find a way to turn himself into a fairy)

farid/maggie (yes i know he's a jerk to maggie in inkdeath but he's depressed)


jenna/beetle (beetle is my favorite charecter in that series he and jeena should get together in syren which i haven't read yet or darke wch is the next book)

fav charecters

dustfinger (i cried soooo much when he died he's my altime favorite charecter in all the books i've read)




fenoglio (he's sooo weird like the author he is)


charecters that i hate because they are bad guys of the book but they are awesome charecters

orpheus (don't know how to spell his name)

basta (i love his charecter the way cornelia discribes him is awesome)

opal (she's soooooooo evil)

milksop (i love his nickname)

ALL of capricorn's henchmen (i love their names and the way cornila describes them)

piper (i love that he has pink nails it's soooo unlike him)


Harry Potter Family Tree For my story Harry Potter the Next Generation.

Note: Names of kids and who they married are real ones that JK Rowling stated inless specified. Ages I made up all


Kids: Victoire: 17, Dominique: 15, Louis: 13

Percy-Audrey (don't think she's mentioned at all in the series)

Kids: Molly: 9, Lucy: 8

George-Angela Johnson

Kids: Roxanne: 15, Fred: 14

Ron- Hermione Granger

Kids: Rose: 11, Hugo: 10

Luna-Rolf Scamander

Kids: Lorcan and Lysander-Twins: 6

Neville-Hannah Abbott

Kids: None that I know of or made up yet

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Blossoming reviews
Cherry and Fang lives in a band of rouges, the exact opposite of the clans. Here only how well you can fight matters, if you're not stong enough you're killed. But then something happens and Cherry and Fang get thrown into Thunderclan. Will they adapt?
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