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I can't seem to receive any e-mail pertaining to this site for some strange reason,

so I can't tell you how sorry I am I'm not able to respnd to your reviews and mail.

Some help would be extremely appreciated!!!

sex:yes please(male)

devianart acount name: imadumbass15

job: Welder

sexuality: straight

favorite quote: "clothes make the man, but muscles make the babies"-me advising my cousin on dating while working out.

'tis better to loved and lost than to have never loved at all' BULLSHIT!

siblings: one sister, one brother-in-law

situation: in relationship with a gorgeous dark-skinned blonde(not african, just gets alot of sun)

hair: semi-long dark blonde

ethnicity: 25 indian, 25 german, and supposedly a little russian on my Mom's side.

eyes: green

favorite movie: death race

favorite car: 1967 pontiac gto

favorite color: dark, dark navy blue

favorite console:ps3 (yes, i play, just not addicted to it)

favorite games: resident evil 5, devil may cry, samurai western, dark sector, eureka 7, bleach:heat the soul series, and damnation

favorite game character: jill valentine, sheva alomar, lady, trish, gloria, and faceless (samurai western)

favorite animes: bleach, naruto, witchblade, eureka 7, and code geass(yes i watch, just not addicted)

favorite anime characters: halibel(tits), yoruichi(my kitty), matsumoto(tits jr.), neliel(tits the third), tsunade(tits the fourth), fem kyuubi, kurenai, konan, tayuya , talho, milly ashford, and cornelia

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got from OUTLAWKNIGHT who Got from thymistacles

story idea: ichigo is kidnapped by the ringmistress of death and learns alot about the female body, and gets a little less shy while hes at it. After all, with a evil female ringmaster with a body like matsumoto's trying to have sex with you underneath the big top, wouldn't you? (ichigo/OC) don't own bleach

story idea: we know about ichigo's dad's side of the family, but what about his mother's? follow his adventures as he walkes back into the life he left all those years ago. With his gunslinging grandfather training him in the art of gunsmanship, will Ichigo get stong enough to beat aizen before the winter war comes? While conflicting thoughts about imbracing his inner hollow runs through his mind, he will put on his gun belt for the last time. He'll soon discover how far his family is rooted into soul reaper history. ichigo/halibel don't own bleach

story idea: dante knew he had a father,and he knew all the legendary things he did, or thought he knew... sparda comes from the dead along with his mother and brother and chaos ensues! It appears as though a new evil is awakening and sparda is calling in help from his womanizing big brother to help him in one last job! OC/ gloria after dmc 4 (gloria and trish are different people in this fic.) don't own dmc

story idea: what if ichigo was the former lead singer of Nickelback alongside Chad kroeger, and decided to come back? don't own nickelback or bleach.

story idea: after the events of the 50th episode of eureka 7, eureka reveals that she never really loved renton, and throws him off the Gekko. 10 years later at age 25, fate leads them together with different lovers this time around, and renton didn't exactly become the forgiving type! (elements of code geass!) don't own eureka 7 or code geass

story idea: yoruichi always thought she could control anyone, a smile and men would roll out the red carpet, a flash of skin, they worship her like a goddess; the goddess of beauty. ichigo was the only one who man HER feel the need to worship HIM. If she was the goddess of beauty he was the devil himself, because he did not give her what she wanted until she made a deal with him. isn't that what the devil is famous for; making deals? ichigo/ yoruichi don't own bleach.

this is a true story. A girl died in 1933. A man buried her when she was still alive. The murder chanted, "Toma Sota balcu," as he buried her. Now that you have read this chant, you will meet this little girl. In the middle of the night she will be on your ceiling. She will suffocate you like she was suffocated. If you post this on your profile, she will not bother you. Your kindness will be rewarded. Lucillia.

- a really cool picture of halibel!

Pictures of the gun Mystique gave Jack.

I'll admit I'm kind of a detail freak in my stories and alot of the time I'll have links to pictures of the guns my main (and important supporting characters) characters. I'm also not that origanial so I might have a custom firearm I saw in a movie as one of the weapons, I get the picture from this AWESOME site ()

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