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I like writing for anything that's fantasty/fiction! I mean non-fiction doesn't give you many choices except well, the truth and reality. But I could care less for that! I have like four or five stories I need to finish!! I better get started! Later! -RidingtheRoughWaters


It includes some of my OC's profiles/pictures.


Xiaolin Showdown

Kimiko Tohomiko:The only girl of the "Originals," and is the dragon of fire. She gets mad easily especially when Omi takes about girls such as "they don't have such great upper body stength." She never gives up so easily and her determination keeps her at it. She has a crush on the Shoku Warrior, Raimundo Pedrosa. She kissed him twice. She's the daughter of Toshiro Tohomiko, her father owns "Tohomiko Electronics," making her a wealthy young heiress. Best friends with Keiko Davis.

Ramundo Pedrosa: The one and only Shoku Warrior of hte "Originals" and the dragon of wind. Thinking he's a ladie's man and can probably grab any girl he wanted but seems to have his mind set on one girl-Kimiko tohomiko, the dragon of fire. His love for her is as ferocious as her fire. He's the street jester of the group. He is also the group's leader. He's switched to the Heylin side and back twice. He's from a small town called Rio de Janiero, in Brazil and speaks Porteguese-smiliar to Spanish.

Clay Bailey: Clay is the dragon of Earth. Being teased for "old man king fu," because he fights slow. A true blue cowboy from Texas. He only gets mad when people talk about or mess with his hat. He has blond hair and blue eyes. His daddy is picky and thinks Clay once needed to "man-up" when he was already a man. During that episode, teh family heirloom is the "Long Star of Texas" actually the Star Hanabi. Too bad that shen gong wu was made for more of Kimiko's element than Clay's. Jesse, his younger sister joined the Black Vipers who go and steal certain shen gong wu. He only gets mad if someone takes or messes with his side and uses many colorful metaphors. He has a crush on Emma Barila and has known her before he joined the "Originals."

Omi: The "greatest warrior of all" or so as Omi says. He is the dragon of water. He's trained his whole life and doens't know anything about girls or slang. Chase Young wants him on his side for his dots-to make himself mroe powerful. He's an orphan. His "parents" are fakes. He greatly desidred Raimundo's place-Shoku Warrior but accepts it with a smile. He gloats and brags A LOT. Although its made up with his great determination and he takes an interest in Isabella Sullivan.

Emma Barila: The dragon of Lightning and one of Master Guan's Xiaolin students. She has a crush on Clay Bailey and has met him before the "never-ending battle between good and evil." Her parents are divorced. she lives with her mother during the school year in Lousisana, up unti lright before the beginning of 7th grade. She stayed with her dad during the summers. She has red hair and green eyes. Her grandfather is Irish and her grandmother is Swedish. She's on on trips there before and can speak English, Irish, Swedidsh, and Cowboy fluently. she has a little sister, but she refuses to talk about her so her whereabouts and anything else about her is unknown.

Isabella Sullivan: One of Master Guan's students and is the dragon of Thunder She's a quiet, kind timid, tends-to-herself kind of girl. She's as quiet as her thunder is loud. Chloe, teh Xiaolin spy who was sent to make suere that teh "Originals" and Master Guant's students were safe, is the exact opposite of Isabella. Isabella is originally from northern China and lived in the countryside. She lived with her parents, grandmother and little brother, Hiro. Along with her trust companion (dog) Lucky. Though not many know this, she's a magnificent singer and has been told she "sings like an angel." She loves to go shoping-especally shoe shopping. She found out of her talent of thunder before she even became a student of Master Monk Guan! She became the first to master her element in her group. She uses her element, but prefers to use her skill of martial arts. She also takes an interest in Omi. But she must remind herself at times that she cannot become more than friends with a guy because of a secret that she refuses to tell anyone. Not only that, but she possesses a deep secret about where she's from and her past. This secret is revealed in Peace,War, and Revenge.

Chloe Collins: Chloe learned how to use her element in many ways, before even starting to train just like Isabella. She is the dragon of Nature and is from Hawaii. She's a blonde and can be found with her blonde hair up with beautiful red flower in it. She has two blue eyes that are as blue as the salty, ocean water surrounding her home. Seh's great friends with Josh, ahnd just like him, secretly ossesses dep feeling for each other but they both ignore the feelings or deny it. Chloe, in the story Xiaolin High-is a spy hired by Master Fung and Master Monk guan to watch over the "Originals" and the "Subs" as they struggled to complete their mission. Caleb is also there with her. Caleb is her twin brother and the dragon of darkness.

Caleb Collins: Chloe's twin brother and the dragon of darkness. Both him and his sister are wild, but unlike his sister-shows his serious side considerably much more often. He reads a lot and is very smart. He depends on his element to succeed in battle due to his lack of fighting martial skills. He's funny, smart, and charming. He's the older of the twins by two minutes and when it she comes to guys, he shows his serious side and will protect her to the end of the world. His love interest is unknown, but has been known to flirt with a few girls from time to time. Most girls who see him, fall head over heels but he isn't the romantic type much and doesn't take dating relationships too seriously. He's great friends with Raimundo, Clay and Omi.

Keiko Davis: Kimiko Tohomiko's best friend since like forever! She has blond hair after she dyed it from black to blonde. Keiko loves to shop and use make up. She is the love interest of Jermaine but she can't tell if she likes him or Omi more. Her father recently is now making a partnership with Kimiko's dad's company. Keiko also gets annoyed by Omi's comments about girls and their upper body strength. Kimiko and Keiko could be twins and share about everything. Before Keiko came to the Xiaolin Temple, she had died her black hair to blonde. You can find a picture of her before she came to the Xiaolin Temple right here. She's also the dragon of light.

Jermaine: Omi met him in Manhatten. The dragon of sound and also has quite an interest in Keiko but doesn't show it much. He wonders if Keiko likes him back sometimes. He's great friends with everyone and everyone likes him. He's funny and his martial art skills are quite impressive. He's just a good person. He has a mom, and two little siblings waiting for him back in Manhatten. His dad is an acoholic and left him and the family when he was really little. He tries to do everything to make everything worthwhile for his family. He's a perfectionist and wants everyone to be happy. He puts everyone first before himself which makes him a great person. But sometimes he needs reassurance that everything will turn out great in the end and that sometimes he needs to put himself first.

Josh: Josh is the dragon of Metal and from Russia. I might change some details but I'm still in the process with this OC (Other Character), so more details will come out about him soon! I promise! PM me if you get tired of waiting.


Avia Berkendolf: One of the two main leaders, along with Auron. She grew up in a lower class family and has fought her own battles, and helping her little brother, Esyrn out from time to time. She's tough, and if it comes to the need- merciless. She doesn't like to talk about her past, but it's hinted from time to time, when she was younger she fell in love and.. it hurt. She keeps looking forward and has this effect on people not to question her authority 'cause she pretty much knows what she's doing! She's deadly with a bow and arrow, so you better watch your back!

Esyrn Berkendolf: Younger brother of Avia, and master of the Yo-yo. He wasn't even around the dangerous but found a fondness and longing towards the little things as children all around him played with them.He was the first among the children to master this "art" and learned many tricks with them, with and without the string. His cranky, and sometimes drunk aunt whom he lived with found this kind of scary because she knew of his destiny and fate. He's an average guy with a gift and fondness for yoyos. Except.. he might be stupider than you think.

Kielle Averill: Born with a gift and a passion to destroy Shade, she's a great fighter and is very strong. She sometimes slacks but is a hardworker! She's a jokester and loves to prank on others! She'll keep a secret, lips sealed but if it's like WAYY too juicy to keep in, well she just has to blurt it out! Her mother a make-up artist and father a Hair Designer in Flaris, they kinda have a lot of money. But she doesn't depend on her parents for her reputation-she makes her own. A troublemaker, joking girl with gifts. Did I mention her hair was teal?

Falera Jessamine Ada: The princess of the Cendil and born with the blessed gift of her ancestors-to heal and help others. In other words, she was born a Ringmaster. When she was born, they took her to the Altar of the Ringmaster, where stood the Ringmaster Priest, Heedan. On that day, they found out her destiny was to help the "Heroes Return" defeat Shade once and for all! It was almost her 2nd birthday when a war broke out and Cendil was ambushed by warriors from Darken, upset about a "political issue" that is currently "confidential." Her parents died protecting her. The Ringmaster Priest, Heedan took her in as her own. She taught her valuable lessons and such. Now it's up to Heedan to tell her adopted daughter that she is meant to do more than just negotiate with other nations-but save the universe, or fail trying and dooming the land into eternal darkness!

She's naive, and kind of air-headed but knew of the ways of the rich and royalty. Curious and adventurous she runs around Cendil, greeting Shade's "monsters." Being so friendly and charmed by her innocence they fell in love with her and served her as their "Queen." The Mushpoie and Iren served the kingdom of Cendil, despite Shade's orders. She has a twin brother named Torin.

Torin Marcasite Ada: This dude is Falera's younger twin brother. In some ways, he is smarter than her but most of the time you wouldn't really know who's smarter. Torin is a braggy but brave little warrior. He isn't all that smart, in fact you could probably call him "All Brawns and No Brain." But he really isn't all that strong either, and his temper doesn't help either.

Being the youngest in the group, he thinks he has to prove his worth of being a great warrior like his father, the great king of Cendil was. Well, when one of your ancestors saved Madrigal from Shade and your ancestors down all the way to your dad were powerful fighters, well, of course there's going to be a little pressure there. Just a little. Not to mention, he has to be smart in order to make the right choices for his kingdom!

His twin sister, Falera has braided blonde hair and blue eyes like her mother. Torin has white short hair and gray eyes like his father.

Emelda Jewel Hordin: A daughter of Marche, a magician and blinkwing merchant grew up around magic -especially dark magic. Her father and mother's mentor, Mule Hordin, was a dark magician or "psykeeper" as some now call the dark magicians. No one really knows what happened besides Marche and Emelda was "too young" to understand.

Mule was a dark magician who experimented and soon became so addicted to this, he created something deadly and went against "The Code" that dark magicians must take in order not to go insane like others have. Now Mule is in trouble and Marche has taken it harshly on herself thinking she could've stopped it, when authorities took Mule when Emelda was only seven. Leaving Marche a single mother, and to take care of a little girl.

Marche taught Emelda small potions and healing herb soups along with a few spells of self-defense (not requiring an oath or wand). Emelda was a natural! She sucked it all up like a sponge- but after her father leaving, she had become afraid that she was becoming too absorbed in it so from time to time she'd try the magic. But Emelda was born a dark magician from the start- and she was gonna clear the Old Psykeeper Hero's reputation and name. She was NOT going to become insane anytime soon.

Bristan Ausburn: "Cousin" or sister of Emelda, and elementor. He learned magic from his aunt from time to time. Then one day, a little after he was eight his mother barged into his aunts' home and yelled at her for teaching her little boy 'evil works of the devil.' When Bristan heard that at a young age, he had heard stories of the .. god whose name should never be spoken unless you were suicidal. When he was out and among the Aibatts and Mushpangs he learned skills he never thought of. He connected with the five elements around him. He was destined to control the elements of the land around him to save his people.

There's also a behind-the-scenes story. It's always been weird to other people why Bristan looks so much like Emelda and her mother than like his mother. Well, it's a long story. But if you catch them in their free-time and willing, they just might tell you.

Auron Blythe: This young man grew up in poverty with a drunk uncle. His father abandoned his mother when she was five months pregnant with Auron. His mother gave birth to Auron, and when he was five years old she went into a depression. Eversince then, he's been pretty much on his own. He grew up strong and helped old farmers with crops, ladies with messages, and running back and forth between the Public Office. When he turned seven/ten, he left his ill-sicked mother who he now found hopeless. He walked over to his uncle's home in Flaris, where he had only been once before when he was young. His uncle was Mustang, the Mercenary Drillmaster in Eastern Flarine. Most of the time he was drunk and had Auron do small favors that he would be too lazy to do such as slaying a few pesky Aibatts that would be eating some of the farmers' crops. Only occasionally did they go all the way to the Collecting Fields and be even more annoying.

As he grew, his uncle became more aware of how strong and unique this young lad was. One day, his uncle came out of the house and taught him useful skills with both a sword and axe. The lad was only 11 when he was taught. When he was 11 1/2, his uncle pushed him fight with a shield. He learned to handle the weight of the shield and use it to deflect blocks and such. He became very skillful and brave. Many other boys would look up to him and follow him around, and he had learned to be a leader in his group.

Auron was an only child, his father abandoned his mother. His mother became even more depressed after Auron left. 'Cause now, the two most important people in her life left her. So technically, Auron abandoned his mother. So she feels unloved. Basically.

Kung Fu Panda

Lily Dan Verdana: Lily Verdana is the 14-year old little sister of Li Dung Verdana, A.K.A. Po Ping-the Dragon Warrior. When Po was about 6 years old, his parents - Klu & Cari Verdana had Lily. She's rebellious and looks like her father, similar to Po. Like her brother, she eats when she's upset. Well, most of the time she runs when she's upset. When she's really, really upset-she eats to her heart's content. She hates being "proper" and just wants to have fun. I mena, that's not too much to ask right? Wrong. Her mother is very uptight and because of almost losing her first son-pretty much holds her daughter within "the tower" (Lily's Room). Lily is also the thinnest and most light-weight panda anyone has ever met. Lily wants to be free and travel the world. She can sing and is a fantastic drummer with a passion for music. She is the only girl allowed into the Training Hole and is the toughest and out of all the other pandas in Pandania-the most lethal. She has a temper and she's the last person you want to mess with. She follows through with her threats and knows how to get her way and make people talk. She knows how to fight and defend herself. Like her brother, she learns a special and rare kung fu move at an early age. What is it? You're going to have to read to find out..

Zulan Tylion: This is Lily Verdana's and Po's cousin-in-law. He's 3 years older than Lily and like almost every other panda-he's overweight. Being the older cousin(-in-law), his parents and/or Lily's parents usually assign him to look after Lily when she leaves the house to make sure she doesn't get into any trouble. But usually he can't do anything about it-'cause wherever she goes, he has to go. Or he's grounded. So is Lily if her mother ever found out about the real her. Zulan, even though he's older than her, has the biggest crush on Lily. Most times he doesn't show it, but to everyone else (except Lily) it's obvious. Zulan knows mostly how to defend himself and use his physical "weaknesses" into his strengths. If you're an experienced fighter panda you already knew how to do that. Zulan is willing to lay down his own life for Lily, Po, and the Furious Five at any time. Zulan is the only one Po permits to date Lily. Too bad it only took him an eternity and a half to tell her that.


Xiaolin Showdown -

RaiKim (Raimundo Pedrosa & Kimiko Tohomiko)

Codename: Kids Next Door -

Wally/Kuki (4/3)

Abby/Maurice (5/9)

Fanny/Patton (86/60)

Nigel/Rachel (1/362)

Code Lyoko -



Teen Titans -



Kid Flash/Jinx


Aqualad/SupergirlDakota (My sort of OC)

Speedy/Tina Still working on teh Superhero name :/ (My OC)

Argent/Red X

Argent/Hot Spot (Although I prefer Argent and Red X more)

Kyd Wykkyd/Angel

Aqualad/Speedy (Probably more than my OC romance! XD)

Young Wizards:



Xiaolin Showdown -



Codename: Kids Next Door -

Fanny/Hoagie (86/2)

Code Lyoko:





Teen Titans:



Teen Titans:



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