Slasher and Cynderfrost
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Hey guys. This site is a second site with Slasher EclipseSight and Cynderfrost HowlingMoon. We're using this site to make a team effort in writing. We're originally two authors. Check out our separate profiles, our names are above.

Slasher EclipseSight's OCs

Cynderfrost HowlingMoon's OCs

Name: Cynderfrost

Race: BloodDragon

Gender: Dragoness

Description: Small, skinny her tail ends in an arrowhead. Her eyes are emerald green. Cynderfrost's scales are black and her chest and wings are scarlet red. Has six sharp silver horns. Has a white scar underneath her right eye. It ends at the edge of her cheek.

Powers: Can use the fire element (Comet dash, white fire and fire fury) can also use the wind element (Cyclone, ominous wind and wind fury).

Bio: Was attacked ruthlessly by the closest to her at and early age. Escaped and has supported a cold heart ever since. She has killed without mercy all her life and in truth is a true BloodDragon.

Name: Blackfrost

Race: Half Purple half Dark Dragon

Gender: Dragoness

Description: Very skinny, average size. Her eyes are a frosty blue and she holds eight, proud silver horns. Blackfrost's tail ends in a scythe and her scales are black while her chest and wings are a frosty blue.

Powers: Can use DarkFury and PurpleFury.

Bio: Daughter to Malefor and Shadow. Her life has been evil from day on. A ruthless killer and is happiest when at the point of murder. Has even commanded several successful army attacks of apes.

Name: Darkshine

Race: StarDragon/NightBringer

Gender: Dragoness

Description (Normal form): Slim, average sized dragoness. Scales are pure white including her chest and wings. Her eyes are a copper colour and she has six ivory horns. Her tail ends in and arrowhead.

Description (Angered form): Same as above execpt her scales are the darkest of black and won't reflect light. Her eyes are the scarlet of freshly spilt blood.

Powers: Can use SolarEclipse (Very powerful only Purple,DarkFury, a mastered and very strong shadow and golden fire can surpass the power) Starfire, Shadow (Shadowfire and shadowcloak) and also a little time (Stopping, slowing. Not very strong)

Bio: Was cursed as an egg. Whenever she gets to angry she goes black and kills anyone in sight. She has also been locked in convexity at one point by LandDragons eg: Dragons which belong on Earth unlike NightBringers who belong in the Stars.

Name: Ice

Race: Ice guardian

Gender: Dragoness

Description: Slim and small. Scales are a silvery-blue and her chest and wings are silver. Has four gently curved silver horns. Her eyes are like liquid sapphire, they seem to dance and flicker. Has a sky blue insignia on her chest.

Powers: All and mastered of the ice element (Ice shard, ice stream, ice shield and ice fury) also the abilty to change into living ice (Can use ice from any part of body at this point. Also able to create patches of ice if she just thinks about it)

Bio: Is thought to be the last of her race. She is warm and gently to any dragoness but due to a misfortune involving a male she mistrusts any dragon immediately.

Bio on Ice guardian: An ice guardian is very powerful and is born with all the ice powers mastered. They can change themselves into living ice which is very strong. Only earth and fire can damage them when in ice form. When in ice form look mostly the same apart from the drop in temperature and the look of shining slippery scales.