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Twilight Fright Night featuring Spookward and Boo-Bella, A Halloween O/S Contest: Hosted by ARenee363 and WindyCityWonder

Halloween is the one night a year when it's completely acceptable to abandon your identity. We can pretend to be anything. Throw in trick or treaters, haunted houses, scary movies and jack-o-lanterns, and it's pretty difficult to imagine a better holiday.

Do you love Halloween? Do you hate Halloween and want everyone to be slaughtered in a Zombie Apocalypse? Excellent. We're open to either.

Calling ALL authors, veteran and novice, to tell a tale of a B/E Halloween.

Rules and Guidelines:

1. Entries must include a Halloween theme...Get creative! B/E go to a pumpkin patch or on a haunted hay ride? Bring it!

2. Stories must be B/E. We are absolutely not opposed to other pairings, but in an attempt to level the playing field, we'll keep it simple.

3. Entries can be canon, AU, AH, or any genre.

4. Submissions will be accepted from September 26-October 24, 2009.

5. At the end of the submission period, a public vote will be held from October 25-30, 2009.

6. Winners will be announced on Halloween, October 31, 2009.

7. Stories must be a one-shot with a minimum of 2,500 and a maximum of 10,000 words. (The official word count will be assessed during the validation process via copy/paste of the entry excluding header and A/N into Word 2007)

8. Collaborations are accepted. Limit two entries per author/collaboration.

9. Screw apples, we'd love to bob for lemons.

10. No rape, incest, cutting etc.

11. Must be 18 years or older to enter.

12. Entries may use characters from an existing fic, but the entry must be new material, written for the contest, and must be able to stand on its own as a one-shot.

13. O/S may not be extended until the contest is concluded and winners have been announced.

14. We reserve the right to change the voting process should the need arise.

Submitting an Entry:

Upload your story to your profile, using the following header and then send us a PM so we can upload it to the community (C2).

Twilight Fright Night One-Shot Contest

Story Title:


Vamp or Human:


To see other entries in the Twilight Fright Night contest, please visit the C2:

First place will be given the opportunity to receive a banner made by ARenee363's own personal banner maker.

Good luck and Happy Haunting!

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