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Author has written 13 stories for Tales of Symphonia, and Shingeki no Kyojin/進撃の巨人.

A little about me:

I'm a bored young adult who lives most of their life in their head. I find writing and drawing to be enjoyable activities that help me work through the ideas that swirl around within my mind. I hope to contribute a few stories relating to my favorite pairings, involving my interests. I also hope to eventually create some original work relating to these interests.

You may refer to me as either male or female, I don't particularly care which you chose. Or, if you'd prefer, you may refer to me using gender-neutral terms, preferably xe/xir/xim but anything is fine, really..

I enjoy experimenting with my work, and I'm generally exploring a different style of writing with the works I share here than I usually use, and I find it to be quite enjoyable.

I love getting reviews, even negative ones, and I allow anon reviews so don't be shy about saying what you think!

A little bit about my current interest(s):

Current Fandom(s):
Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
Shingeki no Kyojin

Current Favorite Pairing(s):
Richter x Emil
Richter x Aster
Eren x Armin

A little bit about the work I share here:

Basically, you can expect the majority (or, more likely, the entirety) of my works to consist of male/male pairings.
I enjoy stories involving vore, so you will find my works may contain such--don't worry, I label them in the summary and put a large warning at the top of the story. If you somehow miss these warnings and are disturbed, it is your own fault.
I also enjoy mpreg, and plan to eventually write a few stories involving such as well. Don't worry, again, there will be warnings on the stories that will be hard to miss.
I greatly enjoy getting reviews, especially if those reviews explain what was or was not enjoyed about my works so I can use that to improve. I like learning what works and what doesn't!
Feel free to ask me questions about my work--I tend to be pretty free with explaining things when possible, and I'm also always open to at least hearing suggestions!

A little bit about vore:

First of all, what is vore?
is short for "vorarephillia" (I've seen a few spellings, I swiped this one from Wikipedia) is a fetish relating to swallowing another, being swallowed, or watching the act.
There are many sorts of vore, though they all tend to fall under two broad categories: Soft and Hard
Soft vore
involves the "prey" being swallowed alive and whole, unharmed by the process.
Hared vore involves ripping and chewing, basically it's realistically how you eat your food.
There are specific sorts beyond those, but as I don't plan on doing anything other than soft, oral vore I see no need to explain them here.

A little bit about the vore I post:

I work with soft, oral vore. Basically, "prey" swallowed alive and whole through the mouth (yes, there are other types of vore with use besides the mouth, I don't care much for them.
I work with comfort/protection vore. Basically, the "prey" is held safely in the stomach, without being harmed by the "pred"'s digestive system.
In some cases, the "prey" will be fearful initially, but come to enjoy it later as it really sinks in that they're completely safe.
For me, it's all about the emotions, it's an act of caring and love in my stories, not an act of malice. Well, I have one planned where it's born of concern and annoyance, but no harm occurs, so...
To me, the idea of being so completely protected and so incredibly close to one you care greatly for is what I like. The level of trust that the "prey" must have in the "pred" to allow it is immense.
The idea of the "pred" wanting to protect the "prey" in the most complete and intimate way possible, holding them within themselves, is also something I like.
I greatly enjoy "prey" who are happy to be so close to the "pred" because, really, how can one be closer to somebody than literally inside of them, almost part of them? Like I said, it's all about the emotions for me.
I also enjoy situations where the "prey" originally believes they will die, but is alright with it because they care so deeply for the "pred" they are willing to give their life to sustain the "pred", and desire to be as useful as possible--and how can you be more useful than that, sacrificing yourself to fulfill the needs of another who you are so devoted to?
In the above situations, however, the "prey" will always end up surviving, it's just what I like.
Basically, no matter what I write, no 100% permanent death unless it's a very rare instance. And even then, it would be used as a means to remove somebody who meant harm to the pairing I'm working with. I may, however, have temporary death in which a character is reformed a decent chunk of time after being digested.
I don't mind digestion, so long as it's painless and the "prey" is able to be "reformed" later. Seeing as this is already a fantasy situation, why not go all the way with that? XD There is one exception--it starts painful but ends painless, due to perhaps an accident or the pred changing their mind.

A little bit about the stories I've posted thus far:

Richter is my favorite "pred" to use, though Emil has gotten his turn and same with Ratatosk. I don't forsee a situation in which Aster becomes a predator, though--I mean, he's just a regular human. If I can figure out a way to do it, you can bet I'll have him gulp Richter down. XD But I don't really forsee me coming up with something like that... ...Not that it stopped me with Richter originally, haha. See "Monster Abilities" for the explanation for how Richter (and Emil, and Ratatosk) can use such abilities as I have given them.

Upcoming Stories: (That's I've planned--you never know when an unplanned one may come up! Additionally, I'm very slow at writing, and sporadic with what I finish--I tend to start new projects before finishing old ones too often. So any of these could pop up next week, or three years from now.)

Title: A Little Too Curious (dark version)
Warnings: Vore story, unwilling "prey" to start with so there will be fear initially.
Basic idea:
Basically, I had two ways this whole incident could go down in my head. I posted the fluffy version already. But I'll eventually finish the darker version I started ages ago as a bonus chapter.

Title: Untitled for the moment
Pairing: Richter/Emil
Warnings: Vore story the "prey" is very likely to be unwilling initially as it is based off a series of drawings I did.
Basic idea: I'm still not sure how this works, I may abuse Verius' power... After a confrontation that ends in a rather powerful blast from Ratatosk, Emil finds himself physically separated from the Summon Spirit--and stuck in the body of a squirrel! Richter, likewise, did not escape the blast unscathed. He, however, has found himself in a more dignified, feline form. Though he has no desire to harm Emil, he cannot completely resist the nature of his new form, and decides on a compromise. It doesn't help that neither Marta nor Ratatosk feel the need to feed him properly, much to his dismay. (Expect adorableness, and cat/squirrel antics of a playful nature. No harm comes to anybody, naturally.)

Title: Untitled for the moment
Pairing: Richter/Aster
Warnings: Mpreg
Basic idea:
Some time after a research trip to Iselia and a surprise meeting with the Summon Spirit of Heart, Aster begins to suffer strange symptoms. His mate, Richter, finally convinces him to be examined--with impossible results.

Title: Untitled for the moment
Pairing: Richter/Emil
Warnings: Mpreg
Basic idea: Post game, alternate ending. Richter doesn't need to act as a seal on the Gate, and Ratatosk is kind enough to give Emil their body--but some lingering power from the Summon Spirit remains dormant within the blond, unknown to himself or to the others. Seeking a friendship with Richter now that Ratatosk is no longer between them, Emil finds the older man to be much interested in a relationship. Becoming closer than friends, the pair are concerned and upset when odd symptoms begin to plague the former Summon Spirit. When the truth is revealed, neither could have expected it.

Title: Untitled for the moment
Pairing: Richter/Emil
Warnings: (implied) Mpreg and Vore
idea: Unsure if I'll even go through with this, but figure I'll stick it up here anyway for when I get a chance. Ratatosk's vore-tastic powers aren't the only strange abilities Emil inherited when he split from the Summon Spirit. Ratatosk once again takes on the role of teacher, this time instructing Richter and Emil's child in the use of it's powers.

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