White Tears and Black Roses
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Hey guys! So I`m PRETTY sure that I`ve been on anime fanfic writing hiatus for so long and I abandoned this account already. :DDDD lol. But I`m alive in the Fanfic business, I just write KPop fanfics now. =)))))) lol. So I`m on AsianFanfics and I`ve posted my on going chaptered Super Junior fic which is a Kyuhyun/OC fanfic. You could check it out my user name is Maxx713 ( )^^ It`s pretty sensible now since I`ve matured and got smarter AND my grammar has improved. =)))))))))))))) So guys, PLEASE PLEASE check it out! Thank youuuu!!! >:DDD ( Aaaaaaaand it`s pretty much full of Kpop and personal stuff. Then again, THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT BEFORE~ :333333333333333333 >:DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Yo! I'm Kai and you can call me anything you want...except for Maika. Anyways! I'm working on a Naruto fanfic that kinda mirrors my fanfic with friends but I'm still debating if I'd publish it or not...PM is you want me to . I really like yaoi!! hehe and I would like you guys to suggest me some good SasuNaru fics hehehe I'm not really good with some things so never pressure me if I want to have a break in writing.


OHSHC: Hikaru and Kyouya

Kasumi!: Ryuuki Hasegawa (yes I got the names in Why Did You Say Bye Bye from Kasumi!

Gakuen Alice: Tsubasa Andou

LCD: Aoi Kaji

Blood : Solomon and...Saya's adoptive older bro (I 4got his name)

Maid-Sama!: Kanou..JOKE! USUI

Twilight: EDWARD and...JACOB

Vampire Knight: ZERO KIRIYUU

Super Junior: Sungmin and Kyuhyun

FOB: Pete Wentz


LOCATION: PINAS!! (Philippines)

Addictions: chocolate, music... and COMPUTER!!


-Music:ROCK, J/K pop, pop, RNB (Kung anong uso..) what's new in the music scene

-female singer:DEMI Lovato, Avril Lavigne, and Many more AND KEHA

-male singer: DAVIDS!! (cook and archuleta _) as I said up there..and MANY MORE oh yeah JASON DERULO

-band: Aly and Aj, The Veronicas, paramore, hey Monday... 2ne1, Wonder Girls, Arashi, Super junior (dami no??)

-dessert;CHOCOLATE!! ice cream

-Anime/Manga:Naruto, La Corda D'oro, Gakuen Alice, Ouran High School Host Club, Vampire Knight, Kaichou Wa Maid-sama,Color Cloud Palace, Princess Be Careful, Avatar: The Last Air Bender (is it considered an anime or a cartoon?)


-food: weird food..tuyo

-others: pervs (except for my pervy bestfriends), long lines...(like for red mango. they were full at trinoma!! But at least I got some

Words begin with ABC. Numbers begin with 123. Music begins with DO, RE, MI. and FRIENDSHIP begins with YOU and ME.

How to Annoy Sasuke

#30: Trip Sasuke in the street
Result: A glare, probably.
#29: Pounce on him.
Result: A "Get off me" and a glare.
#28: Steal his forehead protector.
Result: He'll just take it back.
#27: Pour some dry cereal into his underwear drawer.
Result: "How do you know where my house is?"
#26: Jump on his shoulder and act as his personal right hand monkey.
Result: Sasuke trying to get you off of his shoulder.
#25: Release a pod of ducks into his house.
Result: "Why did you do that?"
#24: You "Well, Sasuke. You wanted to revive your clan. Here it is!"
Result: "Ass-hole."
#23: Follow him around the village.
Result: He'll probably ignore you.
#22: Put spicy curry in his lunch.
Result: He'll probably just toss it out.
#21: Do a "Know your stars" skit and say a lot of false things about Sasuke.
Result: He'll get annoyed (. Mission accomplished!)
#20: Sing the "Emo" song in his ear.
Result: "I'm not emo."
#19: Sing Liam Lynch's "Happy Song" In his ear.
Result: "I'm not happy."
#18: Whenever he's standing in silence, yell "FREAKY DEAKY DUTCH!" in his ear.
Result: Sasuke springs up and glares at you. "WHAT THE HELL?!"
#17: Tell Sasuke to eat more: He looks like Nicole Richie.
Result: "...a bad glare"
#16: Whenever he eats a rice ball, yell "TAKE THOSE BALLS AND SHOVE 'EM!"
Result: Sasuke'll almost choke on his rice ball.
#15: "What, Uchiha, they too big for you?"
Result: Sasuke'll probably start chasing you.
#14: When he comes around you, start saying "Same as it ever was" a lot.
Result: Sasuke will cover his ears and start turning his head away from you.
#13: Start playing Papa Roach's "Last Resort" when he sleeps.
Result: He'll ask what the hell you're doing in his house.
#12: "Hey, Sasuke, you want to suffocate yourself?" In response to the insult above
Result: "Only when you're around."
#11: When he starts training, place a naked picture of Naruto on the tree he's training on.
Result: Sasuke drops everything and runs away.
The top ten...
#10: Take Sasuke out to the movies to see 21. Be loud and obnoxious throughout.
Result: Sasuke drags you out of the movies, embarresed as hell.
#9: Walk up to Sasuke with Naruto and say "Well, Naruto. I got you your date!"
Result: You have both Naruto and Sasuke chasing after you.
#8: If Sasuke goes to a party, burst in with Barney and lead him to Sasuke. When Barney hugs him, say "See, Sasuke! I know what you you want for Chirstmas~"
Result: Sasuke hurts Barney badly and chases after you.
#7: Wrap up a angry skunk and take it to Sasuke's house. When he asks what it is, say it's special fragrance.
Result: Sasuke cracks his knuckled as (Hopefully) you run as fast as you can.
#6: When he wears that black one piece, ask him if he has boobs under there.
Result: Sasuke reaches you to punch you.
#5: Kiss him randomly. Then cry and say "YOU HURT ME SO MUCH!"
Result: Stares at you with a confused look.
#4: Tell him he looks like a girl sometimes.
Result: tries to fight you to prove you're wrong.
#3: Run around the village saying that Sasuke raped your cat.
Result: Sasuke will probably try and tie you up and torture you.
#2: Show him some Naruto and Sasuke fanfiction...all written by you.
Result: "YOU HAVE A DIRTY MIND, (your name)!" Then he'll proceeed to chase you.
And number 1...
When he's mumbling about Itachi again, walk up and sit next to him.
Then lean on his shoulder. Then say "I finally know why you're so mad
at Itachi." He'll ask why and you'll say "You're mad because you can't
be as girly or gay as your brother. He wears nailpolish for Pete's
sake. What more gay than that?"
Result: LEave the village, because Sasuke'll have you on his list, right under Itachi.


1. Ask him if him and the cockatoo on his head are having a relationship together (but I mean seriously, he's had that thing since
the Uchiha's were still around)
2.Wear a shirt that says I'm with emo kid and then stand next to Sasuke.
3. Send him a fake invitation to a brother-brother picnic
4. He will probably see it as a chance to kill itachi so when he gets there tell him it was canceled.
5. Write in a notebook things you do with your brother.
6. Write on the cover "how to bond with your brother for dummies"
7. Give it to Sasuke.
8. Walk in on him in the shower and take a picture.
9. Copy it and pass them around the village.
10. Go to the akatsuki hideout and pass it out, when you reach Itachi say that Sasuke especially wanted you to have this.

If Sasuke chases you, just go to Naruto and tell him he likes him. That's all.

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