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What have I been up to lately?

Playing Paper Mario: Colour Splash and Fire Emblem Fates

Driving myself crazy over writer's block

Sniffling through a bad cold

Feeling hungry

1Thunderfire at your service.

Usual profile info here: I'm female and I'm 23. I'll be writing my Luigi/Boo story Can A Boo Be Friends With A Human? until I'm 83 at this rate.

Special kudos to The Cosmic Penguin. Go check out her works. :)

Thoughts On Favoured Video Game Franchises:


I've been playing this franchise for as long as I can remember and even way back to the first Mario Party (which I can't really remember playing as such because I was so young then), I was apparently always Luigi who is still my favourite Mario character to this day. My favourite series of games within the franchise is definitely Mario & Luigi and Paper Mario because most of them are RPGs with strong stories and I tend to prefer games with actual stories. Luigi's Mansion and Luigi's Mansion 2 are also excellent.

My favourite Mario platformer is Super Mario Sunshine and while it may be considered the black sheep of the platforming series, I still think it's one of the best because the graphics are beautiful, you actually have a variety of characters to interact with, I personally feel involved with the world in a way I do not with Galaxy and it feels there is more to the game than "Save Peach!" The hub is more open than Super Mario 64 and with all the different missions in one place, it never feels linear. Maybe we'll get a worthy follow-up to it at some point?

Out of my aforementioned favourite series, my personal favourites are Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door (also amongst my list of all-time favourite games in general) both for their sheer comedy value, variety of side quests, awesome stories and creative approach to battles. I love having Mario and Luigi working together and getting involved in various shenanigans and I love having partners in TTYD with all their individual personalities. This was lacking for obvious reasons in Super Paper Mario (and the less said about Sticker Star, the better). Still, I love the whole Mario & Luigi series plus Paper Mario and Super Paper Mario for they are also story-driven and funny.

As to my current opinion on the entire franchise, I am actually bored with it which probably explains why I don't have that many Mario stories despite having played the games for such a long time. The 2D platformers feels stale since the music feels very similar as do the levels. While most platformers have a staple diet of grass, desert, water, etc., there is still a great deal of creativity that can be done with them yet the Mario platformers appear to have come to a standstill. Sticker Star was a highly unusual disappointment that led me to trading the game in as soon as I had completed it. Colour Splash is definitely better but I can't help but think how previous Paper Mario games had a far greater variety of NPCs. Look, I want more than red-capped Toads, OK?

Miyamoto, I respect the fact that you created the franchise and that when it comes to level design, you're great but you need fresh ideas and you need to allow people to come up with fresh ideas and not ride rough-shod over them. Part of it is probably Japanese respect to older, more experienced colleagues but still, you need something completely different to stop a franchise becoming stale. Also, the vast majority of fans want deep stories set in the Mario universe. It is more than developed enough to make it possible so why the reluctance to do so? Without stories, what would we be as humans?

(Also, can we please give Mario a more-developed personality? I understand the whole audience surrogate thing but nowadays, we want more than that; someone we can reason with, sympathise with, laugh with. He can still act as an audience surrogate without it feeling completely alien or Mario suddenly becoming a jerk. This is why Luigi, followed by Bowser, are the main fan favourites because they have personality.)

For the Nintendo Switch, it looks like we may get a fresh kind of Mario platformer. I certainly hope so. How about some new, story-driven, Mario RPGs as well?


One of the first Nintendo games I ever remember playing was Pokémon Silver and I chose Totodile because I thought it looked cooler than Chikorita or Cyndaquil (I still do. it's like the other two try too hard to be cute).

Since Silver was my first Pokémon game, I am not a Genwunner but as to that, I am not a Gentwoer either. There will always be Pokémon designs that we love or loathe in each generation and I personally feel they have gotten more creative since Generation 1 and not, "they're different so it sucks." My greatest amount of favourite Pokémon and favourite generation overall is Generation 5 because of the Team Plasma threat and cool Pokémon like the Litwick and Tynamo line. But Champion Cynthia from Generation 4 is definitely my favourite champion. :D

My favourite Pokémon is Oshawott which is awesomely cute and cool and the only Starter and one of the few Pokémon I have deliberately kept unevolved. I also have a long history of raising a Zubat line each generation with the Zubat in question called Darket. This is now traditional and will be kept up for generations to come. I also take serious thought and time as to the naming of my Pokémon, especially my main party Pokémon, not to mention the name of my avatar. (Prior to Pokémon Moon, I have never used my name because I cannot the game seriously if I am forced to wear a dress, skirt, stupidly short shorts, or other clothing inappropriate to areas like a freezing mountain.)

I also love the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series with the different stories and characters such as the famous Grandmaster Wigglytuff and Grovyle. Having picked up Explorers of Darkness years after its release and knowing the story, the game still made me sob. The series has plenty of excellent music but for some odd reason, the spin-offs never really get mentioned in Super Smash Bros. People would probably kill for a remix of Primal Dialga and Through The Sea of Time. So how about it, Sakurai? (Also, maybe Pokémon Conquest? I do actually have that game. And mention other spin-offs as well.)

Currently loving Pokémon Moon! I chose Rowlet as my starter and finally chose the girl Trainer for the first time.


A franchise I have only recently properly got into i.e. 2015. I came to this in a roundabout way from playing as Kirby in Super Smash Bros, playing Kirby's Epic Yarn but not being sure about it due to its easiness, watching and loving the anime twice, finally playing the free copy of Kirby & the Amazing Mirror on my 3DS months after downloading it, then downloading Kirby and the Crystal Shards and from then on, Kirbying it.

Kirby stories have certainly been helped out by having the anime with their particular story arcs and characters and it would be great if the anime was actually booted up again incorporating storylines from the later Kirby games. Also, the main characters are just so cute and cool. One cannot deny it. Poyo.

The games have a variety of beautiful and awesome music and a variety of creative levels in a way that the Mario platformers do not which is likely why Kirby is my go-to platformers at the moment. They're not the greatest stories ever told but the later ones do show that you can have a platformer with some kind of story attached other than save the princess. My current favourite is Kirby: Planet Robobot for its darker than usual take on the franchise, disturbing implications and a deeper story than usual. Hopefully we will see for future games and maybe, just maybe, we can have a Kirby RPG? This would absolutely work, especially if done in collaboration with Intelligent Systems. What say you, current director Shinya Kumazaki? (After all, Masahiro Sakurai hasn't worked on Kirby since Kirby Air Ride, having left HAL after reportedly becoming tired of HAL's sequelisation. As a franchise though, direct sequels or not, Kirby's still going strong.)

Maybe it's because it feels fresh to me, maybe it's because there's the video game and anime versions of their characterisations, but I seem to have had more ideas and hence, more stories, wrote for this franchise than any other. Seriously loving the Kirbster. I'll think I'll go watch the anime again. (English dub because I'm radical like that.)

Super Smash Bros:

I love the concept of taking a variety of Nintendo characters and letting them beat seven kinds of hell out of each other! I especially loved the Subspace Emissary in Brawl and I hope something similar returns for a future instalment because while Sakurai may have been miffed about people putting spoilers on YouTube and the like, let's be honest: spoilers will come no matter what. We just have to exercise willpower to avoid them.

Hopefully as well, we will see some new moves for the various characters, especially those who had never changed their B-moves even since the N64 days. Characters like Kirby or Link who have plenty of moves in their native games really have no excuse either. (Also, Anna should be in; she more than deserves a place being in every Fire Emblem game except Gaiden. She would then be nerfed.) Come on, step it up!

I will eventually beat Master Fortress (when I get round to the game again; I'm busy with Pokémon for the time being). I was so close last time. Luigi, you shall make it!

Fire Emblem:

I have really got into this series for its fantastic stories. I did have a pre-owned copy of Radiant Dawn at one point but traded it in ages ago before I really appreciated the series, an action I very much regret seeing how much it's now worth. Still, I got into it properly thanks to the free copy of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones available to download for the 3DS before the deal finished. From there, I immensely enjoyed Fire Emblem: Awakening and am currently enjoying Fire Emblem Fates. If I was in the FE universe, I would probably take on a Mage class due to my elemental username and my love of books and all fantasy-related things.

Common Elements I Somehow Keep Using In My Stories:

  • Using Flashbacks. This helps develop meaning and reasons as to why characters feel or do certain things.

  • Someone drinking coffee or tea. Because... I'm British?

  • Delicious food. Because I don't need a reason!

  • Weather elements, especially rain. Because not only do I live in Britain, I live up North where we get a lot of rain. Rain is atmospheric anyway.

  • Dreams/Nightmares. Often to do with how a character feels about a given situation. Or I'm just weird. And disturbing.

  • Stream of consciousness/broken sentences kind of stuff. Once you know about the rules of grammar, you can break them! But you must still make it interesting.

  • Creepy, dark moments. I personally don't go in for full horror stories/films but a little bit of horror and darkness done well makes the story all the more interesting, dramatic and gives reasons for your characters to fight on or whatever. But it must be meaningful.

  • Words like kinda, gonna, wanna, uhh, er, um, and words where an apostrophe replaces the letter 'g' at the end. Because this feels more realistic for certain characters and adds variety. And because, you know whatyoumacallit, it just feels right at times.

  • Mad laughter. Mad laughter is good.

  • Stuff that has honestly made you (and me) cry. BECAUSE I WANT TO FEEL YOUR HEART-WRENCHING TEARS!! (GWAHAHAHA! *cough* *splutter*)

  • Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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