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Author has written 2 stories for Naruto, Disgaea, and Touhou Project.

greetings and salutation! i'm UltraZeta120Moron but everyone is free to call me Kitsune or Zeta for short, i'm here on this very site to bring funny, adventurous and maybe even romance fanfictions! i have read a lot of Naruto, Touhou, Halo, oblivion, skyrim and many more and after reading so many good fanfiction that made me want to write my own fanfiction's, after all in my very little brain (which is a dancing banana) i have full of many fantasy, many that feels great and i'm excited to share it with everybody who likes comedy, adventures and romance.

about UltraZeta120moron: what i could talk about myself is that i'm 23 year old, i'm a guy that love music, drawing and writing, i like to take a walk in a bright sunny day. i come from two different countries but i was born in sweden WHICH IS that i'm grateful for that, i very kind to everyone and i would gladly help with anyone with something but not everything i'm good at so i do my best to make people happy, after all making people happy makes me happy as well.

i play many different games like rpg, first person shooter, strategy and other games that is enjoyable like left 4 dead, dead space, touhou, legend of mana, dead island, sacred 2 and many other things. if anyone want's to be my friend/amigo in steam and play with me in left 4 dead, counter strike or dead island then i'm happy to accept and play with you.

my Fanfictions:what i write the most is most likely funny/horror/adventurous stories so i do everything with my puny banana brain to entertainme everyone, sure there might be some spelling error's, grammar mistakes and such but i would gladly appreciate some advice to correct my mistakes to make the stories a lot better, right now there is a big project that i'm working on right now and THIS time i will work my ass off to make it great and long unlike my other old fanfiction that was never finish but i will work my ass off and do everything that i can not to disappoint everyone.

Reviews:reviews is nice right? i would appreciate reviews from you guys and even try my best to answer any question you guys have, i would also like if any of you would give me some advice's and criticise how you feel about my fanfiction stories, if anything that you wanted to tell me that i made a grammar mistakes or some part doesn't make sense i will correct them if that makes everyone happy.

my Deviantart account:

my youtube account: http://www.youtube.com/user/Kitsune120moron

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My OC: here is a list of my OC's that is likely might happen to be in my stories.

Name: Taru Seigi.

Title: Sapphire Dragon, Icy Battle mage, Knight of the Dragon Heart.

Arcana: Fool (0), (secondary) Star (XVIII)

Age: 15

Gender: Male.

Race: Humaxian (half human and half Vexend).

Rank/touhou stage: A-rank threat (S-rank in his Velaryan mode), 6 stage boss.

Class type: Battle mage.

Personality: a very kind hearted magician that uses logic and common sense to talk his way through when he don't want to cause trouble or avoid unnecessary fights, he hate killing but he will do it if neccesary or that some criminal that doesn't change and continue their way of making people suffer.

he can be irritated with how people doesn't think about what their action would cause bad consequences for themself or others.

Taru has a soft spot for children and can't resist puppy eyes no jutsu so he usually play with children, he like to help people when ever he can but sometimes want to lay low as he know that there are people out there that would try to use him for bad deeds or just trying to hide from his crazy Grandfather who tries to spar with him everytime he's around.

likes: he like to read good books, good food, his parents and little sister, His Spirit guardian Essy the Essence bringer, help people out, his friends, his girlfriend Nira, Kaiba who's like a brother to him, his favorite color blue, black and teal, travel and explore through the lands.

Dislike: SPIDERS!!, when his Crazy old grandfather usually wake him up by jumping on his face or toss a cow inside Taru's room or just try to fight him everytime, arrogant jerks, people who can't see the difference between a innocent man/woman and a demon with glowing red eyes.

spiders again, people that can't think for him/her self and goes along to who ever tells him/her, Birds! they are evil! Kleverans the Mad mage.

Qoutes: I'm just a ordinary magician just passing through

[Victory] (easy win) huh that wasn't so bad, Didn't say i warned them. (default win) Why must everyone fight us whenever we show up?, you brought this upon yourself, hope nothing else shows up. (Barely win) That was too close, Is everyone alright?, hurts really bad but i'm alive that's what counts. (Heroic win) we did it!, i can't believe we manage to win, are we really that strong?.

[Defeat] No not here, Dammit c-can't lose h-here, Must k-keep fighting.

[Battle starts] (low level enemies) is this really fair?, you guys better run, don't tell me i didn't warn you!. (same level enemies) time to fight!, guess there's no alternative here, Out of our way!, Let's do this Essy!. (high level enemies) that's some strong foes!, we're not prepared for this!, unleash everything you got guys!, I'll not give into fear!.

[Level up] heh wasn't expecting that, getting stronger by the minute!, i must keep surpassing my limit, we're really getting stronger right Essy?.

Alliance: Welkarian Alliance, Lunarian republic, hero and friend of Clan Harveric, well trusted by the elemental spirits, Redeemer people.

description: he have short slightly spiky white hair with two ahoge standing up top of his head and has two white fox ears and a white fox tail which were dipped in dark blue, deep blue eyes, he wears a sleevles black high collard shirt with a blue line running down front of the shirt. black pants with blue lines on the sides and a wears brown belt. He usually wear a short black cloak with blue outlines, he wearspair of clawed gauntlets and metal boots, elbow and knee guards with a shoulder pad on his left shoulder, the armor had blue scale on them with teal lines.

he also has a blade-staff (kind of like those in Dragon age 2) and has a Grimoire hanging from the side of his belt.


Nira Yamiyo (girlfriend)

Zid Haveric (friend)

Kaiba Trinity (Best friend and brothers)

Sierra Kumiko (friend)

Seraph Nawaki (friend/rival)

Verrakh Nerrubia (best friend)

Jenna Shimira (feel uncomfortable whenever he's alone with her and her crazy husband)

Mr. Bony (friend and one of his oldest ancestors summon)

Hinama Inukira (friend)

Xeria (best friend)

Miran Hanamura (friends)

Thane Nerrubara (Best friends)

Yurial Mcwind (friends)

Chelerias Duran (friends)

Name: Nira Yamiyo.

Title: Elven maiden of Nature, Night Saber, Knight of the Dragon Heart.

Arcana: Fool (0), (secondary) Chariot (VII).

Age: 15

Gender: Female.

Race: Elmir (Half Elf and half Vampire).

Rank/Touhou stage: A-rank threat (S-rank in her Vampire mode)/ 6 stage boss.

Class type: Night blade.

Personality: Nira is a kind hearted girl with a fiery determination to become the best Night blade warrior that ever existed.

but at young age have made her be wary of people she meet due to the fact her elven clan have treated her badly because of her vampire blood in her. But she usually nice to people, except a bit bossy but still very kind, she like to play games and explore things as well dragging her boyfriend Taru to a lot of places.

she hate when people underestimate her due to because she is a woman and hate to see small children being treated badly seeing as she was also treated badly when she and her best friend Sierra was young.

she also enjoy taking a stroll through the forest, park and beaches as it help her to clear her mind.

Like: good food, reading a nice adventure or romance books, Her boyfriend Taru and sometimes cuddle his fluffy tail, Sierra who's like a sister to her, Taru's parents and his little sister Ayane and Hiss her Spider summon (much to Taru's displeasure) her friends, travel to new places, getting new blades.

Dislike: her Clan, Jin Kirichi (killed the guy while ago, good riddance to that arrogant racist bastard), Her father, arrogant jerks, men looking down on woman, people who hurt children, BIRDS!! having a B-cup breast size while everyone else in the group are more...gifted than her (even though her breast grows larger in vampire form but never notice that (=_=;), religious zealots who force people into their culture against their will, perverts and rapist.

Qoute: Nira Yamiyo at your service!

[Victory] (easy win) meh too easy, kinda feel bad for them, we're way too over leveled for these guys. (default win) *sings final fantasy victory song, woohoo! we won!, that wasn't so bad, better luck next time. (Barely win) geez that was too close, hurts... everywhere, is everyone ok?, need a potion or two. (Heroic win) d-did we win?, i can't believe we manage to win this fight!, no one can stop us!, do i get Epic weapons or Armor?

[Defeat] Damn...it, must... keep... going, Elder Rishira... i'm sorry.

[Battle starts] (low level enemies) uh does those guys have a death wish?, be prepared for one hell of a beat down!, don't tell me i didn't warn you!. (same level enemies) Prepare yourself!, time to go all out!, don't look down on me just because i'm a girl! Let's do this Eidan!. (high level enemies) we're getting way over our head with this one, be careful everyone!, i won't back down no matter what!.

[Level up] woohoo! level up!, Ding! just leveled up!, we're getting stronger aren't we Eidan?.

Alliance: Welkarian alliance, friend of Clan Haveric, well trusted by elemental spirits, redeemer people.

Description: (in her normal mode) she have long light blue hair that reach down to her hips, green eyes, she is wearing a dark green Tabard like shirt reaches down to lower thighs while wearing a purple scarf, dark grey braces and dark grey stockings that reaches up to her lower thighs while wearing dark green boots.

wearing a belt with two swords attached to the sides.

(in her Vampire mode) her hair change into silver/white colour intead of blue while her eyes turn red and Her breast grows larger but nothing else change.


Taru Seigi (boyfriend)

Zid Haveric (friend)

Kaiba Trinity (friend)

Sierra Kumiko (best friend/Sisters)

Seraph Nawaki (dislike him and thinks he's an idiot)

Verrakh Nerrubia (friend)

Jenna Shimira (hate her and also quite jealous of her bust size)

Mr. Bony (friend)

Hinama Inukira (best friend)

Xeria (best friend)

Miran Hanamura (best friends)

Thane Nerrubara (didn't like his attitude in the beginning but soon became friends)

Yurial Mcwind (friends)

Chelerias Duran (friends and love her musics)

Name: Zid Haveric.

Title: Blue eyed giant, Arachanide Champion.

Arcana: Emperor (IV).

Age: 1237.

Gender: Male.

Race: Arachanide (giant humanoid bug people)

Rank/Touhou stage: S-rank threat (triple SSS-rank when he take of the collar seal)/ EX-stage boss.

Class type: Berserker champion

Personality: Zid is an true Warrior Arachanide who have survived many battle to earn many scars to prove it, he is strict, enjoy battle strong opponents wether be a another Arachanide or a Oni it doesn't matter to him as long the opponent is strong and skilled in battle.

he hates traitors and weak-minded people who blame on a innocent man or woman because of any stupid reasons, he is quite fond of animals and children despite his Huge size and will beat the crap out of anyone who abuse children or small animals for their own amusement.

he hate complicated things and sneaking around as he prefer to fight his way through. But overall he is a kind being with a determination to save his people from an incoming extinction and reunite all Clans back to the old ways.

Like: battle strong enemies, children and peaceful animals, his likely first and trusted friends Taru and Nira, his favorite weapon Vapor axe, hunt for criminals and monsters while seeking strong opponents.

Dislike: traitors, idiots who can't think for themself and follow a cruel leader, previous council in the Welkarian alliance who have deployed a plauge that sterilise his people during the last war against the power hungry high elves, paladins and templar gaining too much power, his backstabbing brother.

Qoute: Dead and done, just the way i like em...

[Victory] (easy win) Bah! too easy, not worth my time, your shitting me? that was too simple!. (default win) hmpf!, Hah! didn't break a sweat, hope you wrote your last will idiots. (Barely win) hehehe... a worthy foe, that was rather refreshing fight, HAHAHA! i almost forgot what pain felt like!. (heroic win) Now this is what i call a good fight!, hah that was a worthy challenge!.

[Defeat] heh.. nice hit, just a flesh wound, i will... murder you... once i rises up again.

[Battle starts] (low level enemies) you better run while you still can!, your joking with me?. (same level enemies) Face my fury!, are these worthy opponents?, dead meat!. (high level enemies) HAHAHA! now this is what i call a challenge!, Come at me!, you kids better stand behind me if you want to survive!.

[Level up] Level up!, is there no limit to my strength?, not surprising.

Alliance: Welkarian Alliance, Oni Council, Tengu clans.

Description: Zid body is bone white, with one big glowing blue eye and pair of antennas, claw marks over his face showing that it happen a long time ago, he wore a dark grey heavy armor with blue glowing lines on the armor, he have only three fingers on his hands and have pair of extra arms back of his shoulders except instead of hands he has long scythe arms.

he also wear a black collar with blue glowing gems on it, this collar is called the seal collar, this collar is designed by Zid himself to hold back 75% of his power and only release it when he is facing against a really strong enemy or as alast resort.

his weapon of choice is an old high tech still working Magi-tech Axe-rifle


Taru Seigi (Friends/Brother)

Nira Yamiyo (Friends/Sister)

Kaiba Trinity (somewhat a friend though keep say he is just a annoying kid)

Sierra Kumiko (Friends and tolerates her better than the brown haired idiot)

Seraph Nawaki (punching bag)

Verrakh Nerrubia (friend)

Jenna Shimira (the Punching bags girlfriend)

Mr. Bony (fellow warriors and friends)

Hinama Inukira (friend)

Xeria (feel some what kinship as both he and Xerias people are hated because of what they are)

Miran Hanamura (finds her quite strange)

Thane Nerrubara (cocky little brat)

Yurial Mcwind (fellow warriors)

Chelerias Duran (likes her musics)

Name: Kaiba Trinity.

Title: Green eyed ghost, Metal warrior.

Arcana: Magician (I).

Age: 16

Gender: Male.

Race: Technology Youkai (former human)

Rank/Touhou stage: B-rank threat/4 stage boss ( A-rank when he enter his Youkai form)

Class type: Combat Engineer.

Personality: Kaiba is a cheerful Youkai engineer warrior who love to tinker with magi-tech technology, he like to prove himself using his invention in battle, he like to joke around and cheer everyone up, sometimes he get nervous and scared when going through scary places like going through the graveyard at night.

he dislike on how either the Dryads or Elves complain and nag about the Magi-tech will ruin their world like it nearly did in the past during the Ion Wars and want to Ban ALL Magi-tech stuff. He also dislike the Lunarions for killing his parents and destroying every chance they get just to explore space and reclaim lost colonies after the Ion Wars hundreds thousand years ago.

Like: tinker with his invention, his best friend Taru who's like a brother to him, Taru's parents for taking him and his twin sister in after their parents were killed, gaze at the stars at night with his lovely girlfriend, his twin sister chelly, hanging out with his friends, his favorite color green, rabbits, parrots (seriously he bought one just to annoy Taru) Cars and air ships.

Dislike: some of the Lunarians, people that ban the use of Magi-tech, dryads and Elves for being so bitchy about how Magi-tech is going to destroy us all stuff, ghosts and undead, cats, murderer and criminals, arrogant people and those that underestimate him, racist and people assume everytime someone or something is evil just because it is not human.

Qoute: Kaiba Trinity the name, Void demon slaying is my game!

[Victory] (easy win) huh... that was quick, hope you guys have insurance for that. (default win) Sweet!, better luck next time!, Magi-tech beats all!. (barely win) whoa that was too close!, anyone hurt?, gotta repair my equipment. (heroic win) we...we actually did it!, never knew we were this powerful, aha! i knew we could do it!.

[Defeat] sorry...guys, can't...fall here, keep going... without me, too... strong.

[Battle starts] (low level enemies) you guys better run!, time to vaporize some mobs!. (same level enemies) time to go all out!, heavy weapons out!, enemy contact! (high level enemies) HOLY CRAP!!, i don't like where this is going!, I won't let you hurt my friends!.

[Level up] Ding! leveled up!, tadada!, heh who would have thought.

Alliance: Welkarian alliance, Vulgorian science company.

Description: he have dark spiky brown hair, green eyes though sometimes glow when using his power, he is wearing a light blue t-shirt and a red open shirt with short sleeves and wearing sandy brown pants, wearing brown combat boots and silver metal gauntlets.

his weapon of choice is mostly long range weapons but can use a two-handed Chainsaw sword if the enemies gets too close.


Taru Seigi (best friend/brothers)

Nira Yamiyo (friend)

Zid Haveric (somewhat a friend)

Sierra Kumiko (girlfriend)

Seraph Nawaki (fricking hate the guy)

Verrakh Nerrubia (best friend)

Jenna Shimira (gets a bad feeling whenever she's near him or his girlfriend)

Mr.Bony (an awesome powerful yet funny skeleton)

Hinama Inukira (friend)

Xeria (friend but sometime don't like it when she tease him with her knowledge of magi-tech)

Miran Hanamura (friends and like her cheerful personality)

Thane Nerrubara (friends and has a small rivalry going on between them)

Yurial Mcwind (friends but try to run away when he's not trying to seduce him or making weird poses)

Chelerias Trinity (Twin sister)

Name: Sierra Kumiko.

Title: Angelic rabbit of the moon, red eyed ranger.

Arcana: Priestess (II).

Age: 16.

Gender: Female.

Race: Half Moon rabbit and half Angel.

Rank/touhou stage: B-rank threat/3 stage mid boss, 4 stage boss.

Class type: Marksman

Personality: Sierra is very kind girl who like to help people, she is quite shy and nervous but when she is with Kaiba she get confident and start to believe herself, she like the nature and gaze at the stars at night with Kaiba, she like to hang with her friends and sometimes tinker with Magi-tech technology (though she was told everytime by the elves that the magi-tech is evil and nearly destroyed the universe)

she have a huge dislike for perverts and people who abuse animals for no reasons or for their own amusement, she dislike on how the Lunarian have become arrogant and would murder innocent people who is trying to explore the space, even went as far to enslave her people who have been their allies and friends since the beginning of time.

like: her friends, have a huge interest in Magi-tech technology, her boyfriend Kaiba, her best friend Nira who's like a sister to her, cute animals, sweets, her favorite color red, purple and white, like to ride on an airship or a car, like to read good books.

Dislike: traitors, arrogant people, hate not being so confident sometimes, how her people have been enslaved by their long time friends and allies the Lunarians, rapist and murderer, people who judge people too harshly, people who abuse animals and children, over religious people who try to force people into their religion against their will, people who would sell innocent people into slavery just because they aren't humans.

Qoute: i-i will do m-my best!

[Victory] (easy win) i-i'm sorry!, are you alright?, why didn't they run away?. (default win) hehehe we won, i-i didn't know i was this strong, guys how did i do?. (Barely win) i-i thought i was going to die, please let's not do this again, i-i it h-hurts. (Heroic win) we did it!, i over come my fears!.

[Defeat] i...i don't...want to...die, Please...help, n-no!.

[Battle starts] (low level enemies) please I don't want to fight you!, uh a-are you sure you want to fight us?, s-sorry if we're going to hurt you!. (same level enemies) i won't back down!, *mutters* i need to be strong, i shall rain arrows of death on you!...I think. (high level enemies) strong enemies appears!, guys we must flee!, i-i can't do this!

[Level up] hehehe... i leveled up, huh i leveled up?, i-i didn't think i would get stronger!.

Alliance: Welkarian Alliance.

Description: she have purple long hair that reach down to below the hips, she have red ruby eyes. she's wearing a white/light grey shirt with a large red stripe running down on the front of the shirt, brown belt and white/light grey pants with red line on the each sides of the pants, wearing silver and black high-tech yet boots. Wearing a hat with poofy rabbit ear (where she can hide her rabbit ears) that have two large light blue eyes with a red stripe on the front and wearing a white/light grey cloak that reaches down bellow her chest with red diamond shapes crystal at the end.

her weapon of choice is either duel wield 1-handed magi-tech crossbows for multiple enemies or a scoped magi-tech crossbow for single strong enemy. She also can use the yet boots to melee kick any foes getting close to her.


Taru Seigi (friend)

Nira Yamiyo (best friend/sisters)

Kaiba Trinity (boyfriend)

Zid Haveric (somewhat friend though she is quite scared of him)

Seraph Nawaki (doing her best avoid him at all cost)

Verrakh Nerrubia (friend)

Jenna Shimira (scared of her, don't like how she is staring at her)

Mr.Bony (friend and can't help but thinking he is funny as hell)

Hinama Inukira (best friend but sometimes don' like how Hinama tease her all the time)

Xeria (best friend)

Miran Hanamura (best friends and fellow markswomen)

Thane Nerrubara (acquaintance)

Yurial Mcwind (likes him and sees him as a old brother figure)

Chelerias Duran (friends but sometimes don't like it when she's trying to grope her breast)

Name: Seraph Nawaki.

Title: Devourer of Corruption, Void Survivor.

Arcana: Devil (XV)

Age: 113.

Gender: Male.

Race: Half Void demon, half youkai devourer.

Class type: Devourer warrior

Rank/Touhou stage: A-rank threat (become double SS-rank threat when in his demon form)/EX-stage boss.

Personality: Seraph is a sadistic bastard who is quite hard to kill and yet he is somehow one of the good guys yet he always have the i don't care about anyone attitude, he like to scare the crap out of his opponent by tranforming into horrifying monster.

he have a deep hatred against the Lunarian as they used terrible experiment on him and his little brother, turning them into half Void demons.

Like: like to scare the hell out of everybody, laze around when he got nothing to do, like to eat anything involve meat, his little brother and his adoptive mother Skirra, spar with Taru to see if he got any stronger, his wife Jenna and his daughter Mary.

Dislike: LUNARIANS! arrogant pricks, when people experiment on innocent people, people alway judging him as evil due to his Void demonic blood in him, people who talk shit and but have no bite to their barking once you stand up against them.

Qoute: pff is that all? you are not worthy to be devoured by me!

[Victory] (easy win) HA! losers!, hmpf that wasn't fun at all, better not eat too many snacks. (default win) hah! you jackass couldn't keep up with me?, another bite the dust. (Barely win) damn, seriously we nearly lost!?, won't make the same mistake. (Heroic win) HAHAHA!!, now this is what i'm talking about!, surprised that everyone survived.

[Defeat] y-you bastards, i'll will...devour you, Mary...

[Battle starts] (low level enemies) meh bunch of weaklings!, you guys sure have guts. (same level enemies) showtime!, snack time!, time to bloody my hands again!. (high level enemies) we're going against THEM!?, uh hope you idiots have a plan!.

[Level up] hah! level up!, i'm getting stronger and stronger!, *burp*.

Alliance: Welkarian alliance, Vexend council, Death-magi council, Oni council.

Description: Seraph have blood red spiky hair with red eyes, he is clad in a sleeveless black shirt with a dark purple stripe in the middle of the shirt, wide black pants with dark purple stripes on the sides, blood red combat boots.


Taru Seigi (friend/Rival)

Nira Yamiyo (an annoying elf)

Kaiba Trinity (who?)

Sierra Kumiko (hates her guts duo to being from the same place as the Lunarians)

Zid Haveric (Badass giant bug)

Verrakh Nerrubia (doesn't trust the former paladin)

Jenna Shimira (wife)

Mr. Bony (some annoying skeleton idiot and yet powerful enough to beat Seraph)

Hinama Inukira (he find her a bit annoying)

Xeria (wut? that robot is a woman?)

Miran Hanamura (got no opinion on the Satori girl)

Thane Nerrubara (ignoring the nekomata)

Yurial Mcwind (stays the hell away from him duo to fear of gays)

Chelerias Duran (likes her music)

Name: Verrakh Nerrubia.

Title: Civil protection unit, Former paladin warrior.

Arcana: Justice (VIII).

Age: 227.

Gender: Male.

Race: Reptirass (lizard people)

Rank/Touhou stage: A-rank threat (S-rank threat during his paladin form)/6 stage boss.

Class type: Paladin warrior

Personality: Verrakh is a calm but a very kind man with sense of honor and morale, but he is quite a gentleman too if he want to and always willing to help people, he is quite fond of reading books and doing some sports, even teach when ever he can.

he hate how people judge someone too quickly without even knowing them or treat the outcast harshly like how the Paladin order doing.

Like: sports, his friends, helping people, training, travel and explore with Taru and the other, his father (high councilor of their people in Welkarian alliance) and older brother (general of the alliance), when justice been done.

Dislike: void demons, racist and murderer, when people break the law, over religious people, how the paladins and the templar have become, dark cults, child abuse, cowards, Sheeps (he was robbed of his wallet once during his night patrol around some farms).

Qoute: Scoped and Dropped!"

[Victory] (easy win) that's kind of sad, should have surrendered, never underestimate a former paladin. (default win) another victory!, fights over, Light be with us. (Barely win) Is everyone alright?, thank the gods we survived, let's not do this again. (Heroic win) I knew we could do this!, a worthy foe!, Light and darkness triumphs!.

[Defeat] I'm down!, need...healing, forget about...me.

[Battle starts] (low level enemies) Surrender and we won't kill you!, don't be foolish! (same level enemies) You're under arrest!, light guide our hands, got a lock on the target! (high level enemies) Everyone behind me!, I won't let you hurt my friends!, Skylian protect us.

[Level up] Level up!, the Light grows stronger within me!, Glory to us all and what not.

Alliance: Welkarian alliance, Tengu clans, dwarven council.

Description: Verrakh skin/scale is dark blue, with pair of large fins on the sides of his head as ears, green slitted eyes, green glowing tattoo near his left eye and goes down to his chest, covered in silver armor with a black suit underneath it.

his weapon of choice is a two-handed long sword and he wields it like it was just a light weighted stick with one hand.


Taru Seigi (Best friend)

Nira Yamiyo (friend)

Kaiba Trinity (best friend)

Sierra Kumiko (friend though quite protective of her when Seraph is around)

Zid Haveric (friend)

Seraph Nawaki (doesn't trust him one bit)

Jenna Shimira (don't trust her either)

Mr. Bony (fellow warriors and annoying Skeleton)

Hinama Inukira (friend but also have a bit crush toward her but never told anyone except Taru about it)

Xeria (friend)

Miran Hanamura (friends and see's her as a little sister)

Thane Nerrubara (friends)

Yurial Mcwind (best friends and comrades)

Chelerias Duran (friends and see's her as a little sister)

Name: Jenna Shimira.

Title: Beauty of the dead mistress.

Arcana: Death (XIII)

Age: 112

Gender: Female.

Race: Youkai necromancer.

Rank/touhou stage: A-rank threat (SS-rank when in her true youkai form)/EX stage boss.

Class type: Death mage

Personality: Jenna is a quiet woman who almost never show any emotion at all, she hardly speak at all like she is some kind of a puppet. She hardly speak of her past but somehow she is connected to Seraph past as a childhood friend but never speak of anything about her sorrowful past.

Like: cats, Seraph and their Daughter Mary, study histories, torture her opponents, bake things, study old ruins and write books.

Dislike: Dogs, annoying elves, incompetence idiots or fools, priest's or religious people who is quite bitchy about her being a Death mage when in fact she serves the death god of protecting the balance of the world, loud noises.

Qoute: ...die...

[Victory] (easy win) fools, only good as guinea pigs. (default win) hmpf, another one sent to the underworld,...idiots. (Barely win) you idiots nearly got us killed, don't do this again. (Heroic win) i'm surpried we made it, you all... have grown.

[Defeat] damn...you, i'll... curse you, be strong...mary.

[Battle starts] (low level enemies) prepare to die, i won't show mercy to the foolish. (same level enemies) ...annoyance, be prepared to be judged, hmpf. (high level enemies) what's our strategy?, it'll be foolish to engage them, let's flee and prepare for this next time.

[Level up]...i leveled up?, huh... surprised that I just leveled up, never doubted myself.

Alliance: Welkarian alliance, Vexend council, Death-magi council.

Description: Jenna have long blond Hime cut hair that reach down to her knees, green emerald eyes yet she always have tired look on her, she has also quite a nice bust too, she wear a long dark green dress with black roses decorated on the dress, black boots while having a grimoire hanging around her waist.

her weapon of choice is a long wooden staff with a worn skull top of the staff.


Taru Seigi (fellow magician)

Nira Yamiyo (an interesting yet annoying specimen)

Zid Haveric (dislike the Arachanide when using Seraph as a punching bag)

Sierra Kumiko (an interesting creature if only she could use her to an experiment if she have permission)

Seraph Nawaki (Husband)

Verrakh Nerrubia (an annoying former paladin)

Mr.Bony (a weird old and yet powerful skeleton)

Hinama Inukira (a Tengu who is a Dragoon warrior? what a surprise)

Xeria (that machine is a woman?)

Miran Hanamura (surprised how cheerful a Satori could be)

Thane Nerrubara (respect him a little bit)

Yurial Mcwind (surprised that he's not dead yet)

Chelerias Duran (likes her music but won't admit it)

Name: Mr. Bony

Title: ancient dragon heart warrior, Blademaster of every weapons.

Arcana: Chariot (VII), (secondary) Judgment (XX).

Age: it been said that he is over 7 million years old.

Gender: he's a frickin skeleton.

Race: ancient undead skeleton warrior.

Rank/touhou stage: SSS-Rank threat ( Champion-rank threat when he is in his Spirit form)/ EX-stage boss.

Class type: Blademaster

Personality: Mr.bony is a happy, but dumb as hell powerful warrior, he like to play friendly games and train with his friends, he like to sometimes show off which goes horribly wrong, he is honor bond to his mistress and will do everything to ensure that nothing happen to her as she was one of the few death mages (who is now a former Death mage as she is now the Nephelim and the Avatar of the Death god) who treated him as a person.

Like: weapons and armor, his old and new friends, his mistress Skirra Windstorm, like to show off and scare the crap out of people, being completely random nearly the whole time, his best friend Zeta.

Dislike: cowards, traitors, child abusers, people who hurt other for no reasons, the old Catalonian empire as they nearly destroyed the world for releasing the devil himself, losing his friends from old age as he is already dead, people discarding their weapons and armor when they aren't useful anymore.

Qoute: Time to show what i am made of! because MR. BONY IS HERE!!

[Victory] (easy win) (default win) (Barely win) (Heroic win)


[Battle starts] (low level enemies) (same level enemies) (high level enemies)

[Level up]

Alliance: Welkarian alliance since it was founded, almost every Youkai clans, Necromancers council, Vexend Council.

Description: mr. bony usually wear a black obsidian coloured armor with golden pair of horns on his helmet, his bones are white while his eyes socket is completely dark on the inside while he has green glowing puppils like eyes.

his weapon of choice is almost everything as he collect every weapon, armor and such when he is teaveling, won them and create them himself.


Taru Seigi (friend and is one of his Mistress descendants)

Nira Yamiyo (friend)

Zid Haveric (fellow warriors and friends)

Kaiba Trinity (friend and remind someone he once knew long ago)

Sierra Kumiko (friend)

Verrakh Nerrubia (fellow warriors)

Seraph Nawaki (feel sorry for the guy of what he's been through)

Jenna Shimira (she remind him like many other Death mages he once served)

Himama Inukira (remind him a bit his mistress deceased husband)

Xeria (respect her determination and her will to redeem her people)

Miran Hanamura (like her cheerful personality)

Thane Nerrubara (serve the same mistress and like to trolling him)

Yurial Mcwind (fellow warriors)

Chelerias Duran (likes her music very much)

Name: Hinama Inukira.

Title: white dragoon wolf.

Arcana: Strength (XI)

Age: 223.

Gender: Female.

Race: White wolf tengu.

Rank/touhou stage: A-Rank threat (S-rank threat when in her Dragoon form) 6 stage boss, ex stage mid boss.

Class type: Dragoon warrior

Personality: Hinama is a brash, sometimes rude woman who is a Dragoon warrior which is surprising among the tengu as there aren't many of dragoon tengu in the alliance, she like to fight a honorable battle against her opponent and see's Verrakh as a rival but also have a little bit crush toward him.

she like to inspire childrens and help people, like her friends and hates traitors, murderers and most of all rapist.

Like: her friends, make her father proud, explore the lands and ancient ruins, good food and sometimes read a nice book, childrens, helping people out, has a crush on Verrakh but never revealed that to anyone heck even her father about it.

Dislike: traitors, murderer, rapist as a child it almost happen to her if it wasn't for Verrakh's older brother who saved her from the rapist (which is how she first time met Verrakh as childrens), void demons, paladins and templar as they got too power hungry, religious people who force people into their religion or worse kill them.

Qoute: you want a fight? then you got one dirtbag!

Alliance: Welkarian alliance, tengu clans, oni clans, kappa clans, elven council, dragoon legion.

Description: Hinama have white long hair with white wolf ears and a wolf tail, she have ruby eyes, she wear black sleeveless black combat shirt, wearing a pair of red combat gauntlets, long wide black pants, a single shoulder pad on her left shoulder, red armor boots.

her choice of weapon is a long spear.


Taru Seigi (friend)

Nira Yamiyo (best friend)

Verrakh Nerrubia (rival/friend and secretly have a crush on him)

Zid Haveric (Friend)

Kaiba Trinity (friend but find him a bit annoying)

Sierra Kumiko (best friend and like to tease her)

Seraph Nawaki (don't know to feel irritated or sorry for the bastard)

Jenna Shimira (don't like how quiet, emotionless death mage is, almost as if she isn't alive or not)

Mr.Bony (a funny skeleton that doesn't know how to die properly)

Xeria (a weird robot female)

Miran Hanamura (Best friends)

Thane Nerrubara (likes the little guy)

Yurial Mcwind (friends)

Chelerias Duran (friends)

Name: Xeria.

Title: Redeemer of light, three eyed infiltrator.

Arcana: Moon (XVIII)

Age: uknown.

Gender: Female?

Race: Redeemer/former Spire guardians.

Rank/touhou stage: B-rank threat (S-rank theat when in her Spire form)/1, 3, stage mid bosses, 5 stage boss.

Class type: scout

Personality: Xeria is a curious machine with a living soul in it, she keep telling everyone that she is a female and in her Spire form shows a female appearance, she like to read history, different races culture and their origins, she hate how people judge her to be one of the demonic beings called the Reaver as many of her kind are being slaves to the false Reaver gods.

she like to be with her true friends as they are the only one who see's her as a person not a lifeless machine.

Like: reading books, modify her sniper rifle, explore and find more of her Creators past and their strange disappearance from the world, her friends, saving her kin from the Reaver, making her people proud to help the other races.

Dislike: The Reavers as they have enslaved her people and used them against their own creators the Nephelims, traitors and murderer, scum who lust for power and money, people judge her and her kin to be evil when they are actually the victim of slavery of the false dark gods.

Qoute: Target-aquired!

Alliance: Welkarian alliance, Redeemer people.

Description: (her body is similar to Aigis and Labrys from Persona) Xiera hair is white long hair that is tied in a high ponytail, her eyes are cyan coloured, her arms are covered in metal gauntlets with pair of deep blue orbs placed on top of her hands also her feets are also covered in metal, she's wearing a white and cyan coloured plugg suit.

her weapon of choice is a powerful magi-tech sniper rifle, a magi-tech smg and she can summond pair of energy blades from the blue orbs placed on her hands.


Taru Seigi (best friend and comrade in arms)

Nira Yamiyo (best friend and comrade in arms)

Zid Haveric (respects him)

Verrakh Nerrubia (respects the former paladin)

Kaiba Trinity (friends and sometimes funny to tease him)

Sierra Kumiko (best friends)

Hinama Inukira (strange rude woman)

Seraph Nawaki (don't know wether he is an ally or not)

Jenna Shimira (why do many female meat bags have large bags on their chest?)

Mr.Bony (a powerful ancient warrior that deserve respect even if he is a bit weird)

Miran Hanamura (best friends and fellow markswomen)

Thane Nerrubara (fellow fighters)

Yurial Mcwind (friends but wondering why he prefer males than females)

Chelerias Duran (find her music very interested)

Name: Miran Hanamura

Title: Mind reader of the nature

Arcana: Sun (XIX).

Age: 15.

Gender: female

Race: Satori Youkai

Rank/touhou stage: C-rank threat/ 3 stage boss

Class type: Arcane Ranger

Personality: Miran is a cheerful woman despite being a Satori *whom Satori's being described as depressed people* she is skilled in using a bow and magic, she is loyal to her friends and to the Welkarian Alliance. She hate being underestimated for being small and for being a woman.

she sometimes sing a song when she is bored, has a secretly a crush toward a nekomata Magi-thief warrior named Thane Nerrubara.

Like: animals, her friends, nature, her grandfather, music, the alliance, her crush, training with her bow and magic, like to explore the world.

Dislike: discrimitation toward woman and her kind, sometime don't like to be able to read mind and read their darkest secrets, abuse of animals and toward people for being different, being looked down by her former classmates when she still went in the academy of magi.

Qoute: Wow i didn't know you were into...that.

Alliance: Welkarian alliance, Youkai council, Vexend council.

Description: she have slightly pale skin, red eyes, Cyan coloured long hair. she wore a strange looking green and red ranger clothes, and the most noticeable that makes her a Satori was her third eye with Cyan coloured puppil.

her weapon of choice is an elegant long bow.


Taru Seigi (friends)

Nira Yamiyo (best friends)

Zid Haveric (she is quite scared of him)

Verrakh Nerrubia (friends and see's him as a big brother)

Kaiba Trinity (friends and find him quite funny)

Sierra Kumiko (best friends and fellow markswomen)

Hinama Inukira (best friends)

Seraph Nawaki (she think of him another Bully)


Mr.Bony (really funny guy)

Xiera (best friends and fellow markswomen)

Thane Nerrubara (have a huge crush toward him)

Yurial Mcwind (find him really funny!)

Chelerias Duran (best friends and sees her as an older sister)

Name: Thane Nerrubara

Title: Reaver Thief

Arcana: Hermit (IX).

Age: 16.

Gender: male

Race: Nekomata (former Human)

Rank/touhou stage: B-Rank (A-Rank threat when in his reaver form)/ 5 stage boss, extra stage mid boss

Class type: Magi-thief

Personality: Thane is a calm but someone who is serious almost all the time, he like to make fun of few idiots (a.k.a Kaiba and Seraph) for being oblivious toward certain dangerous situations.

at first he hated humans and elves due to his past but after working with Taru and Nira for a while he start to see things differently and soon accepted that not all Humans and Elves are evil, he is dedicated to serve his mistress who saved him from his fate as a mindless beast.

Like: he like to make fun of people mostly, training, his mistress, he like Miran but won't admit it.

Dislike: Corrupted humans and elves, backstabbing bastards, discrimitation for not being a human or elf, incompetence fools, Void demons.

Qoute: Stop throwing fake mouses at me!

Alliance: his alliance is only to his mistress

Description: he have dark green long hair tied in a long thin pony-tail, he is wearing a sleeveless Dark green shirt, red pants with combat boots, dark green leather gauntlets, have two green cat tails and red eyes.

his weapon of choice is pair of daggers or shortswords.


Taru Seigi (Best friends)

Nira Yamiyo (friends)

Zid Haveric (know how it is feel being betrayed by someone you know)

Kaiba Trinity (friends and has a rivalry going on)

Sierra Kumiko (acquaintance)

Verrakh Nerrubia (friends)

Hinama Inukira (respect her)

Seraph Nawaki (another idiot and worse he is a void demon hybrid)

Jenna Shimira (respects her)

Xiera (fellow stealthy fighters)

Miran Hanamura (has a crush toward her)

Mr.Bony (serve the same mistress but find him extremely annoying)

Yurial Mcwind (find him annoying)

Chelerias Duran (tolerates her but find it annoying that she's trying to matchmake him with Miran)

Name: Yurial Mcwind

Title: The Fabulous Knight.

Arcana: Chariot (VII)

Age: 230

Gender: male

Race: half human, half Oni.

Rank/touhou stage: C-Rank threat (B-rank threat when going Oni mode)/ 4 stage boss

Class type: Knight.

Personality: Yurial is a rather carefree man and an old best friend of Verrakh since they both served in the Paladin order, but later quit it duo to pure corruption going on in the order. He likes to tease other, especially Taru and the other males since he's a homosexual and want to see their reactions since it is pretty hilarious, he's also a sucker for a lot of cute things too.

but he's a very kind hearted man and will help everyone when ever he can.

Like: his friends, Good spicy food, beer (well he's a half Oni so no surprise there), childrens, animals, like to make poses.

Dislike: Injustice, unnecessary hatred, the corrupted grandmaster of the paladin order, Void demons, discrimination duo to either race or birth defect.

Qoute: Hey, Hey, Hey! the gallant knight of the alliance is here!

Alliance: Welkarian alliance

Description: a rather large muscular man with black hair which is done into a pompadour style, tan skin and blue eyes. Wearing a heavy silver armor with the CPU insignia on the left shoulderpad and carries a long scythe.


Taru Seigi (friends)

Nira Yamiyo (friends)

Zid Haveric (Fellow warriors)

Kaiba Trinity (friends and like to tease him)

Sierra Kumiko (she is so cute and innocent!)

Verrakh Nerrubia (Best friends and comrades)

Hinama Inukira (friends)

Seraph Nawaki (knows to stay out of his way)

Jenna Shimira (stay the hell away from her)

Xiera (friends)

Miran Hanamura (Cute little Satori!)

Mr.Bony (fellow warriors)

Thane Nerrubara (Wondering what's his problem)

Chelerias Duran (friends)

Name: Chelerias (chelly) Trinity

Title: Song Maiden

Arcana: Temperance (XIV)

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Race: Youkai (former human)

Rank/touhou stage: C-rank threat (B-rank threat when using her summoning song)/ 3 stage boss, 5 stage mid boss

Class type: song mage

Personality: Chelerias or Chelly is rather a cheerful girl if a little bit of a pervert, she love to sing and make songs to inspire everyone to be happy and always look forward to the future with a smile. She doesn't like bullies (saved Miran from them many years ago and became friends) and corrupted people, to her they always seem so negative and try to make everyone else negative against their will.

Like: Singing, making songs and likes to cook food, likes Miran and see's her as a little sister and her twin brother Kaiba who she thought was dead years ago, like good food and cold soda, Magi-tech weapons, GUNS!!.

Dislike: bullies, corrupted people and over religious zealots, spiders, people making fun of music, discrimination and arrogant jackasses.

Qoute: Heeeeere's Chelly!!

Alliance: Welkarian Alliance.

Description: Chelerias looks like a 14 girl with long light brown hair while wearing a rather high-tech headphones, Brown eyes and slightly pale skinned. Wearing a sleeveless white shirt with a dark green vest over it, wearing a darg green skirt while wearing black shorts underneath the skirt, wearing brown combat boots.

and last but not least her weapons are pair of Magic-pistols.


Taru Seigi (friends)

Nira Yamiyo (best friends)

Zid Haveric (she tolerates him but mostly stays out of his way)

Verrakh Nerrubia (friends)

Kaiba Trinity (twin brother)

Sierra Kumiko (best friends and fellow markswomen)

Hinama Inukira (best friends)

Seraph Nawaki (don't like him one bit at all)


Mr.Bony (really funny guy)

Xiera (best friends and fellow markswomen)

Miran Hanamura (sees her as a little sister and try to matchmake her with Thane)

Thane Nerrubara (Tsundere and try to matchmake him with Miran)

Yurial Mcwind (find him really funny!)

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Working with Kisuke was never boring that was for sure. The two set off for one of Kisukes numerous experiments and just so happen to end up in the world of Remnant. Now that they're here how will Ichigo cope becoming a Huntsman and teaching others to be warriors to fight the Grimm in an Academy known as Beacon? Will he be able to shape the next generation of Huntress and Huntsman?
Crossover - Bleach & RWBY - Rated: M - English - Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 5,056 - Reviews: 32 - Favs: 146 - Follows: 185 - Published: 6/25 - Ichigo K., Velvet Scarlatina, Team RWBY, Team JNPR
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A man that searches for redemption. A child who's family neglects him. A change in fate that will shock the Elemental Nations to the core. This is the tale of two people that will change everything, one as a teacher and the other one as a student. NarutoxHarem. Neglected!Naruto. Strong!Naruto. Fem!Sasuke. Crossover with Fairy Tail. Other minor Crossovers
Naruto - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 23 - Words: 223,257 - Reviews: 1123 - Favs: 2,146 - Follows: 2,183 - Updated: 6/22 - Published: 8/12/2014 - Naruto U., Sasuke U., Kushina U., Naruko U.
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Crossover - Naruto & Five Nights at Freddy´s - Rated: T - English - Mystery/Horror - Chapters: 19 - Words: 22,688 - Reviews: 57 - Favs: 164 - Follows: 170 - Updated: 6/19 - Published: 4/10 - [Hinata H., Naruto U.] The Murderer, Springtrap
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Naruto - Rated: M - English - Family - Chapters: 7 - Words: 27,467 - Reviews: 464 - Favs: 1,680 - Follows: 1,953 - Updated: 6/3 - Published: 4/3/2013 - Naruto U., Hinata H., Kushina U.
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Crossover - Naruto & RWBY - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 29 - Words: 190,906 - Reviews: 198 - Favs: 176 - Follows: 174 - Updated: 5/31 - Published: 4/5/2014 - [OC, Ruby Rose] [Naruto U., Blake Belladonna]
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Crossover - Naruto & RWBY - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 29 - Words: 164,931 - Reviews: 572 - Favs: 937 - Follows: 963 - Updated: 4/20 - Published: 4/20/2014 - [Naruto U., Ruby Rose] Rōshi, Fū
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Crossover - Naruto & Bleach - Rated: M - English - Chapters: 2 - Words: 14,951 - Reviews: 62 - Favs: 259 - Follows: 305 - Updated: 3/16/2014 - Published: 12/27/2013 - Naruto U., Yoruichi S.
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Betrayed and near death, Naruto made a deal with Kyuubi or his real name Kurama to reincarnate into a demon however unknown to them Kurama accidently unlocked a dormant bloodline within him, the blood of a Overlord and a Angel, now he have one goal in mind. To Become the Ultimate Overlord of the Netherworld! A NarutoxDisgaeaxOverlord cossover. Naruto x Magic knight OC.
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