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Name: Polaris

Age: 18

sex: Male

Element: Plasma

Discription: Polaris is a red-yelow dragon with black horns and a golden underbelly and a spade tailbade. His eye are electric blue as well as his spade tail and his wings have a unique electric pattern to them that turns blue as well when he is using his elemental powers. Polaris is also a very wise dragon who thankfully does not have the electric dragons tendancy to babble on when he is excited, howerver he is very prone to anger.


Galaxia- grandmother (LoS: A Change in Destiny)

Flame-Brother (LoS: A Change in Destiny)

Volteer: Uncle (LoS: A Change in Destiny)

Name: Angel


Sex: female

Formed Partnerships: Blitz Drago

Element: light

coloring: Pearl white


age: 18

Sex: Male


Coloring: Orange-red

A special thanks to Luna and Onyx for reviewing my stories and everyone else who has left comments and other such things for my stories.

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