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Hello! Police Constibale Gwen Cooper at your service!

Gwen- "So..you catch aliens?"
Jack- "Yup."
Gwen- "You catch aliens for a living?"
Jack- "Yes we do."
Gwen- "You're an alien catcher?"
Jack- "Yes I am."
Gwen- "Caught any good aliens?"
Jack- "Tons of 'em!"
Gwen- "That's a HELL of a job."

The name's Maria. I'm from the United States of America even though I'm convinced that my SOUL resides in the UK somewhere. About two years ago I moved to a small little town outside of one of the bigger cities of Upstate New York; The Village of Clinton. Before then I grew up in the city of Utica. I am pretty sure that the whole Mohawk Valley is sitting on a Rift in Time & Space.

My likes include (but are not limited to):
Accescorizing my apartment (it's like my own personal TARDIS =D)
Snuggle moments with my fantasic kitty Rubi Rubi =)

My dislikes include (but are not limited to):
Large dogs. They make me nervous O _ o
My ex-girlfriends. (EXTERMINATE! O _ O)
Hatred for any type of person or lifestyle. We are all citizens of the planet ("we are all citizens of the womb before we subdivide into sexes and shades- this side or that side.").

I have a wide variety of tastes when it comes to TV shows/Movies/Animes - a few of my favorites that I tend to write about are:

Sailor Moon
The Dark Knight
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Serial Experiments Lain
x I also dabble in Harry Potter with my closest compadre Sarah Riddle =)

I am pretty convinced my friends are the best people in the universe. =)

2 of them have accounts that can be accessed through THESE COOL LINKS! =D



HPchick62442: f you
HPchick62442: and your skinniness
HPchick62442: some of us are still huge so shut up
HPchick62442: we all can't be glamourous on the poor diet
HPchick62442: I happen to like food too much to not eat
UnderADeadNYSky: lmao


Gwen: Come on, where'd you train? Where'd you train? Did you train?
- Greeks Bearing Gifts