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The Zombie Assassins' Creed

All members of the Zombie Assassins of Urban Dead MUST follow these strict guidelines!

The number 1 goal of the Zombie Assassins is simple; KILL AS MANY ZOMBIES AS POSSIBLE!! Fire axes, pistols, shotguns, your fists, lead pipes; all forms of weaponry are welcome as long as you use them to bash zombie's heads in!

Rule #2: Punish the Wicked!
The Zombie Assassins DO NOT condone the killing of humans by other humans! If a Zombie Assassin should witness the death of a human at the hands of another human, said Zombie Assassin is permitted to punish (i.e. - attack and kill) the murderer.

Rule #3: United We Stand!
The Zombie Assassins stick together! If a fellow Zombie Assassin is wounded, heal them! If a Zombie Assassins' building is being attacked, come to their aid! And remember; we leave no man (or woman) behind!

Rule #4: Avenge the Dead!
Should a Zombie Assassin be killed by another human, that human shall become the sworn enemy of the Zombie Assassins until an apology is issued by the murderer (which is unlikely). If the murderer is part of a larger group of murders (i.e. - Pathetic Bill and SillyLillyPilly), that group shall become our enemies until an apology is issued (again, which is unlikely).

Rule #5: Allied Forces!
If any humans (as long as they aren't murderers) wish to become our allies, they need only inform one of our members. The same conditions of Rule 3 apply to our allies; heal the wounded, protect their strongholds, and leave no man behind!

Rule #6: Death is Not the End!
If a Zombie Assassin is killed and transforms into a zombie, said Zombie Assassin should find a revive point and become human again as soon as possible. THEY ARE NOT TO ATTACK OTHER HUMANS OR THEIR BARRICADES! A Zombie Assassins' alliance is to the human race! If they must attack something, then attack other zombies; THEY are the enemy!

The Zombie Assassins' Enemies:
None, as of yet...

The Zombie Assassins' Allies:
None, as of yet...

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