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First of all yes, I'm a girl and yes I'm brazilian. I have Eighteen Years old, not eighteen even tho most of my fics will contain lemons - I don't know if I'm good or not at lemons, I'll give it a try, it can't be hard can it? Oh... Wait... it has to be hard - and I'm more of a geek than I give myself credit for, but I won't be writing my fanfictions in Portuguese because in English everything is much better and classier I must say. ;) I'll gladly translate any other fan fiction I fall head over heels for and if you, my brazilian boos fall head over heels with my fan fictions as well, I'll let you translate it. I love writing and reading, but I'm absolutely more crazy about reading then writing, I guess I've read so many books in my life that... I don't even know how to beguin, my first real book ever - real book, because I don't include my childhood books as real books, I consider real books those with 200 pages, plus - was Harry Potter and The Sorcerers Stone. I decided to start writing fanfictions because, oh well, I need an escape to my ideas right? And also because now I'm thinking about starting my own book, and I need to see if I have any crazy and amazing idea to start doing it. Oh and just for common sense: Everytime I update a chapter in my fanfiction, I also update my avatar. (This time: Blake Lively, bc I've been fangirling Gossip Girl way too much these weeks.)

FUN FACTS! Not much fun facts, I'm a Senior this year and school is getting the best of me, I'll soon make my debut at college and I'm aiming to be a Publicist. I need a beta-reader for my fanfictions, and I'll only be writing one fanfiction at a time, so I can dedicate myself to it, with full heart. I like me some reviews, you have to show me how are you liking my fan-fiction, or how are you hating it. I like constructive criticism. Have I said I need a beta-reader? Anyways, I grab my ideas from songs, and everyday basis, I like to research about what I am putting in the fanfiction so I won't make any major mistakes, like say that Harvard is in England or whatever.

ACTORS/ACTRESSES. I've never been much of a fandom girl, I don't stalk and I don't ogle someone for very long time, but that all changed since my vampire trio appeared in my life. Robert Pattinson, David Boreanaz and Alexander Skarsgard certainly make my heart beat faster and make me want to get bitten. I ogle them for as long as possible. I mean, a person is born once in his life, and he's born to be hot! I mean, YUMMAY. Anyways, other men that makes my head spin are Henry Cavill, Josh Holloway, Taylor Kitsch, Chace Crawford, Ed Weswick and Sebastian Stan. Oh, and please let's not forget Jensen Ackles, because in my eyes, Dean is much, much, much hotter than Sam, but I wouldn't deny Sam if he wanted me. What girl would deny a yummy Sammy? Only in hell. Perhaps, not even in hell right? Onto the actresses now. My big, enormous fandom is for Sarah Michelle Gellar, like really, time goes by and she does nothing other than getting more beautiful and kind, I'm sure that he daughter is as beautiful as her mother; and then we have my big, fat girl crush Megan Denise Fox you can say what you wanna say about her... Guess what? I. DO. NOT. CARE! Megan kicks ass, she can say what she wants to say and call you what she wants to call you, she can do anything and I'll still love her, I don't get why people don't understand her, she's obnoxious like she said on inumerous interviews, and she clearly speaks her mind, just as Kristen Jaymes Stewart. My other kick ass girl. I'm almost her age and I can relate to her, let the girl live. LOL She may not be the PERFECT Bella, but she portrays her very well. Sophia Anna Bush. Sophia! I FREAKING LOVE YOU! I WANNA MAKE HOT BABIES WITH YOU! Just kidding, I think Sophia should make hot babies with Jensen Ackles. True, true, true. Blake Lively Just had to add her. I've been loving her work and what she's been doing, plus, Natie/Serena 4EVUH.

TV SHOWS. I know which shows I watch by the week days. Monday: Day of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. Can't get enough of Mc Dreamy, Mc Steamy and Mc Army, neither or Addison Montgomery. Tuesday: Day of Supernatural. Do I have the need to say why? Wednesday: Simply my FAVORITE day of the whole week. Day of Gossip Girl, America's Next Top Model and Desperate Housewives. There's something about the Upper East Side that catches my attention: Nate, Carter and Chuck. Don't need to say nothing else about why I simply LUST for this show; and then there's my futile hour of the day with ANTM, and then Desperate, because Gabby is Gabby... Never forgeting Bree. Thursday: Reality show time with Project Runway and Brazil's Next Top Model, there's also 90210. Futile hours of the day... BRNTM and PR, Heidi is the most cute thing in the whole world. YUM. 90210 is just awsome, I watched the previous... the old one, and I must say, nothing can beat it, but still, I love Adriana and Naomi and Silver... Annie... Well, I just wanna slap her and say to her: GET A GRIP! She's dumb and annoying. Friday: Tim HOTNESS Riggins! YEAH! It's Friday Night Lights! Boohoo, it's playing all over again... The third season, but still, I cannot get enough of ogle Tim Riggins with his shirt off. Tim&Lyla. Every day: Every day section is for the dvd's I own and that I can pretty much watch anytime I want. Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, The X-Files and LOST. I guess that if I own, it's pretty much because I love them, entirely. Buffy is my first fandom crazyness, I watch the show since I was ten, and Josh made the terrible mistake in breaking my favorite couple up, BOOHOO! Buffy&Angel forever; The X-Files is even MOAR in my heart now that the show gained it's own PORNO FLICK! The Sex-Files I seriously cannot wait to watch it... Probably hidden from my parents, but still, cannot wait! And Lost, just because... The storyline of the show is eye catchy, and I've already seen myself be awake for an entire night thinking about theories. I'm a geek. So what?

MOVIES. Do I really have to make a list? It'll be long and you'll certainly be tired of reading it. I'm seriously a movie lover, I have over 600 dvd's stocked at my house, and I think I've watched at least half of them, of course I have my favorites. Twilight and Harry Potter for an instance... and many, many, many more. From Cult to Romantic Comedies, I love them all, I go at least twice a month to the movies, the down side is having to only watch a movie at a time. Once I watched two sessions of Twilight in a row. Better experience of my life, seconding only to Disney.

BOOKS. I'll only tell favorites. Twilight, Harry Potter and the Mediator Series, you can say I have a thing or two for book series, but that's okay, I also love Stephen King books, like The Shining, it scared the crap out of me, and also classics, just like our loved Bella Swan.

UPDATING PROCESS. I'll try to update once a week, I promise I'll try, but I can't promise I'll succeed.

LINKS: Mostly to outfits, maybe to places around that I'll be using for the fanfictions.

Something New.

Cast (Most of the used faces are not the ones on the Movie. I changed so it would fit the storyline better. Just giving faces to the names and discriptions.)

Bella, Edward, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, Emmett, Joshua, Esme and Carlisle.

Chapter 1- Alice was wearing/ Chapter 3 - Mentioned: Bruins Cheerleaders New Outfit.

Chapter 4 - Outfits for Frat Party: Rosalie's Outfit; Alice's Outfit and Bella's Outfit.

Chapter 8 - Perfomances for the Auction: Emmett, Joshua, Edward and Jasper's Performance and Cheerleaders' Performance. Bella = Melissa R. / Rosalie = Asia / Alice = Melissa S.

OBS.: I won't start a playlist, because I'm not receiving a lot of inspiration from songs, but Bella's song could be: Sometimes - Britney Spears. If you have been following close my updates and everything, you'll know what I mean. It's the perfect song for her.




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