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Welcome to this profile, Feel free to look around.

If you are curious about what Critics United does and how we work, please read the FAQ in the Critics United forum first to see if your question has been answered there. If it hasn't feel free to ask a group moderator or post your question in our chat thread.

FAQ Cornucopia

Also, don't forget to read our Rules thread to clear any other questions you may have.

Rules of our forum

If you wish to join Critics United, please contact:

Spirit of Paladin

Cha's Aegis


They are the moderators of CU and will be able to give you further information.

For the time being, MrGoodyTwoShoes will be handling all membership requests. If you wish to join please contact him directly.

If you're here because you got a review from a CU member and want to talk about it, go to the following thread in CU's forum:

Complain/Give Thanks here.

You may also ask for review requests or just talk with other people in our Chat thread if you like.

CU's current Chat Thread.

There are people who can help you with your story and of course people who just want to have an interesting conversation.

Critics United :

This movement has been started because of having to wade through pages and pages of script format, Q&A/Truth or Dare, self insert or song fic stories that are being posted on FF. Net.

We do leave honest, thorough reviews in order to help the writer. We point out mistakes, offer ways to fix them and better the story, and praise any good qualities of the fic. However, if a fic is breaking the rules and the author refuses to change it, we will report it as a last resort.

If you are interested in joining, these are the basics:

1. We must read something of yours (your choosing) to see if you actually can give advice to others. If you do not have writing on this site, we will judge by the way you carry yourself on the page and two links to reviews you have given two different fics. Preferably where you've given criticism.

2. Your work must follow all the rules of the site.

If you prove to be just what CU needs, we will ask you to have a link to our forum and mention the following in your profile:

"I am a member of Critics United."

Next are the basic rules of our group:

1. We point out issues and offer advice on how to fix them while praising them on what they did do right. But keep in mind we do not force our members to change their review style.

2. There is no set number of how many fics you have to critique, but do go in with an open mind and not looking for mistakes only.

3. We only report stories that break the rules when the author refuses to change it.

4. You may be asked to review a story in one of your fandoms of choice some time.

*You will not be asked to critique anything you are not comfortable with.

Reasons why you could be denied membership:

1. Your writing is breaking one or more of the FF. Net rules.

2. You have practices in your writing that are incorrect. Ex: Capitalizing words to emphasize or doing dialogue like this: "The horse slapped me." She said. That's incorrect.

3. You target people you don't like.

We do ask that whether you are accepted or not that you act mature about the decision. Denial of membership is not permanent. If you fix the issue that made it so you couldn't join, contact us again and we'll take a look.

Thank you for taking the time to read this profile.

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