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~SaxyJazz~ Profile (HI! How ya Doin'?)

Name: Roxanne (sing the song and i'll kill you...)

Sex: female

Height: 6'0''

Body: fit and strong (i have a good right hook =D)

Town: Boondocks in NY

Loves: Jesus Christ, Music, all the pixar movies (mostly 'cars'), and i'm a bit of a car junky myself;P plus the simple things in life.

Hates: People telling her what to do with her life & over controlling Guys.

Age: 20

Member of the brotherhood of the pen

RANK: Beta


GENDER: female

Let me try this, like i said before My name is Roxanne, and i live out in the boondocks. I drive a 1991 toyota camery and it is amazing, i love the fact that it was bought on my birthdate! So basically we've connected very well. I was raised around cars so i have a connection with them. strange but true fact, i use to name every car my parents had XD. I Ice race when the lake is frozen, and i compose my own music. I have a younger sister(14) and i'm and very protective of her. I come from a rough family past involving my father as a complete... well i'll let you fill in the blank. I've taken Karate for 8 years and i might be taking it again once the dojo (school) opens back up! I'm stronger than most girls and a lot of people say i should model (6'0'') ... but to tell you the truth i wouldn't allow myself to do that... the whole being owned thing bothers me... i see myself as a very down to earth type of person and it takes alot to piss me off... if you actually do...laughs i hope you can run fast!

My normal "dress"? Pft! That's easy, I live in jeans, T-shirts/button up's, Pair of boots/sneakers,A Mustang GTI "seat belt" belt, Make-up is pointless, Hair tucked on one side, other side frames face. Plus... and Little dirt/mud on ya just adds to the look. Country girl in NY, I'd say so!

I am a firm believer of Jesus Christ, the Son of the Holy Father. I praise his name for the pain and the sacrifice he had to indure to save us all...I'm not ashamed In my Faith and Love of Jesus Christ and The Lord, God, Almightly. Not even the threat of Death would cause me to have a shaky faith in Him.

"When you give a crap about your family and friends, and will do ANYTHING to help them out. but when you start to think people actually gave a crap about you... your left alone to fight for yourself... what a life i have..."


Life Rings:

My very first story that i have had for quite sometime. 'Life Rings' i started making about a year after I got the DVD of the movie 'Cars', and at first i thought is was going to be one of those stories that falls apart half way making it... and it didn't, i ended up with 3 notebooks (70 paged)! So i'm pretty happy that i'm actually typed up this story so that everyone can read it.

This story is about a young girl 64 Mustang that get beaten close to death by her father Jack, and her body was found just outside of Radiator Springs. As Sheriff tries to find the car that beat her, Doc quickly takes her under his wing to try to trigger her memories back. With Jack still out there, and having no home, Alice finds it harder and harder to understand the truth... Sometimes you just wish that some memories never came back. And other times sometimes the truth is too hard to believe, she was born with a ring... she couldn't even imagine...

Note: The 'ring' is a power that her family has. When active, the 'ring' will appear around the outside of there eyes(like iris, the color of your eyes,and the ring.) I'm not going to go to detailed here, you have to read and find out.=P

An Unlived Winter Memory:

This is a little story that i had whipped up when i was out on a frozen lake about to race(ice race, yes i do that.) i was thinking, Doc Hudson was and is one of the best racers out there, what would a dirt track Racer like him do on a slippery frozen lake? then that thought grew into something grander, "what if he is like me? got to watch every one else but never got the chance to try it?" then the story flowed

When Doc goes to check on Sally's other hotel, "wheel well", after a bizarre bilzzard that hits the town with snow and ice. on the way back down, the frozen lake caught his eye... "what if..." Doc shakes his head and drives off... until fate stepped in. Doc face to face with a beautiful untouched lake, a smile curls at the side of his face... hmm...

Note: This takes place after my story "life rings" because i have a OC in there...

Rings of Fate:

"Life Rings 2" Since Alice has no plate, and her ring is full and active, her ring lets her have dreams from the past, present, and future that she can not control, she didn't mind... until she had one dream... The figure with the Red Brown eyes...killing... hurting... haunting... and lunging after her...When she snaps awake, there were some things she knew... this was real... this figure was coming... and there was no way of changing it...


Like Magic:

This is a lil' short story that I'm already planning in my head... it's set before Life Rings... way before Quinn/Alice's existance... Aero (Quinn's father from my stories) is learning how to handle his "Transportation" Gift... the Hard way... It's seems as though... transportation isn't like driving at all... One lil' crazy thought pops into his young adult head while transporting ,sends him in a completely different place! Who knew one lil' craving will send him off in a middle of a intersection, while having a 1962 soft pink buick running right into his side!... Lilian ain't no fool... She knew what she saw! She knew what she ran into! She's not letting that Dodge Dart out of her site untill a few of her questions are answered... I mean... Wouldn't you like to know if a car suddenly appeard out of no where... like magic? (Aero/Lilian)

Just Say I Do!:

Lightning and Sally are getting married, and nothing can stand in the way of a wedding right?... Doesn't mean fate won't try!... Sally is pregnant, Alice is starting to get worn out for being a bride's maid, Doc is the Justice of the Peace,... Then Lightning forgot the RINGS!!... So Quinn makes a run for the jewelry store to get pulled over by an Uncaring heartless officer... Then as the Family arrives, Lightning's Aunt is CRAZY about Tractors! Running after those cud chewers and Doc is trying to run after her to stop her before she wakes up Frank! While this is going on, Kendal is trying to hold back a CRAZED Fabulous Hudson Hornet fan,Sally's cousin, that wants to go after the retired Racer. Kendal is not only trying to tell her that the FHH is retired and is happy the way he is, but part of Kendal wanted to just flat out say "BACK OFF" from her love. As the Two Females fight, The Doctor protecting the Tractor lover from harm, They completely forgot about Quinn fetching the rings... After getting passed the Heartless officer, and getting not only the wedding rings, but his engadgement ring for Alice,... He is brutally robbed and Beaten to a pulp down a dark alley... Will everyone make it in one piece!?

Hidden Rings Of Strength:

Continuing with the Rings series, this takes place after "Just Say I Do!". This is the story mainly focusing on the offspring of Lightning and Sally and Quinn and Alice. When Lightning's daughter is kidnapped by an angery crew during the races... Quinn's Son get swept up in the mess as both of the 8 year old children cling onto each other... Trying to figure out what to do...

~Loved Quotes~

When I die, I want to go peacefully like my Grandfather did, in his sleep -- not screaming, like the passengers in his car.

Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils ... - Louis Hector Berlioz

What you call dog with no legs?
Don't matter what you call him, he ain't gonna come.

Last night I lay in bed looking up at the stars in the sky and I thought to myself, where the heck is the ceiling. (it's funny if you know what my house looks like)

Everybody wants to go to heaven; but nobody wants to die.

If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?

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