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Author has written 8 stories for Supernatural, Ten Inch Hero, Glee, and Primeval.

I'm Hannah, I live in the Uk, good old little England.

I love to write Stories, but never really done many Fanfics, but thought it would be time to publish them on here...

I am Addicted to Supernatural... Yummy Jensen Ackles. lol.

Also Ben Barnes (aka King Caspian... and Yes i love his hair in Dawn Treader :P)

And Ben Mansfield (aka Captain Becker in Primeval... i know Connor said to Danny that they needed to get Becker a girlfriend... Well i'm right here. lol)

Also i'm a major movieholic...and loved the movie Inception... along with lots of others

I'm a bit random, well more than a bit! But hey... get used to it... i ain't changing for no one!!!

So anyway hope you enjoy my stories, let me know what you think, I'll try and include a pic of what i think my O/C's will look like...



Story 1-Normal is overrated - supernatural fanfic

Characters- What they look like- obviously you know the gorgeous winchester brothers




Jenna's Dress



Jenna's Flowers-

For info of Story 2- When Demons Appear- view http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2160421/MissSoapy1

Story 3- Digging up the Past- Supernatural Fanfic


Sam and Dean-


Gerry (Beth's Dad)-


Beth's Bike-

Beth's Car-


Story 4- Finding me- Ten Inch Hero Fanfic


Priestly... just so you know. His side Burns aren't so much... Like in edit 3 of that pic... it's after his transformation for Tish, but this is after Tish has left him, so he sort of reverted back :)

Story 5- Move to the Beat- a Glee Fanfic


Set i created on Polyvore :) -

Tyler Keller- - he's a Jock

And of course the rest of the Glee Cast... Including the football players!

Honor and Duty by ladyofEomer reviews
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