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So, been a while since I was last on here properly. Been having a bit of a hard time recently, going through a lot of stress which causes me to become ill. I have recently taken it upon myself to join a theatre group and get another job. Don't ask me why seeing as I had barely anytime to myself before I took on more responsibilities. I know it is coming up to christmas soon I have now officially finished college for 2 weeks. Even though I still have A LOT of work to complete before I return to college I am going to upload a chapter. It has been in the works for a while as my free time has been getting smaller and smaller as the months progressed. I will try my damnedest to get this chapter finished and really to be uploaded. Many of you have reviewed, alerted and added my stories to your favourites and for that I am thankful :) It makes me want to work that much harder to update for people. I know I posted on one of my stories that some of them will be going onto hold and that will be happening as soon as I choose which one I would like to complete first. Whilst this is all happening (I know a long A/N. don't worry it is almost finished) I have been tossing around a few ideas for a proper book. I have finally sat down and completed my prologue and my very first chapter :) as this is a big project of mine it will become top priority over my fan fiction. This doesn't mean that I will stop writing, it just means slower updates and stories on hold.

Promising some new chapters, I bid you goodbye :D

Note From The Author:

Follow my Twitter page for updates on stories and sometimes I put some interesting things that I find out about twilight :)


Also Follow me on tumblr. I sometime upload some of my chapter on there too if they decide they don't work on here :)

emiliejanepattinson x

Emilie - cookies? cake? crisps? twilight saga books?

Lucy - cookies please!

Georgie - prawn cocktail crisps DUH!

Jofie - is it a cupcake??

Rachel - twilight saga? what a minute?!

Lucy - Chinnerz really?!

Emilie - What?!

Georgie - you don't own The Twilight Saga Emilie.

Emilie - yeah I do. god! I can't believe you said that :O!

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Lucy/Rachel/Jofie/Georgie - YEAH!!

Emilie - *grumpy face*

Right, well my name is emiliejane. I live in england but would prefer a change. I aspire to move to a place where it either snows all the time or is rainy and snowy all the time :) I love the cold weather :D

I am the biggest twilight fanatic I know!!!!!!! I know practically everything about it and am in love will all of the characters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I had to be someone out of twilight it would definitely be Bella. I think she is such a unique character and she kind of lives in her own little world like I do. Some people say I'm a bit like bella. I have a terrible problem with blushing ( cannot help but do it to EVERYTHING! :L ) and I am a tad shy, I hate to be the center of attention as it makes me feel kind of awkward you know?and unfortunately I stutter when I am the centre of attention. Kind of annoying but I can't help it :D. It's like putting me on a pedestal with a sign saying 'Hey Look Over Here. Watch Me Stutter Like An Idiot!'.

Loads of people are always asking the question... Team Jacob or ... Team Edward ?!

What's my answer?? well personally I don't think I can choose as they are both really interesting characters. The way Stephanie portrays them is great. She makes them both loving and caring and will do anything for someone (namely Bella) so really I think it is just too hard to choose. they are both amazing

But ... if I had to choose out of Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson then it would definitely be ... ROBERT PATTINSON!! he is like the perfect guy. I know I know there is no such thing as perfect. But he seems to be the closest thing to it. Kristen Stewart is a one lucky lady :)


I have read all of the book about (and I have counted) 86 times - All four of them as well. Some of my friends think it is sad but I just say ... OBSESSED!! :D and get over it! :)

I honestly don't care if people think I am obsessed with The Twilight Taga but to be honest many people are obsessed with things and this just seemed to be the one thing I chose. I definitely do not regret it! :D

who would I choose?!

alice or rosalie? Alice

rosalie or bella? Bella

bella or alice? Alice

bella or edward? Edward

bella or jasper? Jasper

jasper or emmett? Emmett

emmett or edward? Edward

emmett or rosalie? Rosalie

carlisle or esme? Carlisle

esme or bella? Esme

carlisle or edward? Edward

jasper or alice? Alice

emmett or carlisle? Emmett

jasper or carlisle? Carlisle

esme or rosalie? Esme

alice or esme? Alice

jacob or bella? Bella

edward or sam? Edward

jacob or embry? Jacob

quil or embry? Embry

jared or sam? Sam

paul or jared? Jared

jacob or emmett? Jacob

jasper or jacob? Jasper

sam or jasper? Sam

sam or paul? Paul

sam or embry? Embry

jacob or rosalie? Jacob

alice or jacob? Alice

Jacob Or Edward? BOTH!! (Y)

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One Weird Instant Message reviews
Bella Doesn't Know What's Hit Her, Until She Wakes To A Familiar Face. What happens when her life is turned upside down? Will she find her way back to little old Forks?. First Fanfic. R x R. IMPRINT STORY! Language! Don't Own Twilight
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