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My goodness I have been MIA for quite some time now... I do apologize and have some news to share...

for those who have taken an interest in any one of my stories Im so sorry that they have not been updated in what seems like forever... im still without interenet and frankly life has just been crazy lately. However I can tell you that I recently started working on my stories again and plan on making a few changes. I will be taking down LETTERS LEADING TO LOVE due to alot of mistakes and frankly I just dont like how I have written it, but dont worry it will get reposted and this time before I post it im going to make sure its competed. As I will be doing with any future stories I post on here. Right now I want my focus to be on irresistible proposition. Then I will continue with undying compassion and maybe by then have LLTL finished somewhere in between. Im working on getting internet back really soon so I can start to enjoy fanfiction again and of course so my readers wont be left hanging.

Sorry for keeping yall waiting so long.

Hello to everyone! Yes, im still alive and kicking! Also it is still me! I just changed my user name! I am 26 years old! I have a wonderful support system, aka my family and friends! They are my everything and if it wasn't for them I would live a very boring life. They keep it interesting. I have very expensive taste. I love to shop and buy shoes, clothes, and purses... lots of them. I love animals. I love watching movies. I listen to a little bit of everything as far as music goes. Im a major fan of Twilight and Fifty Shades Of Grey! I think Robert Pattinson is HOT!! I hope to one day find a guy like Edward Cullen. I love it when it rains. I love to dance... even though im not the best at it. My current obsession are Twilight, Fifty Shades Of Grey, The Mortal Instruments, and FanFic! I enjoy writing and love, love, love to get reviews from it. Thanks for checking out my profile and I hope to hear from you!

P.S. I do not own any of these pictures that are being used for my stories!

Pictures for the story:

The Interview That Changed Everything

Picture of Edwards house described in Chapter 1: Thoughts And Nerves

Picture of Bella's lingerie that was described in Chapter 4: Discoveries only its supposed to be BLUE not pink

Picture of the lake that was described in Chapter 10: The Tour

Picture of Edwards car (Saleen S7 Twin Turbo) that was described in Chapter 11: Unsolicited Appearances

Pictures of the dresses and hair styles that was described in Chapter 13 Dinner And Conversation

Bella's dress and hair style

Esme's dress and hair style

Rose's dress and hair style

Alice's dress and hair style

Pictures for Chapter 22 Newspaper Clippings And Happy Endings

Picture of Bella's hair while eating dinner in Paris

Picture of Edwards Armani Suit while eating dinner in Paris

Picture of Bella's engagement ring

Picture of wedding chapel

Picture of Bella's wedding dress

Picture of Bella's hair for the wedding

Picture of Edward's tux for the wedding

Picture of the nursery

Pictures for the story

Irresistible Proposition

Bella's Truck in Chapter 1 Taking Charge

Bella's house in Chapter 1 Taking Charge

Bella's ring in Chapter 3 Fake Smiles & All Show

Edward's ring in Chapter 3 Fake Smiles & All Show

Edward's house in Chapter 3 Fake Smiles & All Show

The entry way/double staircase in Chapter 3 Fake Smiles & All Show

Bella's bedroom in Chapter 4 Meet And Greet

Bella's bathroom in Chapter 4 Meet And Greet

Bella's closet in Chapter 4 Meet And Greet

Bella's outfit and hair style in Chapter 5 Uncomfortable Dinner

Dining room in Chapter 5 Uncomfortable Dinner

Living room in Chapter 5 Uncomfortable Dinner

Edward's bedroom in Chapter 6 Pandora's Box

Edward's bathroom in Chapter 6 Pandora's Box

Bella's outfit in Chapter 8 Picture Perfect Lunch

Bella's Hairstyle in Chapter 8 Picture Perfect Lunch

Alice's Jacket in Chapter 8 Picture Perfect Lunch

Pictures for the story

Letters Leading To Love

Edwards bike in chapter 2 Cheerless and Cheerful Greetings

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