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Oh, hello there(;

Yes in case you haven't noticed, my profile has gotten noticeably smaller in junk. It was just too much stuff to sort through so I'm just gonna delete it and get it over with. so here's all the stuff you should know about me.

Name: Joanna. You should consider yourself lucky, most authors don't even post their real names on FF.net but I really don't see any harm in people knowing JUST my first name.

Age: Nope sorry, you're not gonna know that one(;

Gender: Girl, like many of the other fanfiction authors I have come across.

Race: I don't even know why people wanna know this but I'm Korean

Music: I dunno, lately I've been listening to every music genre you could name. I don't really have a preference anymore :3

Artists: Seriously, I have too many to name now xD

Favorite anime/manga: BLEACH! :D

Some Stuff About Me: I'm really sarcastic, short tempered, tend to be on and off about cussing in my stories, love music, trying to be a better author.

I'm trying to get more into art and stuff so forgive me if I go off for a while, I'm probably just busy trying to figure out Deviantart :/



If you:

- Every time you write with a pen shout 'WRITE UPON THIS GOLDEN PAPER, SHAININGU-ORI!'

- When you meet somone new the first thing you ask is what squad they are from

- At the begining of a race shout 'SHUNPO!'

- Stay up and watch a black cat all night to check if it's Yourichi

- Find a cave and train there to try and acheive bankai

- When your boy friend rings you up on the phone shout 'HOLLOW!'

- Memorize all the kido spells in order

- When there is a thunder storm, run out side and shout 'Way of destruction number 33: Blue fire crash down!'

- Call your little brother lil' shiro (I do anyway)

- Give each of your friends a squad and make them memorize it

- Drink sake until you pass out

- When your worst enemy passes you by, shout 'AIZEN!' and kick them

- Put 'Bureu of research and developement' as your screen saver on your computer

- Buy all three bleach games, and complete all three in 1 night

- Draw Kon's paw print on both hands in permadent marker

- Put all your school books in a thin white satchel that looks like the one Hanataro wears

- Be able to list every squads Captain, Vice captain, 3rd seat, 4th seat, 5th seat, 6th seat and 7th seat

- Spray the Gotei 13 symbol on the back of your school uniform

- Call your teachers -Taicho and your head teacher -Sousuitaicho

- Write your location as 'The human world' and your job as 'Shinigami' everytime you get asked either question

- Spray you hair white when ever you have a cough (Awsome Ukitake moments!)

- Buy a shining pink swimming suit and wear it to the beach

- Buy a chappy and take it everywhere with you

- When your trying to explain somthing use little bunny pictures on a scetch pad

- Put the bleach theme tune as your ringtone

- Put permanent black tatoos on your head and chest

- Pile your desk with paperwork

- Cut the sleaves off your favourite t-shirt because you know they'll get ripped off when you use Shunko

- Wake up and shout 'MATSUMOTO!!'

Sticky note 1: I take story requests!


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