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Author has written 6 stories for Blinx, Redwall, and Hetalia - Axis Powers.

I actually like's new look. Okay,random XD

Hello! Begging everyone's pardon. As many would know, I have not been updating my stories in like... ages... Eek.

I'm sorry everyone, but I will be discontinuing all my stories that have been published before this day (21 September 2011). Reason being that towards the end of 2010, my previous computer's motherboard crashed, and all my work - planning, characters, concepts, everything relating to the aforementioned stories - are gone with it.
Even now,we can't afford to buy a new motherboard, so yeah. I'm using a laptop now, and I've reread all my stories; I'd love to continue them so much, seeing how successful (little or not) they turned out to be after fleshing them out from drafting, especially The Inarian Troupe and One Leads to Another, but with my drafts and other planning lost, I can't really do anything. I've even forgotten the what some events were pinpointing to for later chapters (e.g In One Leads to Another,there's a part where Scamp dreams of meeting a young otter, who shows him a tree far off in the distance, uttering some "strange words". I'm unable to recall what the significance of it all was).

I'm, perhaps, starting anew, beginning maybe with Hetalia. Or one-shots to help regain my writing abilities after months of abstract scribbling. Hope to see you soon!

EDIT: Hetalia one-shot is up, mein freunds! Another two coming soon! No spoilers for now. :D (11/11/11. I made it in time! XD) Lol.
EDIT AGAIN: The one-shot evolved! D: With an epilogue! (which is a complete fail DX)

PenName changes every few months. So if my name goes missing, don't worry. It's either Alliance324Cooper or Silver Foxwolf ;) Cheerio!

A little bit about myself:

1) I love cartoons and books!

2) I love writing my own stories!

3) I love music!

4) I'm from a hybrid band. Meaning that I'm in a concert and marching band 8D

5) I play the euphonium!! Woo!!!
-I can figure out notes by ear,although it'd take me some time to do so.

6)I love creating my own characters A LOT

7)I've been writing my own stories for seven years!!!


...and the list goes on...hehe


Holy baloney, I haven't updated this thing in 2 years? I blame school. Really, really blame school... No muse. No inspiration. I feel like a trapped rat itching to let the creativity flow. But eh, guess life is like that as you go. First things first, I'm going to do a rewrite update of that "about myself" list above - if only my younger self knew how cringey I feel reading like that TwT You can see through the "Note from..." I made at the end of whichever sections. XD

So! About myself as of November 2015:

1) 19 years old and pursuing a law diploma. However, my interest in law has waned in the last 2 years, and I'm stuck trying to find what I want to do with my life after graduation. I don't feel ready to adult.

2) I prefer the classic cartoons like Tom & Jerry, Scooby-Doo, and some others from early 2000s era. Some of their newfangled renditions and reboots are While I don't really like the newer cartoons that TV is shoving towards us nowadays, I understand it's more to fit the younger generations. Either way, I haven't watched TV in the longest time since starting on my diploma - I'm fine with that.

3) My childhood aspiration was to become a writer and/or musician. Sadly, the aspiration dissipated as I grew older, mostly due to my parents' unsupportive behaviour which continues even to this day. Writing is and will still be my passion and hobby alongside music. In fact, I've made plans to save up and take up violin lessons!

4) I'm now an active alumni band member, still playing the euphonium, and getting to know the new batches of juniors that come and go. It's getting difficult to keep track of which batch each one belongs to now

5) While it may not be consistent, I'm learning the flute under my boyfriend's tutelage! Self-consciousness impedes my progress a lot, but he's working it out little by little.

6) I am an absolute sucker for game and movie soundtracks. If I really like a piece of music, the joy of finding and listening to it is indescribable - I'd roll around on my bed in delight.

6) Roleplayer for four years running now! I dabble in feral (cats, wolves etc) and occasional human RPs. Kinda looking for an RP home.

7) Fandoms. Uhm, let's see... I've not touched Hetalia since the last I came here. The fandoms I'm currently in on right now are HTTYD (long time) and Undertale!

8) I want to stomp Flowey into the ground.

That is all. Hopefully future self won't cringe as much as I did.

England: Er...Why am I on your profile? AND WHAT'S THE BLEEDING GIT DOING HERE?!
America: Nahaha!
England: Shut up,you food-guzzling wanker!
America: Nuh-uh,Iggy! As long as I'm here,my job is to annoy you for the readers and fans' entertainment! *flashes thumbs-up*
England: *groan*
Romano: What the hell?! Why am I here?!
Spain: Aw,c'mon,Lovi! Don't you like being admired?
Romano: Urusai!
Italy: Fratello
Germany: *sigh*
Spain: Aren't you two cute together?
Italy: Ve
America: Hey! Shouldn't Heroes be getting the spotlight?
England: *facepalm* Please,get me out of here...
Prussia: Kesesese! What's with you,Artie?
Austria: Leave them alone,Prussia...
Prussia: Nein,you stupid aristocrat! I'm gonna spread my awesome influence to the world!

Silver: Well,can you infer what I'm trying to say here? Hehehe! The pairings! These are the Hetalia pairings that I support: UsUk/Joker,Spamano,Gerita (I'm in danger with this currently...),North American Brothers,Water and Oil Pair. I can't recall more...

More Hetalia stuff at the bottom! Constantly added as I go!

I do take requests for your own characters to be in my FanFic,so don't be shy! :)

My Motto(s): Critique and not Criticism.

Ok,I'm done here. :D

And shall continue with a random paste-it!!! xD

If you play any instrument in any way shape or form, copy and paste this to your profile, then list your name and instrument/s Optional
Alliance324Cooper: Angklung (a bamboo instrument; played for five years), Trumpet(I stopped after 3 minutes), Euphonium (if you don't know what that is, I will personally annihilate you!! Just kidding a year and a half of experience, and still going!), and now the piano's coming in! XD, currently learning flute basics!

'Ere now,how about I tell youse about my Redwall alter ego? The details of my alter ego are based on the Redwall universe, and may vary with other universes.

Name: "Assassin" Silver Blutalia Martiagono Guerrimeo Pormear Felliantino Buereanda Eastflight Nightcreek *deep breath* Or just Silver Nightcreek for short!

Species: Foxwolf (lololololololol)

*Origins: French-Italian, speaks with a slight Scottish accent.
(*Optional, meaning it can be added or removed in other stories that include Silver. This detail is removed for Redwall, in this case)

Description: Silver-furred with very pale-gray underside. Faded blue hues on muzzle and neck. Green eyes. Wears a white tunic with a red waist sash, and a dark blue waistcoat over it. An archer's cap (something like Robin Hood's) is perched on his head, dark gray in colour with a bright orange-yellow feather stuck in it. Feather's a gift from a friend.

Likes: Sketching, exploring Mossflower Woods, shooting targets from impossible distances, writing, solving problems

Personality: Somebeasts just can't determine his true behaviour. Some say he's just a poor soul looking at the horizon for answers to his past. Others say otherwise. Gruff and strict during lessons or war,anybeast under his archery class would rather clean pots'n'pans than be at the mercy of their bad-tempered instructor! At the same time,he's good-hearted,almost like that of an otter,except he prefers not to show it very often.

But most see him as a peaceful creature, considering that he's often (if not, ALWAYS) found by a lake south of Redwall, remaining silent while staring at its natural boundaries.

Duties: Archer instructor, one of three Gatehouse Keepers, sketcher

Weaponry: Bow 'n' Arrows mainly. He can also use fencing swords, rapiers(aren't they the same?? o.o) - though not very well, daggers and staffs. Stealth is also his element

Catch-phrase: Hey,'twas my blighter,you blighter! (said when someone else takes his target); The depth of Mossflower will be the death of those vermin! (said when villains are in the area and he wants to slay all of them)

Theme: Time of Parting (Okami OST)

Ok,some of you have read my (currently only) Hetalia fanfic entitled Silence, and in the Author's Note at the bottom,I mentioned that the person with Lovino/Romano was undecided and needn't be Antonio/Spain. Well! To give happiness to those who want it, SMILE.

Why? BECAUSE! You can treat the one in first-person as Antonio/Spain,but a Spain who's unfortunately under too much pressure from the war to tolerate Lovi's (somewhat) constant rant during the mission.

If you have other characters in mind that fit the first-person,do tell me! :D I love hearing different interpretations.

HOORAH! I plan on taking requests for one-shots! No yaoi,however! And some other stuff which I can't name because I'm confused about it D: PM me if you have a request,and feel free to clarify the...above criteria?? o.o LOL XD


Hmm...Any ideas on what I should write? *dusts cobwebs away* It's been really dusty in here.

To those from the Blinx fandom: Is Pelon male or female? O_O I stumbled upon an image where someone was questioning Pelon's gender, and they were leaning to female. If Pelon is a female...then my story ('Surprise') has just been...oops! XD

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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Hetalia - Axis Powers - Rated: T - English - Horror/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 22 - Words: 113,125 - Reviews: 366 - Favs: 572 - Follows: 517 - Updated: 11/12/2014 - Published: 8/15/2010 - N. Italy, Germany, Japan, England/Britain
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