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Hello folks, I'm Physical Graffiti (yes like the Led Zeppelin album). My real name is Eric, but that name is just too common so I often stick with my main pen name Cyrius. I am 19 and I love to write, it is a huge passion and driving force. I am constantly thinking up plots, but have no time or patience to finish any of them. I made this account in an attempt to do just that and to see if my writing style is any good.

I like listening to rock (mostly the classics and hard rock) and soundtracks of video games and some shows. I love playing video games, mostly RPGs and strategy games, because I love a good story and challenging my brain to come up with strategies. Games I like include: the Pokemon series, Mount and Blade, Bioshock 1 & 2, the Final Fantasy Series, the Resident Evil Series, the Megaman Series, Advance Wars, Age of Empire 2, the Total War series (especially Rome and Empire), Rise of Nations, and Grand Theft Auto.

Aside from video games, I love to read. I'm mostly interested in psychology, philosophy, and history books. Carl Jung is my favorite psychology writer and I enjoy reading anything that deals with archetypes and personalities. Nietzsche and Plato are my favorite philosophers. As for history, anything really piques my interest. I am always willing to learn of any event in mankind's history, especially civilizations and how they came about. But aside from the dry, boring stuff, I like fiction and fantasy. My first tastes of fantasy were the Dragonlance series and has really set that need in me to write about creative worlds and the struggles of the people who reside in them. As for real world fiction, my favorite author is Clive Cussler, because Dirk Pitt is a bad ass for marine biology. I have read War and Peace by Tolstoy. This monster of a book has become one of my all-time favorite books, because of the way the characters develop and the tragic consequences of the Napoleonic Wars on their lives.

I have a lot of paradoxical political views (I think like a communist, but I believe everyone should have the freedoms they are right to, even economically), but am very open minded about others' opinions to the point where I enjoy listening to others talk about what they think. I believe everyone is the main character to their own unique story and love to hear the "story of their lives." I don't try to change people's views or force them to see things the way I do unless they are just plain ignorant and only follow what false tabloids say about things they don't know.

Well, this is me in a nutshell and I hope you all come to like my writing and thanks for giving me your time, but I have a small favor to ask and that is to REVIEW! Thank you again.

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The Great Freeze -- (Pokemon) (Currently being reworked) After the Hoenn Incident, Opal and her family move to the Arrnum Region in the southern hemisphere, because of her father's work as an archeologist. As soon as Opal gets ready to settle, however, she is thrown into a world of danger and mystery as she meets people with hidden agendas and a powerful conglomerate in search of a powerful pokemon. Follow her adventure through the frozen wastes to bring peace to a land caught in the grip of a greedy CEO and his legion of henchmen.

Calradia: On the Sea of Despair -- (Mount and Blade) After a great war devastated the landscape twenty years ago, Calradia is seeing the return of prosperity once again. The Nords are hosting their annual tournament in Tihr and fighters from all walks (peasants, bandits, knights, mercenaries, even lords of the court) of life are vying for the grand prize that has been the highest anyone has seen. Richter, a peasant sharecropper from Kulum, has thrown his luck into the pot for a better life for his family. Little does he expect that the tournament will have a larger impact on his future than he originally thought.

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Calradia: On the Sea of Despair reviews
After twenty years, the ravaged Nord Empire is recovering from a great war and the Nords are celebrating the only way they know how, through a bloody tournament of Calradia's best.
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Two years after the Hoenn Incident, Opal and her family move to the Arrnum Region in the south. Little does she know that a disaster is hidden deep within the mountain ranges and a powerful conglomerate will stop at nothing to obtain it. New, Ch. 6 is up!
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