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Author has written 91 stories for Total Drama series, Winx Club, Jackie Chan Adventures, Danny Phantom, Harry Potter, Death Note, Fairly OddParents, Hunger Games, Captain Planet, Powerpuff Girls, LoliRock, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir, Glee, Twilight, and Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy.

Hey all! Guess I’m supposed to say a little something about me here, huh? Let me introduce myself then!

My name? Call me Akela for short. My age? Older than 18, younger than 80. My birthday however, is August 27. Feel free to shower me with stories and reviews on that day!

You can also follow me on AO3 as Akela_Victoire. I am more active there nowadays and have fics posted there that I will not post here.

September 3, 2020: I’m back, people! Hopefully I don’t disappear for as long as I did last time... Oops. Anyway, regarding reviews, the site currently has a delay in publishing them, so I cannot reply to them as I would like. I see them and appreciate them!

October 22, 2022: STILL ALIVE IN CASE ANYONE WAS WONDERING! I'm currently teaching AND pursuing a Master's Degree in Education, so that's where my life is at now. This adulting thing is such hard work! I do intend to return to writing someday, though. I plan to try and update some fics/start porting some over to AO3 in December over the Christmas hols, so that's something to look forward to, if anyone still follows my work!

December 29, 2022: Still here, folks! The process of moving my favourite stories over to AO3 has officially begun. If you're also on there, chances are you'll see a few stories from here over there now! I won't be deleting them from here though.

Why did I join?:
While I do have no intention at the moment of becoming a professional writer, I do realize my Creative Writing needs some work. In a very important for me English exam that I did in May 2009, my grade was pulled down from an overall A to a B. I got A’s in every other profile, but what pulled me down!? My story writing skills! I got a C in that! I was perfect in terms of grammar and spelling, but apparently my expression needed a bit of work and I thought, why not practice with my fanfiction writing! I could get plenty critique here from many different kinds of people and hopefully improve my skills!

Etymology: Akela is a name of Old German origin and means 'noble' while Victoire means 'victory' in French. So in nglish, my username would be 'Noble Victory'. Plus I just like the names...

Winx Writers Anonymous is a forum I frequent. As the name suggests, it's a Winx Club based forum and it's filled with wonderful and experienced Winx writers, readers and fans.

Author's Shoutout Box!

OldStoneface, Bexerton and Cheyla: Three wonderful authors who are also the mods of the Underground Fanfictioners group over on Facebook. Go check out their works, people!

Chibi Horsewoman: Awesome Winx Club parody writer who I may have caught the crazy from. Also tends to work together with rogue-scholar07 a lot.

rogue-scholar07: Another wonderful Winx Club writer who works with Chibi Horsewoman a lot. Writes good crossovers in several other fandoms too...

Tabby Kattene (Formerly LoveLoveLovix) Revolutionizing the OC and second-gen fics that pervade the Winx Club fandom, one step at a time. I highly recommend her story Fly or Fall. She wrote a new version of FOF, which I also highly recommend.

Robert Teague: A more mature writer on the site, he liked to give attention to the more minor Winx characters like Mirta and Lucy. His Trollz and Kim Possible stories are also worth checking out.

Sadly, on June 30, 2016, Robert passed away due to brain cancer. Rest in peace, Robert. You will be missed.

Ella Anders: How do I describe Ella? Her work tends to be on the lighter, more refreshing side. Adventures, a little humour an even some romantic moments, she has them all.

Ander Arias: While more popularly known for his Family Guy story The Spellbook, he also has some great Winx stories that give Mirta her time to shine!

Akela Victoire's Fanfiction Pet Peeves

1- FANBRATS: This is more than the Mary-Sues, more than the incorrect grammar, more than everything else. Look, if you can’t take constructive pointing out something wrong with your story, do not put it up on this site. This is a public site; no one is required to give you sugar and rainbows in their reviews. No one is required to be “nice” to you and gush. You got someone pointing out something wrong? Be grateful that they took the time to read your story and give you some advice and stop behaving like a self-entitled brat that feels like they’re the best writer in the world and they can do no wrong. Grow the hell up. Learn the bloody difference between constructive criticism/concrit and flames. Concrit will tell you exactly why your story is flawed, point out where it does and offer tips to improve. Flaming will mostly be along the lines of: "OMGzz THIS STORY EFFING SUCKS! WHY DON'T YOU GET OFF THE INTERNET AND GO KILL YOURSELF AND SET YOUR WRITING ON FIRE?! YOU SUCK!" This includes the “revenge flamers”, the “pity party” people and those that like to give shout-outs, egging on their “loyal fans” to attack another author. I’ve seen examples of that especially in the Winx Club fandom and it’s not pleasant. Also included in this fanbrat section are those who whine about you not liking the characters/pairings they like. It is FICTION people!

2- Bad Spelling/Grammar: People. There are things called spell-checking and proof-reading. Use them. Do not publish anything without checking it over first. I understand you might have missed one or two things before you put it up. I have occasionally. But please, do not massacre the English language when writing. You have no excuse. “Not good at grammar or spelling?” “English is not my first language?” GET A BETA. I speak some French, but I’m not going to massacre their language and write a story in it unless I can get basic grammar rules down. I personally am more forgiving of people whose native language isn't English, because hey, their English is certainly better than my foreign language skills, but please. Get some help if you well know that you need it. Not even a full Beta, but someone that you've seen write well and might be willing to give you a few pointers here and there.

3- Holding stories hostage: No. No, I will be even less inclined to read your story if you do this. “Can I have 10 reviews in total by next chapter?” is different from: “10 REVIEWS OR I WON’T UPDATE!!!”

4- People who can’t make up their mind which POV to write in: If you’re gonna write about everyone in the story’s POV, including their pet, you might as well just write a third person, omniscient story. Two-three POV’s I’m personally okay with, but any more than that and I tune out.

5- OOC Stories: There had better be a logical explanation for your character not acting the way they normally would. Crack fics are an exception since they’re crack, but if it’s a normal story, don’t make the sweet character into a jackass without a damn good reason for it!

6- Mary-Sues: “I’m so perfect. I can do no wrong. I have all the powers of the elements, ribbons, food, glitter and my dog.” Hell no. Overpowered characters, characters that bend the reality of their universe around them? No. Don’t know what a Mary-Sue is? Google can be your best friend here. There's lots of tests that you can run your character through to guide you. Make use of them if the need arises.

7- Lack of Research: If you are writing about subject matter you are unfamiliar with, do some research first. Don’t let your lack of knowledge show so badly in your work. One can usually tell if an author has checked their facts or not. Geographical facts, biology, law, history, actual canon facts in the fandom you're writing for... RESEARCH THEM FIRST!

8- Don’t Like, Don’t Read: In the sense I usually see, it's usually people telling others not to review their stories if they don't have sparkles, rainbows and lots of praise for it, sometimes as an actual response to a less than favourable review. How the hell am I to know whether or not I have praise for/actually like your story if I haven’t read it first? Logic fail right there...

9- Certain Reviewers: More like an annoyance really. Just because you review me repeatedly asking me to update isn't going to make me speed up things. I will write when I damn well feel like it and when the Muse strikes, thank you very much. And the people who tell you which characters to put in your story/tell you what plot you should write. NO. Go away. I have a plan for my story and if I want the plot to go a certain way, your reviews won't change my mind. The high-and-mighty reviewers who seem to give off an air of: "my writing is so much better than yours, let me tell you why yours is not as good as mine". Concrit is fine. I love some good concrit that gives me advice on how to improve. Hell, I'll point you towards some of my favourite concrit reviews on my stories. But then there are those that only seem to do it not because they saw something they could give you advice on, but because they somehow want to prove they're better than you. Also included are the reviewers who don't seem to grasp the concept of certain genres (eg parody) and completely miss the point. Look up the word "parody" in your dictionary and then get back to me, folks.

Flames and spam pretty much speak for themselves here, folks.

10- Ghost Reviewers: Pretty much the opposite of the above in that they alert/favourite your stories and don't review them at all. Ever. Not when the story just starts, not if they find the story while it's ongoing, not if they're there at the end... Nothing. They're just there, watching and never letting you know what they think... It feels like... mooching sometimes. You work hard on your chapters, all excited to release them and then... nothing. Crickets chirp. We work, you enjoy, yet never say anything. Not even once. Just a heads up, readers, us authors appreciate those reviews more than you would think. Sometimes they motivate us, give us new ideas to think of, makes us see a different angle... Yeah. I really appreciate me some reviews!

Important Story Notes

Keepers of the Elements: Finally finished and the sequel is up! Special thanks go out to HyperForce who has taken the time to do some fantastic drawings for this story which can be viewed at his deviantArt gallery (HyperForceGo).

Someone else who should also be acknowledged here is GwendolynD who helped create the awesome characters Nasira and Hasim who I do admit help the story along much better than I originally planned and is also an awesome person to discuss story ideas with!

Keepers of the Elements 2: I'm glad to say that this story is officially out of its near two year hiatus. November 9, 2014 as the last update date? Nope! Officially broken on October 29, 2016! I have gotten a second wind for it and I can guarantee that it will be finished!

I had lost all my inspiration for Total Drama and I still don't care for it much anymore, but this series is what really got me my first few regular readers on this site, many of whom crossed over to my subsequent stories and fandoms. Even though I don't much like the story itself anymore either, I am going to do my best to finish it. I still remember summer 2010 when it all began and the fun I had with it then. Like I said before, I will do my best to finish this at least, before I lose all love for this series entirely.

Specialist Potter: This is my favourite story that I've ever written. I have always loved crossovers and this sprung up from my wanting to create as "smooth/well-blended" a crossover as possible within the Harry Potter and Winx Club fandoms. I have plans to write more stories in the little universe I created here, though they won't be published for a while yet.

I'm working on editing the entire thing now. I have noticed quite a few things in there that shouldn't be, plus with the release of Fantastic Beasts and all the info that came with it, I want to correct certain references to how the American magicals do things and certain vocabulary that they use- despite me having the excuse that I wrote and published this several months before the Fantastic Beasts release.

Wand Among Wings: A story that ties in with Specialist Potter, featuring our favourite bookworm, Hermione Granger! Look forward to exploring this with me!

Fallen Princess: My attempt at a Diaspro redemption story. Helen and Zinah get their own transformations in Chapters 9/10! And Katie gets one as well! Click on their names to see them!

Game Changer: It's HERE! My (first) attempt at a Winx Club next-gen fic! To fully understand it, you will need to read Fallen Princess, my Tecna/Duman series (Illogical, Twisted Logic, Battlefield Games, Dark Reflections & Walk on the Wild Side) in that order and LoveLoveLovix's Fly or Fall because of some references and OC's that appear in those fics. I'm blending them together in this one, see?

(13 June, '15): I am highly considering a rewrite of this, so as of today, it is officially on hiatus. It's a bit all over the place and I feel that any next-gen story should be able to somewhat stand on its own and not rely soley on the concept that the canon characters have spawned. Also, there is a new version of Fly or Fall that the lovely LoveLoveLovix has written that would render certain things obsolete. Plus some character interactions and plot points simply do not make sense or realistically (even though this is my story) should not occur.

Duality: Another next-gen fic idea that wouldn't leave me alone until I got something out for it. It's completely unrelated to Game Changer, folks.

RE: Requests: If you come out of nowhere (i.e. I've never spoken to you before) and ask me to write/read a story for you, the answer is maybe. If your plot bunny/outline interests me I may consider the idea. That and if I have the time. Ask me to read your story for a fandom that I don't particularly like or know well? No. I cannot effectively review a fic that is based on something I do not enjoy or do not know. Ask me to revise/beta a story for a fandom that I'm into on the other hand? Maybe. But don't complain if I'm not showering praises on it. You did ask what I thought of it after all...

However, if I've known you for a while, I am more likely to be favourable towards your request.

As for the "Beta"-ing thing, I'm not really so much into critiquing whole stories as I am more into helping you perhaps get your ideas together- sorting them out, that sort of thing. I might also look at small scenes and I can help you out if you need help with Caribbean History, Religious Studies/Theology, Sociology and Psychology. I am functional in French, but I'm not fully fluent so I can't really help with French-language stories/translations.

Fandom Thoughts (Or Akela's Opinions on her Fandoms)

Winx Club: My favourite members of the Winx Club are Tecna and Flora. As for the Specialists... I don't really care much for them in general, but I do like Timmy and Nabu (if you count him). My favourite villains will always be the Trix and Darcy is my favourite out of them. I also like Diaspro as well. Yes, I can hear the screams of shock and horror, but I really do like her character. Or the comic version of her anyway. She's so much more well rounded and more likable in that medium and it is that characterization that I rely on when I write her in my fanfics. Favourite canon pairings: Tecna/Timmy, Aisha/Nabu. Favourite Fanon Pairings: Musa/Helia, Tecna/Duman (just one of those things...), Aisha/Riven.

Characters I dislike? Bloom and Sky for sure. Bloom was okay at first, but her storyline is freaking done.

Also, every single Winx fan should read the comics. I find the stories in them pretty good and sometimes they seem better than the cartoon. The characters seem to have more personality, it explores their emotions and motivations more, and best of all, the infamous Bloom-Sky-Diaspro love triangle was resolved better!

Harry Potter: I'm a Slytherin girl according to Pottermore, so that would be my official House. My wand is 11 1/2 inches, made of sycamore wood with a unicorn hair core and is slightly springy. If you wish to look me up on Pottermore, my username there is RoseDraconis5665. As for my opinions... Well, you can message/e-mail me and we'll talk, provided you're not one of those bat-crazy fans that make the Potter fandom look bad...

Also, I do like reading Harry/Hermione ships so if anyone can recommend any stories with that which actually don't bash anyone and turn the both of them into a Sue/Stu couple, PLEASE send a link or two my way!

Total Drama: My favourite characters there are Noah, Izzy, Heather, Harold, Gwen and DJ. My favourite canon pairings are Alejandro/Heather and Gwen/Trent. Favourite fanon pairings are Noah/Izzy and DJ/Heather. Anyone who knows me knows that I dislike Courtney (Only mildly. I don't love her but she's my least hated least favourite, if that makes any sense.), Duncan (I can go on and on about him but I won't.), Ezekiel (Again, only mildly. We don't really have much to go on regarding him, yet he's somehow became an Ensemble Darkhorse), LeShawna (Hypocrisy much? She lies to get the reward in One Flew Over The Cuckoos, claims she was Heather's friend, yet turns around and bitch-slaps her in World Tour when they were in Germany when she tries to warn her about Alejandro and even when it's proven to her that Heather was telling the truth, she still sees Heather as a bad guy!)


I decided to create and manage a little community here on fanfiction.net called Gems of Winx to list some of the most well-written Winx Club stories on the site. If you see a well-written Winx Club story on this site and you think it should be added to GOW's archive, feel free to message myself or the staff members with a link to the story and your reasons for recommending it. It can be a crossover or a regular fic. As long as it's well-written, it doesn't matter the genre, rating or the characters involved. Just recommend them so we can have a list of great Winx Club fanfics to read!

A few things about Barbados (aka my other home base):

1) No, Barbados isn't in America/Europe/Asia/Jamaica. It isn't in the Pacific Ocean either. It is an island in the Caribbean.

2) Yes, English is our/my native language. In fact, it's our only official language. America, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia aren't the only places in the world that speak English...

3) Related to the above, I use British English in my writing. I will keep on spelling "jewelry" as jewellery, "center" as centre, "gray" as grey, "traveling" as travelling and "color" as colour regardless of what you say. If you do not like that, kindly find something else to read.

4) Obviously we have internet here in Barbados. How else do you think that I can access this site? Through my magic coconut tree?

5) Despite how small this country is, I do not know Rihanna personally. Nor do I care to.

6) Though many others have not, I actually have left this country. Several times. You see that little flag up there under my join date? That has actually changed to four other countries: Jamaica, the United Kingdom, France and the United States. Yep, so despite the fact that we might be a tiny island that not many know of, I am actually aware of the world. We aren't cut off from the rest of civilization, you know.

7) NO, Barbados is not in Jamaica! Good grief, I've almost lost count of how many times I've gotten this.

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