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Author has written 3 stories for Pokémon, and SWAT Kats.

Having joined the evil that is, I, Lady Umbreon, have chosen to dedicate myself to promoting crime, and the spreading of Team Paladin worldwide!!
Oh-Wait, wrong speech... Sorry!
I meant to say: Welcome to my profile! While there's not much to see, I hope you enjoy the madness anyway! ;)

Hey! Do any of you people like my avi? (Sorry, random little turd, I know!)

Its hand made. I created it by myself, and I think its really cool! I've got other variations to keep me happy for a while yet, too!


Monster editing for me, and no posts for my original Pokemon story! At least not for a while... I was going to take my time with that one anyway because it is nowhere near ready for it's semi-public debut. But now I need a lot more time for it... And a prologue is out of the question! If you ask why, there's really no clear answer. This one's not very straight forward yet.

But I'll get over it.

Especially if people decide they want to see it badly enough. But it's an original, and that worries me... How will it turn out? I appeal to Shonen-Ai fans worldwide when I say that.
It's not heavy on the BxB, Boy's Love-love, Lovin' action. As it's more inclined to battles and solving a longstanding mystery surrounding my runaway of a lead character.
All that comes out with barely a touch of romance on the side... If I can handle it well!

So while it needs lots of time, I'm more than happy to announce the damn thing as a project in the works! PM's regarding it will be accepted, but then that's as much as I'll say on the matter. 'Til then I'll have fun with other stuff on the side.


(Random status report! NEW as of: 4/28/15)
Whew, what a long time to go without an update. Either here, or on my fanfics that haven't changed in over two years... I have an idea about what I may need to move forward, but finding the patience (much less the energy) to dedicate myself wholly to the art of writing these fictional fan stories of mine is a real uphill battle. I may just sit myself down, and just do it, though. I can be as nit-picky as I like after the fact, so I'm going to sign out now, and make that little bit of difference that I've been lacking happen already. I'd say "wish me luck", but I literally have no idea if anyone actually reads this guff. -;

(Random status report! old)
After choosing to go beta for not only my readers, but the fanfics I'm a fan of, I've actually had a couple requests. It's cool to help out. And teach, as well as learn, the wonderful art of writing.
I don't always know what subjects I'm open to, but that's not until I can actually have the request! I'll try not stick my neck out there with subjects I know absolutely nothing about, but it'll be good beta-practice to learn about the things that other people like.

So, I don't mind getting requests for genres I didn't specify as 'alright', I already know that I couldn't have named them all at once, and I may end up learning about a new genre I can enjoy! Just request!

(Random status report! very old)
On a random note, the first pokemon story I submitted is not the aforementioned mystery story I'm keeping under lock and key. But yet another original that had been brewing for sometime as a nasty little distraction from my first original... Meanie!

(Random status report! old, but useful!)
I did lotsa editing once I figured out how to fix my stories... It's really not that hard actually.
I found out that if it's still in the documents manager, you could change it there, and without removing it, replace the chapter data in the 'my stories' section... Really quite simple. Same as adding chappys, without the adding! :D


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If you think fighting is fun, but war is pointless, copy and paste this into your profile.


Lots of crap that is my mind, is my mind, is my mind!

Lots of crap that is my mind, you can't catch me! -Cudos to all who guess this ones random melodic origin!


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