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Finally taking control of this here Profile and filling it with awesomeness that is to be expected by one such as me. -shot- -doubleshot-


My name Amaranth Blacktree, but call me Am or Amrie for short because I know it's a bit of a mouthful. Ah...I'm a Yaoi Lover. Not ashamed of it but sometimes I do try and tone it down..XD I can get a bit obsessive. I'm a bit unreliable once I start something I'm not garunteed to finish it...(yes that includes stories unfortunately...). I'm rather lazy, I'd rather sit around the house and play Kingdom Hearts than go outside and hang out. I'm 19 years old and I am a junior manager at a resturant, I am about 5' 2"...yeah I'm pretty short..I have hazel eyes, my hair is constantly changing color but right now it's a shoulder blad length and a deep auburn color. I like to read and write but it's got to be about something I like. I have two siblings that both HATE Yaoi and that stuff. One hates all types of manga, the other is a Kingdom Hearts fan >3. I'm an artist and I draw things from peoples stories and a lot of fanarts as well.

Cosplay News:

Ivan Braginski (Soviet Russia (UN Meeting Style)): Finished (Appearing at HamaCon 2)

Toris Lorinaitis (Lithuania (UN Meeting Style)): Finished (Appearing at HamaCon 2)

Elizabeta Héderváry (Hungary (Modern)): Almost Finished (Might be Appearing at HamaCon2)

Arthur Kirkland (England (UN Meeting Style/Uniform): Just getting Started

Tino Vainamainen (Finland (UN Meeting Style/ Uniform): Just getting Started

Berwald Oxenstierna (Sweden (UN Meeting Style/ Uniform): Just getting Started

Alfred F. Jones (America (UN Meeting Style/Uniform (Without Jacket) WWII Era - Present): Finished, it's just being shipped here via snail mail.



BKHA (Bug's KH Adventure) - FINISHED!!!!

BOSD (Butterflies on a Stormy Day) - Haitus

KM (Kankinta Meile) - Finishing up next Chapter

SIL (Steps in Light) - Just updated 15/4/11


TTS (Taking These Steps) - A Harry Potter Fic *LMXSSXHP* Loosely based off Veela lore but will probably break with all the older stuff to go in a new direction if I can force it. Multichapter and completely involved with the going ons of OOTP, HBP, DH and beyond. Background information available in the first prolouge. Might have a sequel. Will contain MPreg, Lemons, and other various warnings that I have to figure out first.

Pairings I'm Into Right Now:


RoChu, GerIta, GerPruss,RussPruss, Spamano, RussLiet, LietPol, RussLietLatEst, RussLat, RussEst, LatSea, SuFin, DenNor, DenIce, NethDen, CanUS, UsUk, FrUk, RussCan, AusSwitz, AusHung, CanCuba, CanFra, USFra, TurkGreece, FraSeych, IceSwe, IceFin, IceFinNor

Harry Potter:






Ludwig II:


Characters I Like:

Russia (Hetalia: Axis Powers), Estonia (Hetalia: Axis Powers), Latvia (Hetalia: Axis Powers), Poland (Hetalia: Axis Powers), Lithuania (Hetalia: Axis Powers), Italy (Hetalia: Axis Powers), Germany (Hetalia: Axis Powers), America (Hetalia: Axis Powers), China (Hetalia: Axis Powers), Korea (Hetalia: Axis Powers), England (Hetalia: Axis Powers), France (Hetalia: Axis Powers), Canada (Hetalia: Axis Powers), Cuba (Hetalia: Axis Powers), (Hetalia: Axis Powers), Sweden (Hetalia: Axis Powers), Finland (Hetalia: Axis Powers), Denmark (Hetalia: Axis Powers), Iceland (Hetalia: Axis Powers), Norway (Hetalia: Axis Powers), (Hetalia: Axis Powers), Sora (Kingdom Hearts), Roxas (Kingdom Hearts), Axel (Kingdom Hearts), Riku (Kingdom Hearts), Zexion (Kingdom Hearts), Vexen (Kingdom Hearts), Demyx (Kingdom Hearts), Luxord (Kingdom Hearts), Aoyagi Ritsuka (Loveless), Agatsuma Soubi (Loveless), Kio Kaido (Loveless), Zero Youji (Loveless), Zero Natsuo (Loveless), Seven-tan (Loveless), Niwa Diasuke (DN Angel), Kaito Dark (DN Angel), Krad (DN Angel), Chi (Chobits), Fujiwara Sake-kun (Color), Tsuda Takashiro-kun (Color), Hornig Richard (Ludwig II), King Ludwig-sama II (Ludwig II), Count Holnstein (Ludwig II)

1. Have you honestly ever thought of Cait Sith as a useful character?

2. In a fight out of Cloud and Vincent, who would kick the most ass?

While I would love to say that Cloud would kick Vinny's ass...but well you know..Vincent is just to badass to lose.

3. Rather be stuck in a room with Barret, or Cid?

I can handle being stuck in a room with either, but I think the ability to torture Cid is damn tempting.

4. Aerith or Tifa?

If I had to choose, Tifa.

5. Yuffie or Elena?

Yuffie...she's adorable

6. Cait Sith or Kunsel?


7. Reeve or Rude?

Rude, even though he doesn't talk a whole lot.

8. Did you ever manage to create more then one mastered all, simply to become a millionaire?

9. You all liked to find ways to kill a few hours, admit it. Was it mindlessly levelling every character or Gold Saucer trawling?

I actually just wanted the game to end...because I was after the cutscenes..not the playing...XD

10. Explain your first experience with Ruby weapon.

Don't have one really..

11. Standard question: favourite pairing?

You...god you're going to make me choose? Fine...but I'm going to cheat a bit: AngealXGenesisXZackXCloud oooor SephirothXZackXCloud ooooor AngealXGenesisXZackXHeine (From DogS: Bullets and Carnage) ooor GenesisXSephirothXAngealXZack

12. How much would you have to be bribed to completely abandon the FFVII world?

I don't think I could...

13. Honestly, did you like Advent Children Complete more, simply because there was more Zack?

Hmmm...I think so...

14. Did you cringe, or squeal with manic delight when Cloud got stabbed by Sephiroth in AC: Complete?

I cringed...and cried..just because deep down..Seph still loves him.

15. Have you ever read a FFVII pairing that made you think “wtf?” and then ended up becoming one of your favourites?

GenesisXZack CloudXGenesisXSephiroth GenesisXZackXSephiroth AngealXZackXSephirothXGenesis

16. Is there anyone in the FFVII universe that you honestly thought didn’t belong there?

Not really no...

17. Have you ever wondered how Bugenhagen was Red’s grandfather?

Nope...not thinking about it now either...

18. Which character just blatantly pissed you off the most?


19. If you've played Crisis Core, how was your experience with VR Zack?


20. Did you ever 100 percent the missions?

Yeah..stupid OCD

21. How many times did Minerva kick your ass?

To many?

22. If you had to see Cloud have just one life long partner, would you pick Tifa or Aerith?

Seph...or Zack.

23. Did you get teary when Aerith got knifed, or secretly cheer to yourself? Hard.

24. Did you ever have the experience with Lucrecia in the mountainside?

No...I don't think I have.

25. If you were to get a birthday present for Cloud, what would you give him?

Some prozac and then maybe a hug...

26. Which WEAPON kicked your ass the most amount of times?

XD Freaking Angeal's Buster Sword... and his crazy animal transformation...

27. If Genesis were to meet Gackt in real life, what do you think would happen?

XD I dunno...stare at him...then maybe slap him?

28. Do you think Genesis and Angeal played dolly whilst growing up in the same town?

Pffft I think that maybe Gen-Gen convinced him to.

29. If you could pick one character to date, who would it be?

Ah shit...come on yo...TT_TT this is really hard...uuuh first love

30. Do you think that, behind the scenes, Tseng blows off steam by having bubble baths and playing with a rubber duckie?

Rofl...maybe...when he's in that indulgent mood...

31. Do you think Red ever chases his tail?

lol probably.

32. Which Yaoi pairing do you think is the most believable?

; I have to believe that all my faves are believable...or whats the point?

33. Which Yuri?

none...thank you. (Not that I have a problem with it...I just don't like FFCC or FFVII yuri options..)

34. Which het?

35. Do you think Reno’s hair colour is natural, or he dyes it just to be pretty?

Dyes it, I think it's still red...just not THAT red...

36. Is it unfair that Cloud never made it to SOLDIER?

No...I mean he was on his way..he just you know..came at the wrong time?

37. If Sephiroth were to have his theme song changed from ‘One Winged Angel’, what should he have it as?

Bringing Sexy Back?

38. If Rude were to have a catch phrase other than “…”, what would it be?

Damn it Reno.

39. Do you think Hojo or Vincent is Sephiroth’s Real father?

Fuck Hojo...even if Vincent is a douche...

40. Rufus Shinra or Papa Shinra? papa shinra makes me think he's doing something bad..

41. If Zack was to have an AOL screen name, what would it be?

ABP (Angeal's Bad Puppy) BAD (Bad Ass Dog)

42. If Genesis lost his copy of Loveless, do you think he’d go for Dr. Seuss?


43. Which book?

The Classics? Green Eggs and Ham

44. If Sephiroth, Genesis, Angeal, Zack and Cloud formed a band, what would they call themselves and what kind of music would they play?

XD Oh dear...uhh SOLDIER Joy (totally used a rockband name generator) but they'd be like...Punky Hard Rock?

45. Who would play what?

Seph on bass, Genesis on lead guitar, Angeal drums, Zack on guitar and vocals, and Cloud on vocals...with a cowbell XD

Read it First on Spopococ's Profile...she gets the credit. If you use her.

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