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Hey people! My name's Jasmine, but you can all call me jas! I'm obsessed with the harry potter pairing of dramione, so expect to see many dramione fics on here ;) As always, comments, rates, and messages are welcome, but if you must critcise my work, please make sure it's constructive criticism, you wouldn't wanna hurt my precious feelings now would you? ;) Ok, here's the deal: I gotta loooooooooooot of fics in work here but can you please review or message me or something to tell me which of my published fics to update first? I have so many on the go, I'd love to know which to work on the most. Thanks :)

ok, hopefully this link will show up. It's the link to my contest entry called bittersweet candy canes, please review so i win the challenge! 


My contact info:

You can reach me by email (Midnight-rose118@hotmail.co.uk), My author profile on rivalsinlove.com, and of course, feel free to add me on MSN (Midnight-rose118@hotmail.co.uk) so you can chat to me in person :D (kinda)

People!! I am SO sorry I haven't updated in AGES, but I've been so busy with college and essays, and assignments, and work and so much stuff I feel like my head's gonna blow off! Luckily, tis summer hols now, so I have plenty of time to update :D My main project at the moment is an unfortunate marriage, but I have been dabbling with a couple of new ideas not listed here, so expect some (hopefully) interesting fics up soon! Peace out my peoples :P

I live, breathe, and eat reviews. They are what keep the plot bunnies fed, and without the plot bunnies, I couldn't get anything done!

Fan fics in progress:

The Chase - After a drunken one night stand, Hermione wants to forget. Draco wants a repeat of events. Can he win Hermione over? (always fun to write :D My friend Kate is really dirty minded and keeps telling me to describe shagging scenes better XD)

Raindrop Romance - After a chance meeting in the rain, sparks fly between Hermione and Draco. But how can they have a relationship when the whole world is against them? (had so many projects going at once, had to push this back, but rest assured, I'll finish it!)

Room mates - Hermione needs a new apartment. Draco needs a room mate. Lets just say neither is what the other expects...

Valentine's Day - After a bad break up, Hermione is dragged to a strip club by Ginny and Luna, and bumps into none other than Draco Malfoy. Who also happens to be dateless on Valentine's day. Draco hasn't had a shagless Valentine's since he was twelve. Hermione needs to rebound from her ex. And both of them are strangely attracted to each other...

Dramione through the ages - When Hermione and Malfoy are made head girl and boy, both are disgusted. Then they each find a ring. Suddenly they're both having the same dreams about two people in different time periods, who look exactly like them, but sure don't act the same...

An unfortunate marriage - When Hermione and Draco are forced to marry by a new law, both are horrified. The worst part is they have to concieve a child within their first year. Which means sex. With each other. Constantly. It must be hell on earth.

Alejandro's - Hermione is forced to take a job waiting tables at a strip club to make ends meet. And who should she bump into? Draco Malfoy. There's one main rule at Alejandro's. When the bell rings, all the waitresses have to give a lap dance to the person at their table. and guess who's sitting in Hermione's section...

A Dramione story - Everyone has returned to Hogwarts after the summer, and Hermione and Draco see each other in a new light. The problem is that nothing seems to go right with them... (crap summary D)

To win Hermione's heart - Draco Malfoy is in love with Hermione, and he'll do anything to make her his. So what if she's a Gryffindor? So what if even his best friend thinks she's out of his league? So what if she hates his guts? Oh wait, that could actually be a problem...

To win Hermione's heart (again) - Sequel to To win Hermione's heart. Draco thought everything would be easy after he married Hermione. Unfortunately, Hermione's sick of their constant arguing, and she files for divorce. Draco strikes a deal with Hermione. If he can't convince her they should still be together in 14 days, he'll sign the divorce papers.

A match maid in heaven - Hermione is working as a hotel maid for extra money, and a certain Mr. Draco Malfoy comes to stay. Surprisingly, they end up bonding with each other and falling in love. Unfortunately, Lucius Malfoy isn't too pleased about his son being in love with a mudblood maid... (in case you don't get the title, hermione's working as a maid, so I switched 'made' with 'maid'. Understand the play on words?)

What happens in a registry office... can't be reversed - After a chance meeting in a bar, Hermione and Malfoy drunkenly confess their sorrows to each other... and wake up married. Both of them are desperate for an annulment, but they're not qualified for one. The judge says he'll give them an annulment if they're still unhappy after living together for six months. How will they survive that long with each other? (based on the movie 'what happens in vegas' even though I've only seen the adverts :D)

Masquerade - When Hermione and Draco attend a masquerade ball, they both fall in love with each other without realising. Keeping in contact with each other after the ball, neither knows the others identity. What will happen when they found out?

Love cures the pain - When Draco is hospitalised after a nasty crash on his broom, he's assigned his own personal medi-witch, who happens to be Hermione Granger. Much as he hates himself for it, Draco can't deny his attraction to her, and he won't take no for an answer.

School of love - Hermione is a teacher at Hogwarts and everything is going well in her life. Good job, nice house, handsome boyfriend, undeniably attractive new potions teacher by the name of Draco Malfoy... wait, scratch that last one.

A spell gone wrong - After a harsh rejection from Hermione, Draco sets out to make her his. Unfortunately, his 'little' spell causes all the girls at school to fall in love with him. Except, why is Hermione the only one unaffected?

Two heads are better than one - Hermione and Draco are both made head boy and girl, and them living together isn't ideal. Neither can deny their attraction to each other, and neither of them want to give into it.

Bathroom bliss - When Hermione and Draco both go for a bath in the middle of the night, neither one will leave to let the other wash first. So, they wash together... (This started as a oneshot but I'm adding another couple of chapters :) enjoy the descriptions of naked Draco, I know I will! lol)

To tutor a Malfoy - Hermione is told by Dumbledore that Malfoy is having trouble with astronomy, and she has to tutor him. Hermione reluctantly agrees, but puzzles over why Malfoy needs help now, when he's been excellent at all his subjects before. Could he have an ulterior motive?

A Romance to remember - After Draco Malfoy is hit with an obliviate spell, the ministry send him to stay with Hermione for safety whilst they figure out how to reverse the spell. Unfortunately for Hermione, the new, kind Draco is very hard to resist... (based on book 4 of the true blood books, but a Hp version :D)

A Romance to remember again - Hermione misses the kind, romantic Draco who stayed with her, and she's upset that when his memory was restored, he forgot all about what they shared. But, what happens when the memories of his time with Hermione start to filter back into Draco's mind? (sequel to a romance to remember, based on the books in the true blood series when eric remembers his time with sookie :D)

The law of love - Lucius Malfoy is sick of his son shagging every lawyer he hires, so he hires the one lawyer who he knows his son won't screw. Hermione Granger.

Bet on your heart - Draco Malfoy accepts a very tricky bet. He has to bed Hermione Granger in a week.

An unexpected proposition - Draco Malfoy is sick of shagging brainless bimbos, he wants to bed a girl with a brain. Hermione's sick of being meek and innocent. So, they agree to be each others fuck buddies. It should be simple, shagging with no strings attached. So, why can he not stop thinking about her?

Our love is the perfect crime - A rich pureblood. A poor, but intelligent muggle-born. Two hearts beating as one with everyone else against them.

Also I might write a sequel for it had to happen

I got a loooooooooooooooooooooot of work to do. But it's all for my fans, you guys make the late nights worth it! :D

Awww, I've been looking through reviews and you guys are all so sweet :) OK, now for those who are a bit confused about 'an unfortunate marriage' here's the thing: Hermione and Draco are forced to get married to unite purebloods and muggleborns and have a baby bla bla bla... anyways they can divorce after a year because the baby will still be there to unite purebloods and muggleborns etc etc I might change it, and for those wondering why they didn't try and get out of it: in later chapters they're going to have a big argument and flashbacks to how they both tried to get out of it.

Hope this helps :) Keep up the reviews, you don't want the plot bunnies to die do you?

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