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Hi, peeps my name is Ellie and I absolutely love choclate and reading books. I have kinda gone off twilight sorry guys who absolutely love it!! I am really clumsy but I love dancing, at dance i usually go on a hi with my freind Leah so it doesn't matter if I am clumsy. I have lots of friends but there is to many to list but there is one I would like to mention, Rebecca, she is practically my sister, she lives next door to me and I see her nearly every day.

My favourite thing book to read about at the moment is "The Princcess Diaries" here is my favourite part:

Thursday December 2 the Loft

Mia’s Pov

I have no idea what is up with my mom. She just gave me this note book and told me that I should write my feelings down. She also said that I might need something I can pour my feelings into next couple of weeks. What does she think I am going to have a mental break down because she told me that she is dating Mr. G.

I may not like it but I’m only 14 I can’t tell her who to date. I mean... forget it just read our conversation

Helen: hey mia I got something for you.

She hands me the book

Mia: what is it for?

Helen: write your feelings down. You seem to be holding them in a lot lately and I think you might want to use it more in the future.

Mia: mom I’m okay with you and Mr. G. I mean it is a bit weird but he makes you happy.

Helen: no it is not just for your feelings about me and frank it’s also about what you are going through at school too.

Mia: oh.

She has been acting all weird like than since last Thursday when my dad called.

Okay my dad just called again and won’t even talk to me what the heck is going on. I tried answering the phone before her but I lost my cordless somewhere.

Got to go phones ringing again.

Later Thurs Dec 2 the loft

That sucks I thought it was my dad but I was wrong it was Lilly. The call wasn’t long but she was crying and wouldn’t stop. I tried asking her if she broke up with the Russian kid Boris but she hung up before I could. So I went online to see if she was on she wasn’t but her brother Michael was on.

FTLOUIE: Michael what is up with Lilly? She call like ten minutes ago crying like your mom or dad died. Omg please tell me they are okay.

Cracking: Yes my mom and dad are fine. I don’t know why she is crying but it could be with something my parents told her like an hour ago.

FTLOUIE: did Boris break up with her?

Cracking: they broke up like a two days after you and Kenny.

FTLOUIE: why? I cannot believe she didn’t tell me when I got back from grandmère impromptu trip to France. She kept me out of school for three extra days. I CAN NOT STAND HER.

Cracking: our electric was out because of some stupid construction accident three blocks away. Oh how your tongue?

FTLOUIE: Fine now. I am never going ice skating again. I gotta go. My dad just called. See you at school tomorrow.

Cracking: yeah see ya.

I am really scared for her she’s not just my best friend but she’s like my sister. We even look alike so we get mistaken for sisters all the time. So I really hope that she’s okay. I wish I could have gotten more out of Michael but alas I didn’t

Thursday Dec 3 Gifted and Talented

Okay my dad’s call was not what I expected it to be. He called just to tell me he is coming for a visit and has some big news for me. I have no clue what it could be except that he’s moving to New York full time or his cancer came back.

Lilly’s not here today so I can’t ask her what she thinks and Michael’s working on a project for the winter carnival with Judith (ew gross so what if she can clone fruit flies). Why can’t he see that we are meant to be?

Friday Dec 3 Spanish

Oh I just got a note from Tina.

Glad to see your back

I’m glad to be back. My grandmère was evil.

You’re funny. You want to stay at my place tonight?

YeahbutIhavetogotomygrandmère first. She’s making me try on dresses for when I go to see my dad over in Genovia.

What designer is she making you choose from?

I don’t know. She says they are my cosine or something so I have to pick one of their designs to be nice.

They might have some cool designs.

Yeah there’s not much that they can do with me being flat in the chest area.

Yea class is over. See you later.

Tina is such a fashion obsessed girl. A whole lot more than me.

Friday DEC 3 The limo on the way to Tina’s

My cosine is named Sebastiano is totally amazing designer. He was really nice to me too.

“hello; grandmère.” I called as I entered her room.

“Amelia, nice to see that you’re on time for once. I would like you to meet Sebastiano.”

“Nice to meet you princess.” He said.

“Same to you.” I replied

Right after we got through the introductions I was put into my first dress. I then went on to try on several dresses by the tenth dress I got tired of them being plain and boring and asked “can you make it umm more sexy.”

“How it’s not like you’ve got anything to show.” My grandmother replied.

The only thing I didn’t like about Sebastiano was that he wore leather pants but I could forgive him if he designed a dress that would totally make Michael forget Judith and fall for me. some of the things he says turnout to be funny when they really aren’t because he’ll cut them off. Like instead of butter he’ll say but.

Oh yeah my dad’s here to but he walked out of the room on to the balcony after what my grandmère said about my chest area. I don’t blame him I would have to if I didn’t have all those pins sticking into my sides.

“Hey dad.”

“What are you doing out here? Its freezing.” He replied.

“Dad can you just deal with grandmère and Sebastiano for me?”

“It’s not him that I’m thinking about?”

“Is it about the big news you have for me? Why not tell me now?”

“Because your mother and I both want to be there when you find out the news. Someone else has to be there to but I can’t tell you who they are.”

“Am I going to hate the news?”

“I don’t think so.”

I don't know why i like this part i just couldn't think of any better parts so there you go and also please review my story!!

BY the one and only Ellie!!

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