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Hmmm what to write...



Age: Legal but does it matter?

AN: To anyone who has been reading my two chapter stories. Traverse Town Flying Dragons and/or Find Me Somebody to Love. I know I have failed miserably at updating these but I am back writing again. As I've said before, I will not leave these stories unfinished. I have updated Find Me and I am currently re-reading and editing Traverse Town so I can get started on the update for that one. I hope to have Chapter 16 done within a month. If you haven't read it in a while you might want to. I have taken the time to correct grammar and spelling errors that I missed the first time around. There were also places where the sentences didn't flow or the subject was lost, I have restructured where needed. Alright,

I have completed editing the entire story. I am very happy I took the time to read and edit this story.

I am starting to write chapter 17 now. I'm not sure if there will be two or three more chapters before the story is complete. I'll know better once this chapter is completed. To anyone who has stuck with this story thank you!! To all new readers, I hope you enjoy it. I really like this story and it feels great to know that others like it too.


I have been writing for a long time just never for the public. I got into fanfic through a friend of mine and was hooked instantly. I like the Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy characters though I have never played either game. I have studied them and read a lot of fanfic stories. I will warn you now, my stories will almost always contain yaoi so if that's not your thing you might not want to read them. On the other hand if your into it and like fluff and lemons I have been told I am a very good and writing both. So anyway I hope who ever reads my work enjoys it as much as I enjoy writing it.

Up to now I have only concentrated on Kingdom Hearts characters BUT I now have the itch to write some crossovers with Sam and Dean from Supernatural and characters from Twilight. It will be yaoi by the way. The idea I have is getting bigger and bigger so I am guessing that I'll start the story within the next two months _ .

I have developed the habit of writing a one shot between each of the chapters of my chapter stories. They keep the stories fresh and give my readers something while they are waiting for an updates. Somehow they always end up with lemons -shrugs- I like writing lemons what can I say. LOL And my goal is to write a one shot for each pairing of my fave pairings (see below), then move on to different pairings like Axel/Demyx and Riku/Zexion. I think that will be fun and to me writing is all about fun!

I am about to start two new stories and expand on The Soloist so I am not sure what the schedule will allow but I will try to post my progress on here as often as possible.

That's all I've got for now, as I think of anything interesting I'll add it.


My Favorite Pairings:






Ventus/Terra (yes I know but I like these two together)


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I pledge allegiance,
To KH yaoi,
From fangirls and,
Fanboys alike,
And to the characters,
For which we pair,
One paopu,
Out of love,
With FanFictions and lemons for all!

Authors I recommend:


Ayden Silverflame



Work Progress:

Traverse Town Flying Dragons: (Axel/Roxas, Riku/Sora, Demyx/Zexion, Terra/Ventus, Cloud/Leon)

Chapter 1 - 16 uploaded

I just finished rereading and editing the entire story. It's still my favorite and I am excited to get started on the next chapter.

Chapter seventeen being written I will try to have it up within a month.

Find Me Somebody to Love (Riku/Zexy pairing with appearances by others too)

Chapter 1 and 6 uploaded

Chapter 7 being written

The Soloist: (Zemyx yaoi pairing with other friends along the way)

AN: This started as a one shot but I guess its going to become more LOL

Chapter one uploaded

Chapter two being outlined. (still working on this please be patient)


"Ditto" - Sora/Riku One Shot

"An AkuRoku Christmas" - Axel/Roxas one shot

"A Zemyx Valentine's Day" - Demyx/Zexion one shot

"An Afternoon at the Lake" - Axel/Riku one shot

"A Rose by any Other Name" - Marluxia/Zexion one shot

"Fate, Destiny, and the Date" - Axel/Demyx one shot

"True Friendship, True Love" - Axel/Marluxia one shot

"Welcome Home" - Leon/Cloud one shot

"Zexy's Twelve Days of Christmas" - Zexion/Demyx four shot (the same characters from "A Zemyx Valentine's Day")

Thank you to everyone who reads my stories and for everyone who reviews. Your reviews are really appreciated!

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Traverse Town Flying Dragons reviews
A funny, sexy and emotional story about twins, Roxas and Sora who take up Martial Arts after months of being terrorized by a stranger that looks a lot like them. The violence escalates and Axel and Riku step in to help by training Roxas and close friend Zexion for an unsactioned tournament to hopefully stop the abuse. Paiirings-AkuRoku/Zemyx/RiSo/TerraVen
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