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Author has written 5 stories for Harry Potter.

Let's see, what can I say about myself...

I like to write stories and have been doing it for more years than I'll admit to.

I only write SLASH. I only write SLASH and generally that's all I read.

I started out writing popslash, but now I'm firmly on the Harry Potter ship. I'm a Snarry girl at heart, but lately I've been cheating with HP/LV & HP/TMR Jr. Once in a great while I'll read Harry/Draco, but that's very, very rare.

If I were ever to be sorted, I'd end up in Slytherin because I love the characters of the Dark Lord, Bellatrix, and Lucius Malfoy among others Slytherins. As for much as Slytherins were portrayed as the most disloyal, evil, and conniving house to be sorted to, Gryffindor was a hundred times worse and here's an example of why:

Peter Pettigrew: A Gryffindor who betrayed his best friends to the point where the Potters were murdered and Sirius was thrown in prison for thirteen years.

Ron Weasley: Exactly how many times did he turn his back on Harry when Harry needed a friends most? Enough said.

Hermione Granger: Yes, she was book smart, I'll give her that much. Life smart was another matter. There were just too many times that she dismissed what Harry tried to tell her just because it wasn't in a book.

McGonagall: The poorest excuse for a Head of House ever given all the near death experiences Harry got himself into over the years without her knowing about it. Harry snuck around under a cloak with the Marauder's Map for years and she didn't know, but Draco was distressed all during sixth year and Snape was right there trying to help Draco. Need I say more?

and finally...

Albus Dumbledore: The biggest hypocrite in the series. He hung around with Grindewald for years, didn't admit the truth on how his sister was killed, left an orphaned infant in the substandard care of Muggles and did nothing about it even AFTER admitting that he knew Harry wasn't taken care of well, oh, and then of course there's the whole leaving a seventeen-year-old kid the job of getting rid of the darkest wizard in a century while keeping everything the kid needed to know to do it a secret. Yeah, I can see how Dumbledore was such a great man. Yes, now that you mention it I do I like to bash Dumbledore. XD

I won't start posting a story until it's completely written. I hate when I start reading a story and never get the end of it and I don't want to do that to anyone else. Since I'm not one of those authors who can post a chapter as I write it because I'm notorious for starting stories and never finishing them, you have my promise that any story written by me that you start reading WILL have an ending.

I don't have a beta reader or Brit picker so you've been warned.

I don't mind receiving messages pointing out mistakes in grammer/spelling/British grammar, but I do ask that you do so in a respectful way. On the other hand, I DO mind people flaming my stories and am prone to respond in kind. I do this for fun. I like writing stories and reading them. While I do the best I can with grammar and spelling checks, I'll be the first to admit that I miss things. Like all authors, I take pride in what I write and want it to be the best it can be, but nothing I post here will ever be published into a book so please don't nitpick.

Example of a disrespectful review & my reply: For my story, Dabbling With The Dark, I had someone tell me in a very cruel way that Harry receiving a book detailing Horcruxes wasn't possible because a book like that wouldn't exist... until I pointed out to the person that a sixteen-year-old Tom Marvolo Riddle found out about Horcruxes in the first place from a book in Hogwarts library's Restricted Section. Funny, the person didn't respond to my reply.

Example of a respectful review & my reply: For the same story, I had someone point out that I needed to give more detail about how something happened to make it clear to people reading my story along with several typos that I'd made. I fixed the typos, editted the following chapter to include more detail, and replied with a very thankful private message. We've been messaging each other back and forth daily ever since.

Well, that's all I can think of to say so have a good day and happy reading.

Nyx Myst =)

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