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Author has written 19 stories for Flight 29 Down, Gossip Girl, Sonny with a Chance, Wizards of Waverly Place, and Harry Potter.

we are young; we are S T R O N G-

we're not looking for where we belong.

we're not cool--we are F R E E

and we're running with blood on our knees.

Yello, peoples. This little profile page is for those readers who absolutely have to know quirky facts about fanfiction authors because they are attracted to The Way of the Stalker. Don't worry, loves, there's a little stalker in all of us! (Which is just me trying to say that I'm one too. :P) I figure that if there really are dangerous stalker-type readers here, they probably want to know my name, social security number, place of residence, and date of birth. Oh, and appearance. Well. I'll do my best to satisfy your craving, but really? My appearance? What are you trying to do- set me up on a blind date? Hey, if you're my high school friend in disguise- no, I did not just give you an idea.

PEOPLE PEOPLE SCROLL DOWN TO URGENT NOTE NUMERO DOS before finishing this profile/getting down to the tab with my stories. I swear it's for your own good.

Name: It's not Melody. And it certainly has nothing to do with words. And, no, you may not call me Mel. There's only one Mel on my profile page... and she's a fictional character. Oh... whatever. It's just weird for me to call myself Mel when I have a perfectly good name in the real world. :) I guess you can... I guess...

Social Security Number- Contains numerical values that are supposedly very important, but we all know that system is DOOMED.

Place of Residence: A-boring-place, U.S.A. Not to be confused with Middle-of-Nowhere, U.S.A.

Date of Birth: I was ALMOST born on April Fool's Day. Yeah. I know. My parents made a lame joke about calling me Fooly... don't ask.

Appearance: I'm Indian, sucka, and that's all you're gonna get from me! And I swear, if one more person asks me what tribe I'm from, someone is going to become uncomfortably acquainted with my not-so-melodious Indian-stereotypical-criminal-crushing-police force. Yes, they really do beat up criminals. No, I'm not endorsing violence. To be honest, I think I cried during those parts of Indian movies. But those were in my younger days! Psh, I haven't cried in, like... a while. A very LONG while. Yup. (Just to clarify- Indian means FROM INDIA. Not Native American. Are we good? OK, cool. Proceed. ) ;)

And yes, I do realize that the above information does in fact make me vulnerable to stalking and possibly a series of unfortunate events (no copyright infringement intended, seriously) resulting from this stalking. I do realize that at this very moment, there may very well be a large, rough madman ringing my doorbell waiting to pounce on my innocent self. Ah, well. We girls just never learn internet safety, do we?

URGENT NOTE NUMERO DOS: For those of you who wonder why I've decided to make like Reepicheep and fall off the edge of the world (Narnia reference, couldn't resist), it's because of my stupidity. You see, I'm extra paranoid when it comes to my fanfiction and I don't like the idea of people I know reading these works and recognizing them as mine (with the exception of my best friend and my darling little sister). For this reason, I worked on my fanfictions in Microsoft OneNote and password protected the section devoted to fanfiction. Then, for no reason, I decided to change the password after about 2 years of using the same perfectly good password.
Naturally, I forgot it within five minutes. T.T I know this sounds pretty lighthearted, but I've just lost all of my new work- WoWP ideas included. There goes my multi-chap. I will try to overcome this and restart, but it's going to take me time, especially since this year is already pretty packed. I miss writing here very much, but this is only a temporary hiatus until I can come up with a more fool-proof system. Thank you all for being so kind, especially my Twisted Side readers! You definitely encourage me! Lots of love, Mel-who-isn't-really-named-Mel-but-oh-well. Hey look, I rhymed.


Hello, Darlings. Yes, I AM talking to the Darling family from Peter Pan...

oh, I wish!

No, I'm just feeling particularly old-timey. I think it's charming. Then again, I do create stories in my head that manipulate my favorite characters and make them slightly OOC, or AU, or absolutely, wonderfully, nonsensically, romantic-al. And yes, I did invent that word. Hey, if WhenLighteningStrikes can invent "cheesangst", I can invent "romantical." But I'm digressing again.

I suppose you could say that this is my official (yet, somehow unofficial) apology for any OOCness or AUness in my fanfics. It is fanfiction after all. Come to think of it, you could also say this is my official (yet unofficial) disclaimer! Actually, scratch that. You don't make these wise observations. I do. Mm-hmm!

As a sidenote to my Flight 29 Down readers: No, I have not forgotten my first fandom(love). I just feel really bad, because The Twisted Side of Love is one OOC fic. EVERYONE'S OOC, and that's just a major fail for me, even if I do have an unofficially official apology for OOCness. So, I'm probably going to take the fic off of fanfiction and retouch every chapter, maybe even scrap whole chapters, and repost it someday. Quite simply, Jackson does not seem like the type to let his hormones automatically get the best of him, and Melissa isn't a torrent of emotions. If any of you have a problem with this, please do vote on my poll or send me a PM. Gracias ;)

Fandom Quote: "Channy may not have a spark, but Sonny and Chad always will."

-Paragraph(s) for the Awesome People on this Site for lack of a better name because I'm not the most original person in the world, oh-KAY??-

OK, so I absolutely adore this reviewer! And so, I am going to give her a shoutout because she is SOOOOOO encouraging! RandomnessSmiles- your reviews give me a smile and inspire me to write more. Seriously; I've always thought I wasn't that great at writing, but because you are made of AWESOMENESS, you tell me differently. I love, love, love your reviews! Honestly, I think you're giving me more credit than I deserve! :D So, now that I've thoroughly embarrassed (or made you smile so hard it hurts- now you know how I feel like when I read your reviews!), I'll let you go. I just felt like dedicating this too-short paragraph to you. :)

And, ok, this person is just SO frickin AWESOME of a writer, that I just have to post the link to their profile. If you're in the mood for some wicked, pee-your-pants, face-muffling, laugh-out-loud funny HSM fics... somewhereonlyiknow . This author is past amazing, m'dears. I don't care if he/she doesn't know I exist- he/she's wickedly brilliant! I belly-laughed! That doesn't happen very often, you know. I may be very hyper on this site and all, but I'm so shy even I get annoyed. Yes. It is true; I am not lying.

The winner of the Longest Review EVER goes to someone from GERMANY! madlytrulydeeply, I'd like to inform you that I am madly, truly, deeply infatuated and obsessed with your country. World, please note that Germany is a beautiful country filled with beautiful fanfic readers and equally (if not more!) beautiful REVIEWERS! That's two reviewers from there already, and both were adorable about 'bad grammar'- What bad grammar?? :D I loved them so much! Your review was sweet and thoughtful and beautifully loong, that it counted as five- freakishly beautiful- hundred reviews, and I do love ramblers, because that means we can ramble nonsensically together and we won't care. "The writing was so profound-" "I know! She flowed this way with her words-" "Like a river or a lake, or ooh! One of those bubbly streams-" "No, something sadder. More depressing. A stream with pollution in it-" "Oh, my, did you see that polluted river thing by the van der Woodsen's summer home? It was so-" "-disgusting, I know! And it smelled something awful. Ugh, hey-" "-what's that smell?" "Bacon!" ... Sorry. Um, I tend to ramble, and I'm pretty dang sure that this rambling convo would have somehow wound up in Rome. You know. Amazing as Germany (and the U.S... and India!) may be, all roads do lead to Rome. Including twisting, winding, rambling, random paths that travel through dark alleys and past polluted streams and smell like bacon. Rome, baby. That's where it's at! :) JK. I think I'm high off of your review (wouldn'tbeafirst). Somebody slap me... :-o But, yeaah. You're pretty amazing. But I'm guessing your opinion of me has lessened... considerably... oops. I told you to slap me! LOL, thanks for rambling with me!

And here's the other German reviewer I love so much! Her name is so great (although a bit long- could I shorten it? Nickname your nickname?). 3words8letterssayitandIamyours (phew!) is so sweet to me! Unbearably sweet! Undeniably sweet! Unfailingly sweet! And she has great taste in music, too. ;) 3words (here's your nickname!) is a very rambly person, and I'm so glad because it makes me feel less awkward in this unfortunately sane world. 3words is not only sweet, but very insightful, and adorably abashed with her 'bad grammar'. I also think she's older than me. Yeah, she probably is, so maybe I shouldn't call her adorable, but I think that's ok, because she seems like the type of person who would willingly walk on a yellow brick road (smelling of bacon) to Rome. :) Thank you so much for sharing your sweetness! Your randomness! Your musical taste! THANK YOU! We should ramble again sometime. Also, heads up to any (incredibly patient... or possibly bored) people reading my page and this paragraph: if you're German, I heard 3words is a fantastic angst/romance Chair writer! And we here (yes, I'm using plural because I believe I'm secretly royal blood... lol, no) adore fantastic Chair writers, even if we can't read their language!

Finally! My best friend for life in real life has joined the wonderful world of fanfiction! (hehe, now I can personally watch her get addicted ) LOL. :D So happy, so happy, so happy... theirishleprechaun , folks. Yeah. We're American (obviously :D), but she's of European origins. French and Scottish and Irish and British and... well, yeah. And she's a ginger! So show some love to the forgotten gingers of this world! Yo. BFFL. I LOVE YOU, SIS! (Nooo, stalkers, she isn't my real sister. Swiper, no swiping.) ;) So, guess what. This BFF of mine? She's the outspoken one. I'm the quiet one. ... I know. :D :D :D Plus, she was the first one to actually introduce me to this site! I know! I got an account first, but before that, I was a mere reader, occasionally anonymously reviewing. It's all thanks to my best friend that I know this place exists. :) And she gets this short paragraph because no one else deserves to have my bff as their bff, so back off! lol, jk. It's because to tell you more would be to give private info. And yeah, I'm not that stupid. Sorry. ;)

HI NOT JUST A NERD. It's about high time you got a paragraph, don't you think? I think so :) Sooo, NJaN (I'm just gonna randomly abbreviate your penname here...) is an excellent Jalex writer who never does seem to run out of inspiration like I do :P We're both Indian, we both adore Demi Lovato (because she's amazing. end of story.), and we both are so COOOOL. hahaha ;) She also has a fictionpress account (as if fanfiction wasn't enough!) and a tumblr. If you're interested, PM her. The reason she's so cool is because she is wise enough to see that the caste system is completely wrong. She's fun and talented and has lots of common sense. The whole reason we became friends is because after I wrote my first Jalex story, she saw on my profile that I ship MasonxAlex, so she sent a PM asking about it. That led to an ongoing conversation about Disney stars, why Justin Bieber feels the need to date older girls, our Indian-ness, and other such mysteries of life. Check her out!


Well, this was where I had my Christmas gift request. Unfortunately, I got coal. Wipe my tears away and LeAvE A. R e v i e w?

Current Stories: 19, 2 in progress... check them out! (I have no idea why I'm writing this section. You can clearly see my stories and their statuses at the bottom of this page under the My Stories Tab.)

: The Twisted Side of Love (in progress- I'm hard at work on Chapter 12 RIGHT NOW! I swear! May lightning strike me if I lie... :cough cough: No, that crackling noise isn't me. What lightning? ...yeah, sorry guys, this will be updated sporadically...this is my worst story ever and oh my gosh don't read this piece of crap. kthanks haha)

: He Remembers (complete- My attempt to warn stranded islanders of the dangers of coconuts... haha, nope)

: I Love You, You Know (complete- drabble. I wondered what love was. Lightbulbs exploded, and a voice in my head (now known as my muse) told me to make it my first GossipGirl fic. not recommended.)

: Perfection (in slow progress- extremely slow progress. I'm sorry jelissalover! It's the progress of: I'm bored. I have no inspiration. Let me add to this! Sorry!)

: Cinderella (complete- um... my reviewers are too sweet. I would blush if I could.)

: C.O.L.D. h o t W.A.R.M. (complete- gots nothing to say. :/ One day, I'll think of a better title. You know. If I ever actually get inspired. not recommended.)

: Burning (complete- Thanks so much for all your reviews!)

: From Afar (complete- I'm sorry, Mel.)

: To Color His Love (complete- My first fluff fic in... omgosh, it's my second ever fluff oneshot. Why am I so depressing?! One day, I'll edit it. I had some problems describing Blair's skin color in the candlelight. It's not completely pale... but... oh, it'll come to me one day. Someone actually sent me an (accidentally) hilarious, yet outrageously rude flame over Blair's skin color, so I haven't even bothered to edit yet. SOMEDAY.)

: To Be A Prince (complete- I started this oneshot before To Color His Love, but Muse-y likes to take me on winding paths and throw new fics and stuff into my lap. Who am I to say no?)

: Slime Slipping Through Cracks In A Porcelain Vase (complete- I am seriously proud of this one, because my GossipGirl HERO, Norreigne, liked it, so... yes. I am a ball of happiness, which is currently preventing me from writing angst. Oops.)

: The Best Part of Chattering (complete- First Channy fluff. This is me when I'm feeling adorable and cutesy and have no raging hurricanes of angst boiling within and- oh. Sorry. Yeah, enjoy!)

: Every Once In A While (complete- not entirely angst, not entirely romance. just... general, i suppose. In a way, it's sort of a comeback fic, which is my excuse for it not being up to par :P)

: Like Curtains Over A Tragedy (complete- so, Mel isn't really that much of a pushover, and I felt so guilty over Twisted Side. So, it's kind of angst, but she's rising up, if that makes sense. Chapter 2 is more of an epilogue, really.)

: Four Letter Words (complete- Poor Chuck should have learned his lesson. Um, this has a little bit of humor and dialogue, elements I normally don't write into my angst fics, but it felt a bit more real that way. I think it's missing something...)

: Running Through A Field Of Sunflowers (complete- ma first Wizards of Waverly Place fic. I'm extremely excited, because it was a gift to my bffl theirishleprechaun, and it's absolute fluff. BUT INCEST, SO BE WARNED)

: Shining Like a Lighthouse (complete- SWAC fic- Sonny centric. Be confused. It's not really a polished fic because it kinda exploded out of me :P On the bright side, writing is excellent therapy.)

: Operation Get Back (complete- SWAC oneshot- total T-rated fluff. Humor/Romance. It took forever to write, but it was so much fun xD warning: Rated T for a reason.)

: Gray Streaked Tangles (complete- first Harry Potter fic. An exploration: what would Hermione be like if she lost the love she was given?)

COMING UP: A multi-chap Harry Potter fic! In which Ron is captured by a mysterious enemy, a prejudiced unknown serial killer is on the prowl, and Hermione must learn the dangerous art of Tracing to uncover a grudge somehow related to the ancient family of Gaunt.

I have 2 possible Wizards of Waverly Place fics, but I'm not sure about one of them. It's kinda sorta complete, if you consider a muddled mess complete :P I'm also considering trying my hand at another multi chap story- this one being WoWP- while waiting for more poll results for Twisted Side. I've already typed up an epilogue and two chapters, but I'm still not sure :P Please continue to inspire me! Thanks for staying with me, even though I keep disappearing. And to my Twisted Side of Love readers- please do vote on the poll. It's super important. Thanks! Maybe, reviews will help me get all those other ideas past the first two paragraphs ;) hint hint!
Urgent Note Numero Dos applies to above WowP ideas. I'm keeping this lie of a paragraph so I can have something to work off, but I'm so upset because those three chapters were my best writing yet and nothing I've written is close and UGH ok UGH.

Hey. Again. I know, I know, what more could I possibly have to say?


Not that I'm desperate or anything...


:coughs nervously:

I, uh, I'd really like it if you, uh, ahem, seriously did give me that consolation present...

You know... since Santa gave me coal...

A review?


Pretty please?

Really? You will?

:violently attacks you with a bear hug:

Oh, thank you thank you thankyouthankyouthankyou! Muah!

You know I'll remember your promise, right? I will. I'll hold it over your head forever.

Did you hear that?

F o r e v e r.

As in, long after we're gone.

So, you'd better give me that present.

Not that I'm threatening you...

and I'm definitely NOT desperate...

Right. So. Review. Yeah.

You go do that.

Forgive me for my addiction to reviews.

NOTES: 1. I now have a tumblr here. 2. Would my F29Down readers PLEASE vote on my polls above? I really do need the input, because I'm on the verge of deleting 1, possibly 2 stories. :O 3. You may have noticed that I'm in love with all things anime/manga. If you are too, I highly recommend "Faster than a Kiss". And then, once you read it... write some good fanfiction for it, kay? Loveyou :)

this i n n o c e n c e is brilliant.
(it's so beautiful it m a k e s me wanna cry)

[innocence- avril lavigne]

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