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Author has written 14 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, Warriors, Misc. Games, Star Fox, Pokémon, Destiny, Call of Duty, Halo, Game X-overs, Assassin's Creed, Metal Gear, and Shadow of the Colossus.

Name: CharmedPluto

Age: What? You think I'll give that away? HA! I lol at you!

Location: Various between my dorm and the shop

I write a lot of X-over stuff so a regular fic may rarely appear under my name

Got a good rock song? Send it to me, I'll see if I can't learn it on guitar.

My OCs: They are used in multiple fics but the category they appear under is the type of story they mostly appear under

Updated as of 14 March 2016

For Destiny I have the following Guardians.

Name: Svadis, Kell of the Scarred

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Rank: Kell

House: House of Scar, connections to the House of Rain via ancestors.

Description: Though he is the Kell of the House of Scar, Svadis wears the armor of a Captain and always carries his sword, such is tradition for a swordsman of his skill. His armor is black as and his scarf and cape are red. The House of Scar's banner is displayed on his cape, three black ragged claw marks. He stands about 7 feet tall and has a muscular build even by Fallen standards.

Personality: Svadis is one of the only Fallen to not give a damn about the Traveler. He simply seeks to find the Kell of Kells and restore the Eliksni to their former glory. He does not believe the Traveler is their answer. Instead he believes in the House of Rain's final prophecy very adamantly minus the bits involving the Traveler. He believed it so much that he left his House of his own accord, leaving his most trusted Archon in charge while he sought out the Kell of Kells on his own. Svadis is calm collected and professional at almost all times, never one to stop and goof off. He has the fanaticism of a Dreg with finding the Kell of Kells and will not let anyone stop him.

Weapons: Dual Fallen swords, a fallen Guardian's auto rifle and sniper rifle (Suros Regime 2.0 and 1000-Yard Stare respectfully)

Bio: Svadis was born after the Whirlwind into the remnants of the House of Scar. He was trained from the moment he could carry a weapon and proved his worth time and time again. Eventually he became Captain, then Archon and finally he was appointed Kell. As soon as he became Kell he forbade the humiliation ritual known as Docking and allowed his Dregs to regain their lost honor as well as their lower arms. Through sheer will power and a bit of ingenuity he was able to create a steady supply of Ether for his house. It was then he turned his attention to the House of Rain and their prophecy. Most believed it to be but a false hope, something for the Eliksni to look to for hope and guidance. Svadis believed the prophecy to be not just plausible but true. One day, without warning, he left his most trusted Archon in charge of the House, to take the duties and responsibilities of Kell and left them on a Ketch alone with a mission: find the Kell of Kells. He found Skolas after the House of Wolves broke their chains on the Reef. As soon as Skolas claimed the title, Svadis turned away from him.

“The real Kell of Kells would not so arrogantly and boldly claim the title! He would be humble and just like Chelchis was. You are no Kell of Kells, you are nothing but a madman!” -Svadis to Skolas on Venus.

Since then Svadis has continued his search across the system for the Kell of Kells, believing them to be out there somewhere. However, Svadis would face a more pressing matter. However, a fateful encounter with a certain Warlock may have changed the Kell's fate. How will meeting Jayden Cobalt affect his search?

Name: Luisa Dodge

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Species Human

Class: Hunter

Desctiption: Wears full Darkhallow gear minus the gauntlets. Instead she wears Sealed Ahamkara's Grasps. Her armor is red black and white. She has a very young face with blue eyes and medium length black hair. Her skin tone borders between tan and pale.

Personality: Luisa can be crass rude and goofy but her soft demeanor is not to be taken lightly. In battle she is fierce, tactful, and exceptionally precise. She prides herself on her Arcblade and Shadowshot Supers and how effective they are at times. She has a deep compassion for all things that live despite the fact that she must kill so often. She kills her enemies but does not hate them

Weapons: Hawkmoon, Zhalo Supercell, and Defiance of Yasmin.

Bio: Luisa doesn't remember her past nor does she care too. She says it would only get in the way of whatever mission is at hand. She only became a Guardian recently but in her short tenure she has achieved some incredible feats. She defeated an entire platoon of cabal soldiers single handedly, become the first Nightstalker to win both the Trials of Osiris and the Iron Banner in the same week and is the one of the only Hunters to have been able to fire the Golden Gun more than three times without the use of the Aclyophage Symbiote. However as a member of Fireteam Dagger, the road has been hard. She and the team went into the Vault of Glass, lost a member of their team to Time's Conflux and barely escaped with their lives. She has since then refused any sort of raid involving the Vex, especially on Venus.

Name: Jayden Cobalt

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Class: Warlock

Description: Wears the Harrowed raid gear minus the helm and bond which are Bindcaster 1 and Sunsinger's Bond. He's a bit skinny but is in really good shape for a Warlock, which is somewhere between skinny and jacked. He has shaggy black hair and bronze eyes that have a literal fire in them when he uses his preferred super, Radiance.

Personality: Jayden is as adventurous as a Hunter and as hungry for knowledge as even the most fanatical Warlocks. He is kind, fair and some even claim innocent. He is willing and ready to do what is right even if it isn't what he was ordered to do which has earned him a reputation with the Vanguard for sometimes disobeying orders. Thankfully this has so far not come back to bite him.

Weapons: Tlaloc (Nirwen's Mercy in Crucible), Black Spindle, Ironwreath-D

Bio: Being the new guy is one thing. Being the new guy for one of the most powerful and feared fireteams on the Tower is another. Resurrected only recently, Jayden has only just started to realize his place among Fireteam Dagger. He's had visions of the team's sad history as well as of who he once was before he died and became a Guardian. Now he searches for answers regarding an end to the Darkness and looks for a Renaissance of sorts for all creatures of the universe.

Name: Wolf-7

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Species: Exo

Class: Titan

Description: He stands at 6' 5” and has a bulky build which makes him look really muscular. By Titan standards he's a big guy. He wears War Numen's Boot The Golden Bull Mask, Ruin Wings, Twilight Garrison and a Mark of the Old Challenge. His armor is a silvery blue.

Personality: Wolf is stoic, steadfast, and believes solely in that which can be proven factually. He hates fantasies especially those of legendary Guardians. He dismisses most of them and preposterous kid's stories that exist only to prevent nightmares. He has been around for a very long time and has years worth of experience as a Guardian that sometimes even Warlocks will look to him for advice. Wolf is both a machine of war and a gentle beast of sorts and all who have met him know this.

Weapons: Fabian Strategy, Invective, and Truth

Bio: The Vice Commander of the Firebreak Order, Wolf is the oldest member of Fireteam Dagger, having been around even before the team itself existed. He would join the team as a favor to the team's founder Pluto. Alongside Pluto and his friend Thunder, they carved up the Darkness instilling a fear of the Light into every Minion of Darkness they encountered. Unfortunately it wouldn't be long before something went wrong. Pluto began delving into thanatonotics and slowly started to go mad. This led to his desire to want to go deeper into the Vault of Glass than anyone had done previously. Thunder refused and left the fireteam letting Luisa replace him. They went in and only Wolf and Luisa made it back out, unable to defeat Atheon and losing Pluto to Time's Conflux. Since that day, Wolf refuses to speak of the Vault of Glass and has an unnatural hate for the Vex even for a Guardian. He is always makes sure his fist is the last thing any Vex ever sees of him.

Name: David “Thunder” Notos

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Class: Hunter

Description: Wears Celestial Nighthawk Iron Champion boots, Iron Companion gauntlets, the Crest of Alpha Lupi and the Wolfswood Cloak. Thunder is about the same height as Jayden and is slightly more muscular. He has shaggy dirty blond hair that's a bit shorter than Jayden's, blue eyes like Luisa's and a scar over his left eye.

Personalities: Thunder is reckless headstrong and tough as nails. It's hard to ask for a better teammate and were he not such a lone wolf, he'd have probably shared the same fate as Pluto. Thunder was the second member to be added to Fireteam Dagger and only joined because he lost a bet with Pluto about who would earn more kills in the Iron Banner, himself or Pluto. Pluto won by only a single kill. He cares very much for those he does take the time to get close to so losing them hits harder than one might think. Though Pluto was lost to Time's Conflux nearly a year ago, Thunder has not stopped mourning. This has led to him becoming even more reckless, taking on Strikes meant for full Fireteams by himself and drinking...lots of drinking.

Weapons: Nirwen's Mercy, Ace of Spade, and Stillpiercer.

Bio: Thunder was Reincarnated the same day as Pluto was, so naturally the two became friends. Perhaps in a previous life they were also. Thunder became the first Gunslinger to be able to fire multiple Golden Gun shots while wearing the Celestial Nighthawk, a feat thought impossible before. As stated above, Thunder has not stopped mourning the loss of his best friend to the Vault of Glass. He now spends most of his days attempting to strike as many times against the Darkness as possible in a single day. His record is five strikes within a 24 hour period. He has pushed out Luisa and Wolf and now only wishes to make the Darkness pay for taking his friend. Vex, Hive, Cabal, it doesn't matter to him. If you are a minion of the Darkness he will kill you no questions asked. This has led to tensions with the Vanguard and his wings being clipped on multiple occasions for insubordination.

Name: Chris 'Pluto' Randal

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Description: Wears Raid robes and boots The Stag Nothing Manicles and a Voidwalker's Bond. He stands about the same height as Jayden but is much thinner. Not many have seen Pluto without his helmet before so it is unknown what his face looks like.

Personality: Pluto is a curious one. He's always digging around for knowledge on anything. His sanity is quite torn up especially since his first thanatonotic vision after offing himself with shotgun blast to the head. He is a very powerful ally even if he isn't exactly sane. Overall he does love knowledge and knowing things.

Weapons: MIDA Multitool Susanno and Quillem's Terminus

Bio: The founding member of Fireteam Dagger, Pluto was as any other Warlock. It was painful attempting to get him to leave the Archives and he sometimes had to be thrown out by Zavala in order to get him to do Strikes or even simple Patrols. He is a very powerful Voidwalker, quick to master both blink and Nova Bomb in a very short time. However his visions got the better of him and led him on a fateful raid into the Vault of Glass which ended with his being trapped in Time's Conflux. Most presume Pluto is dead. Most are wrong.

For Warriors I have eleven, each in a different part of my Warriors World

Name: ShadowFang

Age: 36 moons (3 years in human terms)

Gender: Tom (Male)

Clan: ShadowClan

Skill: Warrior (in recommendation for deputy)

Abilities: Unusually fast for a ShadowClan cat, almost as fast as the fastest WindClan cat. Claws aren’t bone like most (determined by their color and unnatural sharpness) they’ve never broken

Appearance: Jet black fur, three of his four paws are grey, but his front left it scarred black from multiple burns, his claws and fangs are “as black as obsidian” (quoted from Blackstar the ShadowClan leader) his eyes are icy blue.

Bio: He was born Shadekit and at six moons he was apprenticed by Tawnypelt gaining the name Shadepaw. After three seasons of training and numerous times in peril he was granted his first warrior name, Shadefur. While scouting out an area controlled by Twolegs (humans) he was burnt on his side and back but particularly his front-left paw by one of their magic silver sticks that sprayed sparks at him (a plasma torch). When Littlecloud, ShadowClan’s medicine cat, finished cleaning the burn, he discovered that his claws weren’t pale, they were as black as most of the fur in his pelt. Two sunrises (days) later, he had a sore tooth that revealed his fangs to be black while his other teeth remained their natural white and at the next gathering Blackstar and StarClan granted permission to have his name changed to Shadowfang. According to Littlecloud the burn went to the bone and he was lucky not to lose the limb and his title as a warrior. Since then it can be noted that his front-left paw is scarred black while the other three remain their natural grey color. What he doesn't know is that this is a special gift from StarClan that he only has partial access to as of now

Name: Jetfur

Age: 31 moons (almost 3 years)

Gender: Tom (Male)

Clan: ShadowClan

Skill: Warrior

Abilities: Stronger than almost any cat, his strength has only been matched by Shadowfang because of his speed. He can speak Twoleg and is the only cat to know how although sometimes he speaks it without knowing it.

Appearance: Black fur with what looks like a racing stripe that’s white along both flanks and his spine (it reminded his mother of what she told him was a jet that Twolegs used to fly supposedly)

Bio: Jetfur was born as just Jet, since he was born outside of the clans. His mother, while he was a kit, lost him after he went wandering off one day. She found him almost two moons later with ShadowClan, where his (and Shadowfang’s) father was from. This discovery led Blackstar to realize the two were half brothers. After falling sick with greencough, his mother elected to stay with the clan. Sadly like his father, she joined the ranks of StarClan after the greencough turned into the more deadly blackcough and silenced her for good. Jet was then granted the name Jetkit as he was now inducted into ShadowClan. Shadowfang was a mere apprentice at this time and Twanypelt had nearly completed her training with him, so as soon as Shadowfang became a warrior (Shadefur) she started to train him. Not a two moons later Jetpaw became Jetfur and has been close to his brother. According to Blackstar the two are the ultimate team, Shadowfang is fast and Jetfur is extremely strong and can take a lot of punishment. When in combat against anyone but each other, the two have a perfect record, they remain undefeated. This aroused suspicion among the other clans when they appeared and that ShadowClan would probably attack the others…and win. This event never occurred, the last thing Blackstar or Jetfur and Shadowfang wanted was to go to war.

Name: Iceclaw

Age: 50 moons (Just over four years old)

Gender: Tom

Clan: Considered a Rouge by Forest cats, AssassinClan

Rank: Leader

Skills: Wise and and extremely stealthy

Appearence: Snow white fur with red stripes like war paint that line his shoulders blue eyes

Bio:Born a loner to a mother that died from greencough, Iceclaw was taken in by Dawnpelt and brought up an Assassin. He was ridiculed for his not being clan born. He was made leader of AssassinClan after his Mentor and previous leader was killed by Brokenstar inside of a secret cave underneath the Assassin's camp. Currently he continues the Creed's goal of eliminating Dark Forest Agents that are scattered throughout the forest clans.

Name: Bristlefang

Age: 49 moons

Gender: Tom

Clan: Considered a rouge; AssassinClan

Rank: Senior Assassin/Deputy

Skills: Strong Stealthy and Cunning

Appearence: Black fur that looks permenantly ruffled and has gray stripes green eyes

Bio: Born and raised in AssassinClan, he and Iceclaw are best friends. He became Deputy when Dawnpelt died under Iceclaw and was sent on a mission to SkyClan when a conspiracy caused Iceclaw to be exiled. He managed to usurp the new leader and take over. Now all of the Clan searches for its rightful leader as they all know.

Name: Mothfur

Age: 42 moons

Gender: She-cat

Clan: AssassinClan

Rank: Venddette (A kind of mix between Warrior and Apprentice)

Skills: Wise beyond her years, fast and innovative.

Appearence: light gray fur with darker stripes brown eyes

Bio: She was born a little bit after Iceclaw himself became an Apprentice. Since she could understand who he was she envied him and also had a slight crush on him when she was an apprentice though she'll never admit it. She graduated to Venddette at the top of her class. She was nearly killed during the raid that followed Iceclaw's exile, she's the Deputy under Bristlefang.

These next four will appear in Rise of the Elementals later on they possess a strange ability to absorb the lives of other cats rather than just killing them. If they choose to they can just kill another but most of the time they absorb them

For Star Fox I have these two

Name: Zannorak Greyson (goes by Zane)

Age: 38

Gender: Male

Height: 6’2”

Weight: Unknown

DOB: 19 BLW (He was 19 before the Lylat wars)

Occupation: Mercenary former Cerinian Special Operations

Rank: True name unknown; equal to a Captain in the Navy

Skills: Pilot, armor certified, and a registered marksmen

Abilities/Weapons: Can use most civilian and military firearms but he prefers M4/M16 style assault rifles and the M107 sniper rifle. He's telekinetic and telepathic. He owns his Cerinian broad sword which he calls Requiem and his own ship like Great Fox named the Cerinian Tear which resembles my fan created ship for Wolf the White Wolf Pack

Appearance: A Cerinian fox with blue-grey fur and a white tipped tail, his eyes are ice blue and filled with hate of the one responsible for Cerinia’s destruction.

Family: Krystal (younger sister)

Bio: Zane is the only living member of the Cerinian Mambas, a mercenary group that used to work directly for their tribe leader until Cerinia fell to Andross in the Lylat war, his wingmen Don and Sky (his girlfriend at the time) both died and his last wingman and best friend Jake Mariek turned up MIA. Zane has a determination to prove that although his race fell to superior technology that he is not weak and neither were the Cerinians. He conducts his own operations mostly and will work for you if you’ve got the money. He values teamwork and cooperation as much as his own life. He is the commander of his self owned and serviced ship Cerinian Tear and as a result spends a lot of time making sure everything is up to his standards due to his lack of a crew.

Name: Jake Mariek

Age: 36

Gender: Male

Height: 6’ 8”

Weight: 220 lbs mostly muscle

DOB: 17 BLW (He was 17 before the Lylat wars)

Home world: Cerinia

Occupation: Cerinian Mamba currently MIA

Rank: True name unknown; equal to Chief Petty Officer

Skills: Armored Vehicle Operator; rifleman

Abilities/Weapons: Telepathy; Always uses his M416 with Suppressor fore grip and extended magazines.

Appearance: Cerinian timber wolf, light gray fur and green eyes, he’s built like a Marine (nobody messes with Jake)

Bio: Jake has been MIA for all of the Lylat wars when he disappeared, he was 18. He broke out of the POW camp on Titania and evaded capture long enough to hijack a Venomian interceptor craft and escape. His current whereabouts are completely unknown.

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Shadow's Nazi Zombies reviews
When Shadow and Silver find themselves trapped in a sick game of survival, its up to them Tank Dempesy and Nikolia Belinski to work together. Will they survive? NO ROMANCE between Main characters EDIT: changed the intro so its not so ridiculious
Crossover - Sonic the Hedgehog & Call of Duty - Rated: M - English - Adventure - Chapters: 10 - Words: 18,385 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 4/23/2011 - Published: 4/7/2011 - Shadow - Complete