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Hey, my name's Kara. I absolutely love writing stories and reading them. I live in a pretty boring town, so is something that I love to do. My favorite shows are Avatar: the last airbender, Pokemon and Teen Titans. And my favorite movie is Batman Begins!!!! OMG JONATHAN CRANE! I live with my two parents, my sister, Maria, and my dog, Logan. My favorite activities during the day are sports, FANFICTION, listening to music and hanging out with my friends. :)

Age: Currently 16

Birthday: June 1st, 1995

Blood type: um... idk...

Political views: umm...??

Intrests: Funny guys, reading, writing, Music, singing, acting, drawing (only people and objects. No land or animals.. not my best) and sleeping (yeah, I'm lazy... deal with it)

My ideal life: To marry a man who has some sort of artistic interest (art, music, instruments, theater... etc)

Height: Hehehe... i hate my height! Curse my body for not growing! My height is... about 5 ft

Hair color and eye color: brown... and brown... boring old... brown

Hobbies: Reading, hiding from everyone in my household (cuz I like my alone time), FANFICTION, texting, and la musica

favorite color: GREEEEEEN!!!!

Favorite singers/bands: Lady Gaga, Avril Lavigne and Matchbox Twenty

Favorite songs: Telephone, Animal (By Disturbed), Just the Girl (Seriously, listen to it by Click 5. it is a total BBRAE song.) and Unwell by Matchbox Twenty

Favorite Characters: Dr. Jonathan Crane/ Scarecrow from Batman, Kurt from Glee and Beast Boy from Teen Titans. OMG DR. CRANE!

So, i hope you read my stories and enjoy them. REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW!

Oh yeah Pairing that I like from stories are:


Alice/Tarrant: I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND I LOVE HER!!!!!!!! THEY'RE TOO CUTE TOGETHER!

Tarrant/OC: I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He deserves a girl who wil stay with him.


Beast Boy and Raven: They're just so cute! I mean, it's like opposites attract, right?

Raven and Robin: That's kinda cute. They're both kind of mysterious, so they have an understanding of each other. But not my fav.

Starfire and Robin: Okay... Robin and Starfire are meant for each other... end of story!

Beast Boy and OC: Beast Boy always seems to fall in love with the random girls who come along to join the team. So, why not?

Cyborg and Bumblebee: Cute couple, I don't read much of them. But, hey, they look great together.

Cyborg and OC: Cyborg needs some love! So what if he's half robotic? He's smart and funny!


Katara and Aang: Awwww... that's all I have to say about them.

Sokka and Toph: It could work! Plus, Toph needs someone. Sokka is just so great for her. He's smart and funny and everything. So what if he's four years older? My dad is four years older than my mom.

Aang and Toph: They're the same age, Toph is hard as rock, Aang is light like air. Opposites attract and viola!

Zuko and Katara: Is it just me, or am I totally obsessing with the whole "opposites attract" stuff? But, they're sooo cute!

Zuko and OC: I read one with the pairing and fell in love with it! So, why not?


Finn/Rachel: Ideal couple

Finn/Kurt: I love them together

Rachel/Puck: That was cute

Rachel/Jesse: That was rly cute, too


Cyborg and Raven: Seriously? They have a brother and sister relationship

Starfire and Beast Boy: I just can't see it

Starfire and OC: Starfire belongs to Robin... end of story

Robin and OC: Robin belongs to Starfire... end of story

Beast Boy and Terra: Yes, i know that people like that pairing... But I really hate Terra with a burning passion.

Katara and Zuko: I just don't like it because Katara is too kind for him.

Zuko and Sokka: Ewwww, so not the way I go...

Sokka and Yue: For some reason, I just really hated Yue

Sokka and Suki: Suki is just really annoying to me. You ask me why? I'll tell you... I don't know.


~Kara Alicia Glassman

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