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Welcome to my profile :D

The Girl in the Profile pic is MY characters looks, Thorn. I didn't draw it, credit goes to "Veg"

I like writing various Fan Fictions, including Sly Cooper, Bully and Beverly Hills Chihuahuas.

My characters:

Sly Cooper Characters

Name: Thorn Taylor
Species: Wolf (Canis Lupis)

Age: 20

Eye colour: Deep brown

Hair: Black, straightened, and layered. Fringe sweeping over her left eye, almost covering it.

Body colour: Medium Grey

Weapon: Various weapons including knives and a Sniper (Joys of being an assassin)

Height: 5"5

Weight: 8 stone, 6 pounds

General description: Thorn is a medium grey she-wolf, with sweeping black hair and a good

sense of fashion, she has a sleek tail which flickers side to side when angry (a dead giveaway)

and generally wears a coat of mascara, bit of eye liner and some gloss. She has three hoops

in her left ear and five in her right. Shes a pretty female with a a full upper body, trim waist and

petite bottom half. Thorn wears an assortment of clothes. When out on a heist, she takes role

of assassin, wearing Doc Martins, and Tight black pants, she wears a black turtleneck and a chunky belt.

History: Her father died taking a police gun shot for her mother, who managed to escape and swore

vengeance on Interpol, joined a dangerous league of assassins who promised her sweet revenge of

her partners reaper in exchange for joining. She agreed, whilst pregnant with Thorn at the time. She has

a sister, Talon. The assassins turned on her however, as she went senile from the lust for revenge and

they killed her shortly after Thorn was born. Thorn and Talon were separated, Thorn sent to an orphanage

and Talon rumored to have been kept by the Assassins. Can't be sure, however.

Personality: Thorn has a good heart really, but due to her tragic past has a hard outer shell, she's killed many

times and doesn't think twice about pulling the trigger or slicing the blade. She has a soft spot for Sly and

shares a mutual passionate hate for Carmelita.

Name: Talon Taylor
Species: Wolf (Canis Lupis)

Age: Not exact age known, at least 21, probably older.

Eye colour: Green

Hair: Long black hair, in loose curls, beyond the shoulders.

Body colour: Dark grey, flecks of black.

Weapon: ?

Height: ?

Weight: ?

General description: An extremely attractive female, with attractive features including unusually

eyes, where her sisters aren't. Other than that she looks like her sister, Thorn. She has a single

hoop on her right ear.Talon is lucky enough to have an extremely curvaceous hourglass figure,

and a thickly furred tail. She is mostly seen wearing a white vest top, black tight pants and some

very hench looking Doc Martins.

History: All that is known is that her dad is dead, shot by police, mother went senile and killed

by her fellow assassins, and that she had a newborn sister who ended up on an orphanage door step.

Personality: Despite her sweet natured looks, this female is a pure, poisonous bitch! She is an evil,

twisted soul, who has a huge load of agents, Assassins, Spy's and other various people working for

her. The reason behind her increasing nastiness is unknown, although from what we know about her

past, which is a sad one, may be to do with it. Talon has no kindness, but is notorious for being seductive,

manipulating and plain dangerous. Rumor has it she's a severe sociopath and possibly schizophrenic.

Name: Akiro Motou
Species: Japanese Akita

Age: 27

Eye colour: EBrown/Reddy

Hair: Russet hair, medium length in a messy/spiked sort of style

Body colour: Russet Red

Weapon: Taser, sheer strength

Height: 6"

Weight: 12 stone (No fat, sheer muscle)

General Appearance: Akiro is of a huge build, all muscle and no fat. He's a strong looking canine and has

deep russet coloured fur, he is fond of expensive looking slouch jeans, heavy trainers and a vest top.

Akiro also has one stud in the right ear, and a gold bracelet.

History: Normal childhood, had anger issues as a teenager, was a bit of a rebel and had to resort to boxing

to release the pent up anger he had. Now manages to control it better now he's older but can slip it if provoked enough.

Personality: A fierce looking Akita, who has a tough attitude to life, has a no shit attitude and uses his sheer

strength when provoked. His role as a Prison Guard is what made him so cruel natured but when he's not working

and with the few people he classes as friends, he's a much more relaxed person.

My stories I'm working on:

Love or Friendship? Its a Sly Cooper :3

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