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Hello there fello fans of fiction!

I salute you all. :)

The main reason behind me liking fan fiction is the beauty of alteration- you can do anything you want with the characters (even though they're not really yours to begin with). It's like magic! I'VE GOT THE POWER!!

Anyone like Twilight? WHOOO! BRING ON EDWARD CULLEN! Screw the movie though. Urgh, don't get me started on the movie. Basically it was a disaster. Booooring!

Things I like:

1. Edward Cullen

2. Cheese- :) who doesn't

3. Hang on a minute--FOOD!!

4. Writing- Although I'm pretty sure everyone knew that already.

5. Music- I play two instruments- the clarinet and the pia-pia-piano!! Oh and I sing. :)

6. Sarcasm- I use it all the time. :)

The list goes on... :) I won't bore you any more.

Things I don't like:

1. Robert Pattinson- yaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgh! Okay I don't mean totally despise him, I just don't like him as Edward Cullen. :)

2. Coursework- you're mental if you do to be honest. :) but no pressure.

3. Parsnip- It's DISGUSTING!

4. Bad smells

5. Losing- that slightly knarks me.

Basically there's not much I don't like, except what's listed above. :)

Favourite Books:

Ah hell I don't know, there are so many! OK these are my 'recent' favourites (They're not in order of preference either):

1. My Sister's Keeper By Jodi Picoult (So sad D:)

2. Crocodile Tears By Anthony Horowitz (From the Alex Rider Series)

3. Song Quest Series By Katherine Roberts (SO AMAZING!)

4. The Looking Glass Wars By Frank Beddor (If you like Alice in Wonderland- you'll like this twist of the story)

5. The Sight By David Clement-Davies (Anyone like wolves? I'm obsessed! He also wrote 'Fell' as well, it's like a sequel book)

6. Shatter By Michael Robotham (I didn't sleep for weeks on end with fear he would come and get me)

7.The House of Night Series By P.C and Kristin Cast (Very good. Keeps you enrtranced.)

8. Harry Potter Series By J.K Rowling (OF COURSE! Although i absolutely hate how she ends the last novel with the 19 years latr thing. But that's just my opinion.)

9. Twilight Series By...guess who?? :)

10. Watership Down By Richard Adams (It's still one of my favourites despite me having read it almost 8 years ago!)

There are loads more, but these are the top ten!

Notice: I've begun writing my first fanfic for you called 'Bloodtrance,' based on Edward and Bella mainly. I have to warn you, the plot is very different, so if you like reading fanfics which are based on the main story, this isn't for you. It's got vampires in it though, just not what you'd expect. :) I should have completed the first 15 chaps by the end of March. Please read if you're interested.

Thanx :)


15th August- A/N:

Heya guys! Just wanna say really really sorry to the lateness of publishing it's just that my friend (Love ya Nessie!) who puts the chapters up for me is on holiday, so er...hang in there guys. Thanks!

Loving the reviews by the way! Totally awesome!

Notice: I have to warn you in advance that there may be a few lemons coming up, what I'll do is hint when it starts and if you wanna skip that part, feel free to do so; basically a few 'M rated moments' are coming up. :) You've been warned... By the way I didn't tell you the plot in any way just then! ;)

Also, the plot is about to get veerrrrrrrrry complicated, so prepare to get confused!

Love y'all!

Cherry xx

21st September- A/N:

Heya y'all! Hope ya liked chapter 15! Just a quick note to say, that Florence Grey is now Laurence Grey, cos apparently 'Florence' isn't a guy's name. :S Whatever. So people who have read it already, don't be confused if you got an email, saying I've put a new chapter 15 up.

Preview next chapter should be up soon too!

Love y'all

Cherry xx

9th November

Heya y'all! OK somebody asked why nothing was explained about Edward not picking Bella up and not calling, that's because it would ruin the plot. :) Basically, it's all gonna be explained in next chapter don't worry. :P Next chapter up soon. :)

Love y'all!

Cherry xx

23rd January- A/N:

Hey guys! Firstly can I say thanks sooo much to the lovely people reviewing! Your comments really do brighten up my day. And thanks to all my readers too! I was amazed to see how many people had started reading chapter nineteen literally only a few minutes after I'd put it up! Incredible!

Just to answer a few questions in the reviews, I'll try and be as brief as I can so as to not ruin anything; firstly, OBVIOUSLY Bella is gonna be fine. I mean it's a Bella/ Edward fanfic, she can't die! :) And Jacob's 'secret', although I'm sure most of you guessed what it was, is going to be explained too. Oh and Reneesme isn't really that important a character. She just creates a bit of tension every now and then...for now. :) And might I just be clear by saying that Edward is the ONLY vamp in the Cullen family, so please don't think Jasper's gonna turn up and join in and have supper with Edward. That's not what I had in mind at all.

Chapter twenty explains a lot of hidden secrets, of Edward's past mostly, but I can't say much more about that because I'll ruin the plot, but it'll be very interesting to see what you think of his past. :) I'm still trying to perfect it, so it'll be a while till I put it up, but hopefully the wait will be worth it. Thanks so much for your patience people, you won't regret it!

Love y'all!

Cherry xx

15th October 2012 A/N:
YO! Chapter Ten Truelight is UP people! Thank for your patience so far; I know it must be a pain waiting for so damn long. Worry not, I've already started on the next chapter and will have it up ASAP! Things are gonna get a little saucier soon ;)

That's all I have to say for now. Over and out.

Love y'all!

Cherry xx

Timeline- since time was recorded... (Relevant for Truelight readers only)

STILL CAN'T DO IT! I've tried copying and pasting the image on...FAIL! *Sniff*

I'll figure it out soon... :/

29th January 2013 A/N:

Chapter Twelve of Truelight is FINALLY up! The wait was hopefully not in vain; the next few chapters are already written tee hee. And soon I will FIIIINALLY be putting up the next Bloodtrance chapter. Jeez it has been a while since I entered that world! Biggest writer's block I've had so far, but I'm getting there! :/

That's it for now. Adieu.

Love y'all!

Cherry xx

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