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Author has written 6 stories for Misc. Anime/Manga, Transformers/Beast Wars, Alcatraz, Avatar: Last Airbender, Batman: Arkham Asylum, X-Men: Evolution, Legend of Korra, and Gotham.

Name: Trainman-Captain Writer

Sex: Male

Height: 5'07"

Weight: 190-ish lb.

Birth date: Classified

Current Location: Classified

Bio: I was born in the United States, and have seen many things and done some crazy stuff too. I like to write, draw pictures, and try to make everyone crack a smile with my "performances". I'm basically what some would call a "class clown," though I'm really not. I'm just an average guy who likes to see people happy and have a lot of fun.

Hey fellas! Hope everyone is having a good summer. Good news, I've finally got my first job!!! It's working at a local amusement park in my home town and get this...I get to operate the rides! How exciting is that, and as an added bonus I get to hang out with my old friends at the park!

Any way, During my spare time I am also going to start get back into writing at the moment! If you haven't already noticed, I have more than a few stories that need a good updating and a few new ones that I think you all will enjoy. So sit back, relax, munch on some popcorn, and prepare to be amazed!

That's Right Folks: The Captain is Back from the Grave!!!!

First Things First: Current Stories!

Now I know a lot of people have loved reading my stories, even though they are only a few chapters long. I hope soon to continue updating them, but I can't guarantee anything.

Current List of Stories is as Follows:

  • Alcatraz Season 2
  • Sherlock Hound: Love of Life
  • Time Waits For No Bat!
  • Transcending Lifetimes
  • X-Men Evolution: Galactic Conquest

  • Next on the list: Upcoming Stories!

    After slowly getting back in my old groove, I have been getting inspiration to write new and even more exciting stories. Tales of bravery and adventure, scenes of romance and candlelight, and dramatic outcomes for the unknown futures that lay ahead. So keep an eye open for some of these new tales soon.

    Some of these new stories will be:

  • An Assassin's Creed story that will put a whole new twist on not only the Assassins, Templars, innocent people, famous and prominent figures of history, and the Precursors; there will be new characters introduced, new orders formed, and even secrets more powerful than even the Pieces of Eden themselves!
  • Another Assassin's Creed story only this one is more of a series of small stories comprised together. Similar to Alastriona Donovan's The Eagle and The Cross and Riona's Visitors. These stories will be centered around the characters of Vampire-Badger's Unintended Consequences and Change My Mind. And before you ask: yes, I did get permission to do this story from the author!!!
  • Finally, a How To Train Your Dragon story set after HTTYD 2--or is it... Inspiration for this story came from reading Dragonbow117's story Flashed Back.
  • I'll try and work on these during my spare time. Hopefully soon...

    For those How to Train Your Dragon fans out there, for my story I plan on classifying dragons based on this list that I got from . Check it out!

    Dragon Classification:

    Boulder Class

  • Gronckle
  • Whispering Death
  • Screaming Death
  • Hotburple
  • Snafflefang
  • Thunderpede
  • Groncicle
  • Grapple Grounder
  • Catastrophic Quaken
  • Foreverwing (presumably)
  • Shovelhelm
  • Mystery Class

  • Hideous Zippleback
  • Changewing
  • Snaptrapper
  • Boneknapper
  • Smothering Smokebreath
  • Flightmare
  • Sweet Death
  • Sword Stealer (presumably)
  • Death Song
  • Armorwing
  • Gobsucker
  • Sharp Class

  • Timberjack
  • Speed Stinger
  • Stormcutter
  • Raincutter
  • Scuttleclaw
  • Hackatoo
  • Shivertooth
  • Windstriker
  • Razorwhip
  • Thornridge (presumably)
  • Prickleboggle
  • Devilish Dervish
  • Egg Biter
  • Stoker Class

  • Monstrous Nightmare
  • Terrible Terror
  • Typhoomerang
  • Fireworm
  • Red Death
  • Hobblegrunt
  • Moldruffle
  • Night Terror
  • Strike Class

  • Night Fury
  • Skrill
  • Snow Wraith
  • Woolly Howl
  • Threadtail
  • Tidal Class

  • Scauldron
  • Thunderdrum
  • Seashocker
  • Bewilderbeast
  • Sliquifier
  • Submaripper (Ripwrecker)
  • Shockjaw
  • Sand Wraith
  • Tide Glider
  • Purple Death
  • Tracker Class

  • Deadly Nadder
  • Rumblehorn
  • Thunderclaw
  • Mudraker
  • Windgnasher
  • Snifflehunch (presumably)

  • That's all for now! Tune in next time: Same Fanfiction, Same Trainman-Captain Writer!!!!

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