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Okay. I took one more step. from to fanfiction.net

I'm from Germany - take that as an excuse for my English :D

I'm still hesitating to post my stories here, because i'm just to lazy to translate them. in addition, they aren't really the greatest thing since sliced bread. Yeah.

About me:



~am kind of a freak when it comes to Manga, Anime and Video Games. seriously.

~tried to learn japanese. i ended up with only knowing hiragana and how to say that I'm an apple. great.

~love english. speaking. reading. writing and listening to. But you could say.. yeah. I have other qualities.

~love drawing. and i dare to say that im not the worst artist. but i'm too honest to say that I'm good at it.

~hate tomatoes. That must've been said.

~Love Music. A lot of Bands. My Bass Charles Francis Eugene III. Don't laugh, that's his name.

~am too lazy to write more.

uhm.. My Favourite Manga?

Okay. I read a lot of stuff. from Ecchi to Mecha. A lot of shonen-ai (call it... curiosity) and Shonen.

just a selection:

(At the moment I find the chapters rather annoying. but this doesn't stop me from reading them)

Death Note
Bakuman (don't laugh. I love it!)

One Piece
(I never thought i'd say this. but i love One Piece. Seriously, the art sucks but the story is awesome. Love Ace, Zoro, Sanji and.. Sir Crocodile. (Sorry, i do :D))

(it's kind of not very well-known, isn't it? (what a sentence!))

(Lavi..Lavi..Lavi! (somebody else there who knows him as "Rabi?) Kanda.. wuh. and better.. KandaxLavi. :3)

Ouran High School Host Club (drastic change of genre? :D)

Princess Princess. Family Complex and Kakumei no hi

All Work of Yuki Kaori (except Angel Sanctuary, 'cause I've never read it.)

Almost all work of Tanemura Arina (yeah, drastic change of genre. and style.)

Axis Powers: Hetalia

A lot more.

Yeah.. Films?

I love all movies of Hayao Miyazaki. i want to watch Nausicäa of the valley of the winds, REALLY hard. Sad, i had no opportunity to.

Satoshi Kon's movies are also great. I love Paprika and Tokyo Godfathers.

I love Jane Austen filmings, her books and.. yeah. her books.

I like Shining (Movie)..

..Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain (I could watch it again and again.)

Yay. Video Games.

I love the final fantasy series. especially FFVII. i played Crisis core, Dirge of Cerberus (i never completed both. afraid of the sad end (CC). and because the playstation 2 was only borrowed (DoC)) and more than 60 hours of the original game. and watched Advent Children.

Kingdom Hearts. AH! I love Axel. and Roxas. and WAH. I bought Birth by sleepand stopped playing in the middle of Terra's part. (i finished Aqua's) I'm gonna finish it ... one day.. but I'm planning to buy Chain of memories.

Prince of Persia. thats a classic, right?
played all five (the new ones.) great stuff. and hot prince. (okay. in the Two thrones he was a bit old. and he talked like an old man. but the dark prince had style!)

Batman: Arkham Asylum.

POKéMON! (okay guys, i'm gonna stop here :D)


yay. you all waited for this, right?

Wind on Fire. An amazing trilogy by William Nicholson!

Misery. by Stephen King

Artemis Fowl. by Eoin Colfer.

Harry Potter. by .. you-know-who (J.K Rowling) (i like all seven. bt in V and VI i just couldn't stand Harry's attitude)

Most books by Kai Meyer.

Okay. I shouldn't have a extremely huge profile... so finally


Naruto (i already left that behind me. yay)



Star Trek TOS (you didn't see THAT coming!)

but i like most to write free.. fandomless stuff. Prose. you know?

Okay, any questions? I guess not.

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