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Like the Supernovas that occur in the distance, releasing massive energies, shining brightly, I am but a small figment of the universe, and my explosion will be to shine in this world, to grace the inhabitants of this world with a transient morsel of hope and salvation. I shall release my energies, in an effort to shine upon all you unfortunate enough to feel the sufferings of life.

LoL, all that crap aside, i like fics, which is obvious enough, since i'm here. I like Eva, Bebop, Trigun, Utena, Hellsing, Love Hina, Ah! My goddess, and others. But for fics, the only ones I really read are Eva, with occasional glances at others.

Addendum* Those people who write should first rate themselves from a purely neutral perspective. If they can TRULY say they are good, then write, and have other people decide. If we AGREE with you, then you are truly a good writer.

Get PREREADERS. GOOD ONES. ONES THAT WILL DO THEIR JOB. I don't care if you have 50 people on your prereading team; if YOUR fic's grammar is crap, its crap.

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