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Author has written 18 stories for Stravaganza, How to Be Popular, Meg Cabot, Twilight, Teen Idol, Merlin, Harry Potter, and Doctor Who.

2/10/2013 - I've rewritten Pretty, Popular and Partnered because it was bothering me, but now I'm going to have to go on hiatus until December because I'm starting university. Defected I will come back to, but I may end up posting some of those one-shots before I update it.

25/08/2013 - Defected is being rewritten and posted with the help of CleopatraisMyName and will be posted weekly hopefully. I'm editing my NaNo novel at the same time so updates might come in patches. For more info on the NaNo novel, go to .

18/07/2013 - A Dance of Roses is now up! I'm doing the July 2013 Camp NaNoWriMo so no more fanfiction updates for the rest of this month. Probably some time in the first half of August.

20/06/2013 UPDATE: I'm back, exams are over and I'm ready to write!

Me as a Reader:

Hi, I'm FallenStar22.

I'm slightly addicted to FanFiction... The longest I've managed to stay away is about two weeks...
I love Harry Potter, and that's my first and foremost fandom. I also like Merlin, Doctor Who, Meg Cabot, The Hunger Games, UGLIES quartet and Jane Austen.
I look for realism mainly and I'm not too keen on fluff that doesn't seem natural.

I over analyse everything and resort to analysing what people mean when they favourite/alert. So I've compiled a decoder of what I mean when I do the things listed below:

If I only reviewed the last chapter of your story: I probably loved it so much I couldn't stop reading. If I review in between: there was probably a particular bit that I liked that I wanted to point out. If I favourite: I want to read your story again, or keep a link to show others. If I alert: I may love it, or just want to find out more. If I take you off alert: I'll probably message you saying why I didn't like it; if not, message me. If I review but don't favourite or alert: I liked it, so I wanted to tell you, but it might just be a one time thing I want to read.

Ships I sail:

Dramione ScoRose (Scorpius Malfoy/Rose Weasley) KBOW (Katie Bell/Oliver Wood) Mergana

Note: These are ships I commonly read but is not an exclusive list of what I read. I have nothing against other ships but am strongly against shippers who are determined to put people down for their ship. It shows an utmost disrespect to an author to send them flames for writing a ship without even reading their story as they are giving the author no chance to even display their writing skills and persuade the reader of their characterisation. We all interpret characters differently and that's the author's choice. The way I see it is if you don't like the ship and hate it so much you feel you have to rant about it for paragraphs in a review, just don't read it.
(This slightly angry note is a response to the flames I received on Chapter 7 of Defected for no reason other than the fact it was Dramione. I am so mad, still after all these months.)

Me as a Writer:

Writing is something I fell in love with quite a while ago, and have just never seem to find the time to do. I don't have very much time to write things due to the fact that I'm an idiot and have taken all of the hardest possible subjects I can at school. So when I do write it is either spontaneous and never finished, or carefully planned and never started.

I've written a lot in the summer of 2013 and that's something I'm really proud of. Read the rest of my writing exploits here.

My Fics:

The New Apprentice (complete)
This is based on Mary Hoffman's Stravaganza series. I absolutely love the books and have read the first 3 books quite a few times. I only found out while writing this fic that there are another 2 books! One of the main things I love about City of Stars is the connection to star signs, and the way everything links together though that :) And how everyone gets paired up.
It's pretty much like a short version of a book, a new Stravaganti comes, except this is already in the city of Giglia. With mentoring by Giuditta, Jess manages to create a statue while getting off on the wrong foot with Arianna. It's short, but I read it again recently and I didn't feel like it was missing much.

Pretty, Popular and Partnered (complete)
It's based on How to Be Popular and Teen Idol. Meg Cabot is my favourite author and I just love her books. I just started writing this one day, intending this to be a one-shot but then decided to carry on because people liked it. It's about an insecure girl called Poppy who is in a similar situation to Steph. She then meets Steph who helps her overcome her problem.
Note: 2/10/2013- I know it's good to leave your old writing as a reference point, but this was so bad so I had to rewrite it.

Only Once (two-shot)
Based on Teen Idol by Meg Cabot, a page from ASK Annie's advice column, and then a short story about Jen meeting a boy in the library.

Angela is a Vampire (one-shot)
A Twilight parody based around a camping trip I went on. One of my friends was suspiciously vampire like so we all joked about her being a vampire.

I'll Watch You Grow Into The King Camelot Deserves (one-shot)
This is a one shot from Gwen's prospective during S3E6 when Arthur is getting married to Princess Elena.

Merlin, I Know Your Secret (complete)
This is a Mergana fic based on when Morgana decides to tell Merlin she knows he is a sorcerer. From Merlin's and Morgana's POV. The ending was rushed in order to actually finish it but I like the first two chapters.

You Owe Me A New Bed (one-shot)
A really random HP idea that came into my head; not really something I would write. A mature implicated Dramione based around Blaise and Draco's bet with the prize of a bed.

Albus Dumbledore and the Flaming Curtains (one-shot)
A short fic about Dumbledore setting his curtains on fire when he mentions it in the fourth movie.

The Irony of Being a Mudblood/Death Eater (complete - two poems)
The first poem about Hermione just came out and then I decided to write a companion poem about Draco.

The Prefects' Parting Kiss (one-shot)
Slightly angsty mistletoe moment for Draco and Hermione. It did start off fluffy but that's because I started it the year before. I can't really deal with too much fluff so I changed the ending to something a bit more realistic.

It'll Snow Again Next Year Doctor (one-shot)
I was inspired by snow and while thinking of snow and fanfiction I thought The Snowmen. Some of the moments with Clara and the snow were beautiful so I thought I'd write something based upon snow from Clara's POV. She is dead in this fic but it does work. It's a bit like a letter to the Doctor.

7 Years of Halloween (Abandoned)
Short drabbles from Hermione and Draco's POV on the thoughts they had about each other, each Halloween. I will finish this, I've just been sidetracked by longer fics and this one is harder to research than I first thought it would be.
Note: 20/06/2013 - I have no plan to finish this fic any more as there is less and less about Halloween as the books go on and I want to focus on my other fics.

Waiting for Welford Ward (complete)
Dr Who, Pond and Rory. When you have a Dr Who like adventure, the least you could is write it up! Based on a late night visit to a hospital where everything was a bit strange. It has been finished but I fail to remember if I actually did conclude it...

Defected (WIP)
This is my favourite fic so far. I have no idea where the idea came from and I never thought I would sympathise with Slytherins, but I was inspired by this quote:

To judge someone at the age of 11, to judge them, to set their future course so young, seems to me to be a very harsh thing to do. And it doesn't take into account the fact that we do change and evolve. A lot of people are, at 40, what they weren't at 11. - Joanne Rowling in MN/TLC chat.

That's the angle I'm taking with this fic and it's the one I'm currently writing. It has been a struggle to write so many (fourteen) main characters, but it's really cool being able to create this snapshot of people we've never seen before. Theo/Daphne is my favourite couple there, there are no other obvious couples to me yet. Daphne/Hermione interactions are by far my favourite to write, and Pansy is a very interesting character to add depth to.

Granger Shorts (drabble collection)

Of All Cursed Days (one-shot)
This is a collection of one hundred word drabbles (eight I think) from Hermione's point of view on Valentine's Day. I found this writing technique in a founders fic called The Second Pair by My Dear Professor McGonagall (I recommend it!) and I had to try it out. I really enjoyed writing in this style even though this fic wasn't the easiest to write. Rain for Reflection (one-shot)
A small drabble about Hermione's thoughts on what she did to her parents while the rain falls.

A Dance of Roses (one-shot)
This is a next gen fic set when Rose is in her early twenties at a War Memorial Ball. It's long and I got carried away, but it got me through my exams and I'm mostly happy with the way it turned out. It's told as a continuous scene with flashbacks to Scorpius/Rose's past together. It's not really romantic and the point is that they had a relationship with each other that was satisfying without feeling the expectation of constant romance.

Future Fics
I have a couple of Harry Potter fics waiting to be written that contain some quite unusual ideas ;) One is called On Time and Turners and is a Founders fic with their opinions on time. The second is a surprise because as far I know, there aren't any other fics like it. I have a few one shots floating unfinished, so when the appropriate holiday comes along I will finish and post them.

I do hope to update regularly, but due to university, and many forthcoming exams/coursework/life in general, this may be quite difficult and I appreciate you being patient. I'm generally quite busy as I take part in a lot of extra-curricular, and while I admire those working parents who still write, I just can't do that, and I don't want to promise something I can't do. It is something I'm working on though. I'll probably get to write in the holidays though.

Thanks for taking the time to read.


"We read to know we are not alone." - C S Lewis

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