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Welcome to the dazed world of the Bystander.

11/10/2016: It took another week, but the chapter is out. Carol finally gets to grips with something that has both inspired and dogged her through the entire story.

4/10/2016: (Holds head in hands). Chapter difficulties. Unfortunately I have new personal commitments, as I have started a Chemistry course I must keep up with. This was my one chance to get the chapter done. I'm not likely to be able to complete the chapter until next week now. I apologise for the delay.

22/9/2016: Chapter 24 is launched. I was feeling rather nervous about this one, and I wanted to make sure that I waited for feedback from my pre-reader, ElectricSparx. I was also feeling too exhausted to add the necessary polish, which meant that I didn't really know what I had. As it happened, the chapter seemed to be in better nick than I felt at the time, so I have decided to go ahead and publish. I think I will try to publish as soon as I can when I am late and try to stick to schedule, rather than waiting until the next Tuesday if I miss that Tuesday's deadline. Better not to keep people waiting any longer than I need to.

It feels like it gets harder to maintain a story as you go on. I've been trying to push through that a bit while still maintaining the quality of the prose. I do feel like I'm becoming more polished, but it's always hard to judge from your own perspective. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this latest offering, and I will endeavour to continue. I feel my track record for tardiness speaks for itself at this point.

6/9/2016: Chapter 23 is away, and this is where the real story starts.

Carol is subconsciously practicing a form of logic comparable to cutting the Gordion Knot. There are basically a lot of things they can't understand and a lot of things which just don't make sense, so she's picking up on the most important detail, the most revealing one, and building the rest of her theory around that. There are a lot of other things that she (and by extension myself, the author) doesn't explicitly say. I'm deliberately leaving a lot for you guys to piece together.

24/8/2016: A little longer than usual turned out to be a week and a day. Chapter 22 is finally out. Thank you for bearing with me longer than you should have had to.

16/8/2016: Unfortunately, the latest chapter will take a little longer than usual. I will try to get it out as soon as I can, and if possible will try to go the extra mile next week in exchange. I apologise for this, as it is the second time in a month that I have not updated the story on time. Please, bear with me.

Slightly Dazed Bystander.

2/8/2016: Chapter 21 is away!

19/7/2016: Chapter 20 is finally out. Apologies for the wait everyone.

12/7/2016: Sorry folks. I couldn't do it this fortnight. I had critical interviews for teacher training this week, and trying to get the chapter out would have been irresponsible. I did make an attempt, but I'm not going to try to rush it out three hours before deadline with my interview looming tomorrow. I apologise for this. You'll get it by the weekend. Next Tuesday tops. I will aim for this Thursday.

Slightly Dazed Bystander.

29/6/2016: Chapter 19 is out. Poor Carol...

1/6/2016: Chapter 17 is now out... and we're finally into the endgame for this arc. Things will be wrapping up in the north pretty soon.

Wow... lots of getting hurt in this one. I had my doubts about this one at times, but decided to run with it.

18/5/2016: That's the 16th chapter out.

5/52016: Chapter 15 is out on the scene! I actually got a chapter out on time! It's a Christmas miracle! Which, by the way, Carol kind of needs right now herself.

26/4/2016: Another two week break. Chapter 14 is out. Carol's starting to rally, but can she survive the coming storm?

12/4/2016: After a two week break, Chapter 13 of The Dragon's Mantle is finally out. As always, the story may update next week or not. If not, there'll be another chapter of Drunken Ramblings instead.

22/3/2016: Chapter 12 is out and the story is hitting home. Also, did I mention we have a forum now?

We have a forum now :D

19/3/2016: We have a forum ladies and gentlemen.

Here you can discuss stories, request feedback, leave reviews and spitball exciting new ideas. All are welcome! Please feel free to introduce yourselves. Hopefully we can make a go of it!

16/3/2016: Chapter ten. We'll finally get back to Milla next chapter, and get out of the woods to boot.

8/3/2016: Chapter nine is out.

3/3/2016: Chapter eight, Meltdown is out.

This is an important chapter, because we're taking a look inside the mind of a character I have deliberately denied the perspective of so far. It was also one of the easiest to initially write yet the hardest editing job. Writing Lilac was a balancing act, because I had to underline the impact of her trials and tribulations without weakening the fundamental strength of the character. Lilac is tough as nails and I didn't want to undermine that, but at the same time I needed to hammer home that this is essentially a full-scale breakdown as she's hit by the consequences of her decisions both during and before FP1's events. This was not easy to do, and I think I nearly strangled my monitor on a few occasions.

23/2/2016: Chapter seven, Wake, is now out.

16/2/2016: Chapter six is out. Well, chapter seven actually. I split Wildcat Rescue into two halves due to size.

9/2/2016: The fifth chapter of The Dragon's Mantle has been released.

This was a difficult one to write. I've done extensive editing on it, trying to retool the action and make it more interesting. I'd be very eager to hear feedback on the combat if anyone is willing.

Thanks to all who are reading along to this. I hope I am doing a good job.

3/2/2016: That's the fourth chapter of the Dragon's Mantle released. This is actually progressing somewhat stably for once.

People may have noticed that I tend to update on Tuesday. The official schedule is Wednesday. However, since I'm unlikely to be awake for midnight, I generally publish on Tuesday after I've put the final touches on each chapter.

26/1/2016: That's another chapter released. Forsaken Woodland.

This was a difficult chapter, because it's really a set up for things to come. I also had Torque and Gong's interplay to sort out when I first wrote this chapter, which was a little tricky to set up. I hope it goes down well.

20/1/2016: The next chapter of the Dragon's Mantle is out and it looks like we're on a formal release schedule of one per week. I'd do it more often but I'm being very careful not to exceed the rate at which I can write these chapters. One a week looks like a good estimate. Maybe a little faster if I can really hit my stride. Any more than that and I'm just going to end up rushing. I already wound up having to redo quite a bit of work on some later chapters and I'd like to keep these flowing steadily so that people have time to read. I don't want to just throw the whole story up and drown people in words, and then a month passes with no new content.

Trying to be organised this time folks.

14/1/2016: I have a new story out. The Dragon's Mantle.

Well I'm proud of the title anyway. The story centres around how Carol would handle herself if Lilac disappeared shortly after the events of the first game. The story is only just starting out and I have a lot of work to do on the chapters I have written, but I should be able to update this one steadily. Though it is going to be a long haul; there is a lot of story to tell here, I also know how this is going to start, end and what's going to happen in the middle. If anyone has any feedback please let me know; I'm quite excited about this one. Carol is an excellent character and the FP universe gives a lot of room to explore

13/1/2016: Well, I finally did it. I chopped back Through the Darkness to chapter 12. This was coming for a long time.

I have several reasons. The major reason is that it was probably in violation of's terms of service. That was just too gory and too unpleasant. I need to be more responsible with what I put up here.

Which brings me to reason two. Too unpleasant. I've got a fairly high tolerance for blood and violence, but that was getting into "not touching this with a bargepole territory." Quite frankly I'm amazed I wasn't flamed out of existence; this stuff's been here for six years without a comment (beyond one reviewer's glorious observation that he/she "hopes Tomo kills them all!" If I could frame that on my wall...)

I may re-approach the story. But I'd like to come at it from a less overtly violent angle. Disturbing is fine. Making people seriously wonder about the mental health of the author is not.

Freaks and Monsters is on haitus until I sort it out in my head. I still have a solid concept, I'm just roughing out the edges. In the meantime another unfortunate story, Freedom Planet, has caught my eye and I may soon have a different fic on the go. This one has a much more solid plan from beginning to end, so hopefully I won't write myself into a corner this time (which again happened with Through the Darkness).

It'll also be a lot less bleak. Not to mention T-rated, which is a surprisingly refreshing change. I'd like to write a story with a little bit of hope for once.

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