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Status update: We just changed our pen name from JRLucky to StewartFamilyLovin because we have this weird fascination with the close bond between Robby, Jackson and Miley. And all our stories here have been along those lines.

OUR NAMES: JRPopFan & Grownup-Truscott

We created this account to post stories that we are writing together and/or stories we may want to keep away from our "favorite readers", cause who knows what we are capable of when we get together or when we want to please the other one with a little dirty one-shot that the other one would appreciate.

As our friends and readers know, JRPopFan & Grownup-Truscott met through with the fic "Not A Girl, Not Yet A Mistress" by JRPopFan. Grownup-Truscott became the beta-reader for that story and a friendship developed that turned into us finding something that is unexplainable and wonderful. Yes, we are a couple (A couple of whats I am not sure)...

We are no holds barred on our stories, they are rough, sweet, and can be a little out there by wanting to write about the closeness of The Stewart Family but that is just who we are. Plan and simple. If you don't like what we write about it, we don't care...

Most of our stories our one-shots, but we may do a few longer ones. They are probably more along the lines as porn without plot, cause if there was a plot it would have more than one chapter. Our one-shots are just to find ways for this family to be together... Forever. We may invite some other cast members, like Oliver, Lilly, Traci, etc... but mostly will be about Robby, Jackson and Miley.

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