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Huzzah For FanFiction

It's actually because of this site (and everybody's lovely reviews :) seriously, we wouldn't still be writing without them!) that me and CelticKnot12 (my writin' buddy) are now avid writers. In fact, our dream is to become TV show writers and create humorous and CLEAN shows.

So if any of you happen to know a directer or producer... :)

Robin Hood BBC

Here we have the Robin Hood obsession section of the page. Here is how Robin Hood series 4 began, along with FanFiction use, of course...

My friend and I are HUGE Robin Hood fans. I watched the first two series in one weekend, I was so addicted. But then came that fateful day...I watched series 2, episode 13. :'( I couldn't believe they killed Marian! MARIAN!! How dare those writers!

And then the third series fell apart. Robin was not as funny and dated evil Isabella and Kate (who I would have liked more if she hadn't replaced Marian's spot). And then there was Guy's hair...*shudder*. And then Allan died in that horrible way, when everyone thought him a traiter again. And THEN they had to go off and kill Robin. ROBIN!! The TITLE character!! UGH! Why do the Robin Hood writers have to kill off everyone we love?!


So, to make me feel better, my friend came up with the begining of Robin Hood, Series 4, Episode 1: the good version. The version where Robin does not die. And neither did Marian, for that matter. Happy day!

When we completed the first episode, I stumbled across this site. Lightbulb moment! Why not share our story to perhaps try and cheer up the other Robin Hood fans who are depressed over Marian and Robin's (according to our story) "deaths"?

So that is the tale of how our stories came to this site. I really hope you enjoy them and see them as real episodes, like we do. Remember that Robin and Marian are both alive and in love :D


Ah, yes. MacGyver. The reason I asked for a pocketknife for my birthday and now carry duct tape in my bag. Sure it's an old show, but that's what makes it good. It's old enough that it doesn't have all the bad stuff they throw into shows today, yet newish enough for it to have good acting. Or maybe it's Richard Dean Anderson that's just totally awesome. Yeah, let's go with that :) But seriously, good show.

So after me and my writing partner, Celticknot12, began writing Robin Hood and discovered that we really, really enjoyed writing these kinds of stories (reviews helped too :) ), we decided to carry onto MacGyver.

Our MacGyver story is proudly located on Celticknot12's profile.

Stargate SG-1

Woo hoo! Love this show (well, duh, why else would I be putting it on here)! I'm not usually a big sci-fi fan with space travel and all that, but theres just so many things to love about this show! The humor (Window of Oppurtunaty...hehe), the adventure, the pretty flashing lights, the characters which are some of the best actors (Richard Dean Anderson and Amanda Tapping!!), the romanceishness of it (Jack and Sam!)'s just good :)

The start of our first big stargate story is also proudly located on Celticknigt12's profile (Now completed!). Check it out!


Here's a few other tv shows that I adore, but am too lazy to go into detail about their pure awesomeness: Stargate Atlantis, Castle, Psych, Pushing Daises, Prison Break, Criminal Minds, Bones, Firefly, Chuck, Doctor Who, Merlin, and Leverage

Remember! God made you special, and he loves you very much! Bye! (Yes, I am a VeggieTale watching Christian, and proud to be :) )

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