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I'm just a strange woman in a field under a tree waiting for lightning to strike.

More about me?

I’m a woman who is older than I look but younger than I feel most days. I work as a florist in a stifling box store and live on a farm. I have no money. I have too many cats. I keep going back to school. I have no foreseeable plans for the future and spend most of my time in my own imaginary land of being. I drink too much tea and coffee. My health is my worst enemy. I have a happy face tattooed to my ass. If I was a creature of fae, I’d most likely be a type of dryad. That is all.

Tips on Greening up your life from the Inuyasha gang (who are property of Rumiko Takahashi and I'm just using for fun and not profit.):

Tip #1: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Jaken: Our most wonderful Lord Sesshoumaru diligently practices the three Rs on a daily basis! Isn’t that right, Rin?

Rin: Yes, Master Jaken, Lord Sesshoumaru Reduces his enemies to tears.

Jaken: And he Reuses his worthless hanyou brother as a punching bag!

Rin: He also Recycled that creepy incarnation of Naraku’s tooth into his sword Tokijin.

Jaken: Indeed! Our Lord Sesshoumaru is a model for the environment!

Tip #2: Don’t Litter

Sango: It’s very important not to litter. Leaving your garbage out in not only an eye sore but it can cause harm to the rivers, oceans, landscape and wildlife. Please always put your garbage where it belongs.

Shippo: Miroku! Time to clean up all the food wrappers and garbage left from camp!

Miroku: Everyone, stand aside….WIND TUNNEL!

Tip #3: Plant a Tree

Kagome: Planting trees and plants is a good way to help the land. Not only are they pretty, but they provide clean air, help drainage and also provide homes for animals. Since Inuyasha sometimes gets carried away with his windscar and destroys things, we thought it would be good to do some replanting.

Inuyasha: Keh.

Kagome: -picks up a book- First we select a healthy sapling.

Shippo: Got it!

Kagome: Then we dig a hole, Inuyasha?

Inuyasha: I ain’t a dog, I’m not diggin’ no hole for a tree that was perfectly happy where it was. You do it.

Kagome: Inuyasha…

Inuyasha: Oh crap.

Kagome: SIT!


Kagome: Perfect, we’ll plant it where his head went in, ok Shippo? Now, poor water into the hole.

Inuyasha: Wait until I’m out, damn it!

Shippo: Oops, sorry.

Kagome: Now, put the sapling into the hole and pack the soil lightly around the base and give it some more water.

Inuyasha: Why do I have to do all the work? There. It’s in and wet.

Kagome: Perfect! Good work Shippo and Inuyasha!

Shippo: Thanks for the sucker Kagome!

Inuyasha: Why don’t I get a sucker?

Miroku: Hello, what are you doing?

Shippo: We planted a tree where Inuyasha knocked out the other six!

Kagome: Uh huh, Shippo did most of the work. He was a big help. Wasn’t he Inuyasha?

Sango: Oh, good work Shippo. But, why is Inuyasha all wet and muddy?

Inuyasha: -twitch-

Tip # 4: Bike, Walk, or Take the Bus

Kagome: Reducing traffic is very important. We’ve created far too much pollution and use far too much fuel -

Shippo: Kagome, what’s fuel?

Kagome: - in the future, so it’s good to start these practices now. It’s an energy that makes things go Shippo. Instead of driving we should all bike, walk or ride a demon to travel.

Kirara: Mew?

Inuyasha: I’m faster than that bike thing.

Shippo: -confused- But, Kagome, that’s what we always do. And it takes a lot of my energy to carry you around…what? Inuyasha, I think she's going to hurt me!

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