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Country:South africa



I suck at English so my stories will probably suck

Personality:I'm a very unlikeable, violent straight edge punk, have a problem, then SUCK IT

Likes:Pizza, Biltong(South african food), Boerwors(more South african food), Burgers

Dislikes:Emos, Goths(Weirdoes)

Favourite quotes: Shake: Daddy, you're back from your business trip, and you're sober, mommy moved to the city with mommies friend Jerry, and he hits me daddy, not like you do, in an extra mean way

Shake: You are the Gayest monster since gay comes to gay town

Frylock: Yep, it's about time we invested in a high defenition plasma screen tv

Meatwad: But I thought you said tv was bad.

Frylock: It is, but we Fucking need it

Raven: Beast boy had a brain?

Beast boy: Ha ha ha ha, good one. Dude that's not funny, I totally have a brain, I just don't use it much.

Starfire:Would you like another slice of the cheese Robin?

Beast Boy:Got room for more Robin?

Cyborg:Don't mind if I do, Robin

Raven: You know Robins, the mask makes me feel cool.

Robin comes in Robin: Pizza sweet, you know Robins, the mask makes me feel cool too.

Speedy: I can't believe nobody knows who we are

Aqualad:So the boy didn't know your name, let it go, Robin

Man on tv:I was surrounded by dolphins, and some guy in a unitard pulls me out of the water

Aqualad:Some guy in a unitard.

Speedy:Let it go, unitard guy.

Favourite catchphrases:I'm the boogeyman, and I'm coming to get ya

Rest In Peace

Mr Kennedy...Kennedy

Are you ready to suck it?

I got two words for ya!

Extreme is not a mood, it's a life style.

Favourite shows:Star trek, Teen titans, Total Drama Island, The Simpsons, Megas XLR, Ben 10: Alien force, Aqua teen hunger force,WWE

Favourite pairings:BBxRae, RobStar, Jerikole, Flinx,CyborgxSarasim, DuncanxCourtney, GwenxTrent, OwenxIzzy, TylerxLindsay, HaroldxLeshawna

Worst pairings:CyxRae, RobxRae, BBxTerra, HaroldxHeather, ChrisxChef, OwenxJustin

Am I the only BBXRAE shipper thats noticed in the episode with the party that at the end when Rae says they'll need Ice-cream that when BB is running behind Rae his Eyes are Hearts

Favourite Wrestlers: Undertaker(The best of the best), John Morrison, CM Punk(So he's a jerk), DJ Gabriel, King Booker T, MVP, Mark Henry, DX, The Hardys, Kofi Kingston, Primo, Carlito, Paul London, Elijah Burke, Kane, Sting, LAX, R-Truth, Cryme Tyme, Rey Mysterio, John Cena, Christian, the Boogeyman, Ric Flair, Suicide, Hurricane Helms, Batista, Christian, Hulk Hogan, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Yoshi Totsu, Jimmy Wang Yang, Umaga

Favourite movies:The Ghost and The Darkness, All Star wars movies, Star trek:2009, Fanboys(Hilarious), Transformers 1&2,Yes man, All Indiana Jones movies

Favourite games:I-Ninja, Transformers 1&2, Star wars:Republic Commando, Secret Agent Clank, Spore, Smack down VS Raw 2009

Most of my stories will involve a character called Darkness, here's a short biography of him

First name:Kyle Surname:Unknown

Powers:His main powers are the ability to hide in the dark, he can become transparent, he has incredible strength, an advanced healing factor, flight and teleportation, his secondary power is the unique ability to temporarily gain someones power, to get a females powers, he must kiss them, and to get a males powers he must simply touch them, although he enjoys squeezing the back of their necks, using his incredible strength

Story: Darkness was an ordinary South African kid, until he was threatened by criminals(which were quite common when he was a kid)he attacked and nearly killed them all, from then on he became known as Darkness, he protected his country and eventually there were very few criminals left, he became extremely bored as a result, until his family moved to jump, he is now back to being a hero.

Problems, He follows his countries rules only, he is incredibly unlikeable, and arrogant.

Advantages:He speaks English, Spanish, French and Pourtuguse.

Loves:He is in a relationship with Blackfire

Age:18(in his country it means he can drive, drink, and get married)

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