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Fluff, fluff and more fluff.

Ms. Problematique, alternatively known as Matti, PB or Ita-chan, likes to delve in and out of manga and anime, and is currently reading Kuroshitsuji, Bleach, Death Note, Zombie Loan, 1/2 Prince and Host Club, whilst watching Pandora Hearts, Hetalia, Bleach, Death Note and Fruits Basket. She enjoys a life of drawing and writing general crap, roleplaying obsessively on Proboards and have long Hetalian Facebook conversations which tend to confuse 99.9 of her friends (the sadly non-anime ones). She occasionally cosplays, her current two costumes are Military!China and North Italy, though she intends to cosplay Reno, the Undertaker, Schrodinger, Grell Sutcliffe, Russia, L, Ronald Knox, Xerxes Break, the Cheshire Cat from Pandora Hearts, Death the Kid and a multitude of other people. She tends to swear incessently at her computer, write horrible fluff on poor unsuspecting manga characters and wile away the hours inbetween with crack commenting. If you really want to go find her elsewhere, she's AppieLucie on DeviantArt and kirkyspastachef on LiveJournal. She claims she could live on pocky, pasta and leeks if left to it, and says this is no relevance to any manga. This is highly doubted.

Personal quotes include "Look, it's written in sign language!", "Yay for demon-whoring!", "It maks my nose bleed tea", "That's nazi-worship!", "Neh, that's an interesting word...", "Ahahah, you broke the anti-Russia security!" and "Ita-chan brings you PASTA-TEAAAAAAAAA!". She also likes making up OCs for Kuroshitsuji and torturing them endlessly.

Have a good day!


Officious saying thingies made up for the purpose of Will T. Spears' office wall:

"Pop it, lock it, and keep out of my effing office."

"Gods don't bless you, you're just making excuses."

"The only way from here's up. Or down, but that's not so pretty."

Can you not just see these on his office wall in the Library?! xD


Kuroshitsuji ;

n. (dual meaning)

1) Black butler - Kuro + Shitsuji

2) Pure liquified awesome

Hetalia ;

n. (triple meaning)

1) Stupid Italy - Hetare + Itaria

2) Awesome in a tea cup

3) Yaoification of 100+ countries of the known (and unknown) world

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