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Author has written 12 stories for Metropolis, Anime X-overs, Harry Potter, Harvest Moon, Pokémon, Kingdom Hearts, Digimon, My Candy Love, and Final Fantasy VII.

WARNING TO MY READERS!: I am very erratic when it comes to writing my fanfics! If I work on one fanfic, I will halt it temporarily if I get another idea in my head, and will pause that one to work on another if I feel like it! You have been warned about my craziness!

Update September 25th '16 -- I had repetitive strain injuries in both of my hands and my doctor misdiagnosed as de quervain syndrome. Needless to say I didn't get physiotherapy treatment for about 5 months. But I'm mostly better now, and relatively pain free. I'll work on Chapter 16 for A Second Chance.

Update October 2nd, '14 -- I have written the second chapter to A Second Chance. It is my plan to try and get more chapters to Probation out and take a serious look at Adventure 00 and fix things around. I have some different ideas for what I want for the characters and it would be important to focus more on developing the characters in this new setting.

Update May 30th, '14 -- I'm rather ashamed I haven't been on the site in so long. I know I shouldn't be, due to my last update being a month before I started art school, however I still feel like I want to be more active. Lately I've been wanting to get back into writing. I'll try and get an update to Probation whenever I can. My main focus will likely be on Digimon. I'm doing more drawing than writing these days. At least my fanfics will be much more likely to have personal covers drawn by me! As usual, check out below on information about my fanfics.

I am an anime fan. Obsessed with anime, manga, roleplaying and romance. Romance is a must for practically all that I do to some small degree. It's just what I'm comfortable with. I mostly write anime fanfics. I can slack off, and need motivation in order to get from chapter to chapter. I look forward to people reviewing my work, perhaps giving me constructive criticism.

I suppose I should tell you a little about my interests and my standing in the writing community. I am a critic. I will not compliment an author on their work just because it may be their "first" or "first in a long time". I judge on literacy, spelling, comprehensibility, length, paragraph and sentence structure, entertainment and finally plot and plot structure. I will speak my mind about what I truly think about the work of art, not fall into the "peer pressure". I am constantly trying to help others improve with their work and believe me, most of the time I do hold back on the bluntness in order to keep things from getting out of hand. I'm not saying that my works are perfect. Far from it, probably. But I try seriously to write the best fanfics that I can and I use the skills that I had learned in my English classes.

My preferences for stories are almost always romance. I'm the hopeless romantic type that giggles and squees and all that lovely stuff. But I am picky with the fics that I read. That being said, those would most likely be "In-World Fics" being not "Highschool" if the anime, manga, book, ect isn't ABOUT highschool (eg. Pokemon characters do not go to school. If they do they would learn about pokemon, not math and science. They would sit on benches and feeding the wild Pidgey and Pachirisu, not the local crows and squirrels). Honestly, if I have to sit and read through another highschool fic I'm going to be ill. It's repetitive. It's dull. I would hope if a high school setting would be written that it wouldn't be rehashing the same old cliches. In-World fics are nice. They're easier to understand in terms of being inside the anime/manga/ect's universe, thus the reader can comprehend better. Not only that, but there doesn't seem to be all that many of them.

My views with Insert or OC characters is that they should be used with caution. I have no problem with such characters, but all too often such characters are written in ways that make it seem like the author is trying too hard to make the reader like them. Or they just write as though we already know them. Worst case scenario is the character is poorly written and tedious to read.

Regarding my current fanfics

Digidestined of Despair: Will be re-written after finishing Adventure 00

Adventure 00: I am wanting to fix up Adventure 00. Perhaps I'll combine the first two chapters, as I want it to have a more episodic feel. It's a lot of words, but when you actually look at it, I can't justify it adding up to an episode. There's only a lot of content because as a written medium I like to focus on the thoughts of the characters, and the details take a while to explain, things that are gestured out in animation.

A Second Chance: Chapter two has recently been added. This fic will likely be the one I'll focus on the most along with Adventure 00.

Harry Potter and the Dimensional Rift: Likely this will be scrapped or rewritten entirely. I know I don't have a lot written either way, but if I'm going to bother with a new plot, then I might as well rewrite the first chapter. This will likely be done whenever I finally feel like doing it. It's not high on my priority list.

Changes: I'm modifying the chapters before I continue. This may take a while since it's not high on my list. The second half of this story was rather stupid so I need to make a new ending.

Trilogy of the Triplets: I'm debating whether the plot is worth saving or not. If not, I'll delete it.

A Healing Touch: I'll work on the second chapter soon. I need reviews to see how people like it so far! And if not... I'll work on it at some point. Hold your breath and I can assure you you'll pass out.

The Catalyst: Second chapter has been completed. I'm not sure how long it will take to write the third chapter.

Probation: This story is on a school-related hiatus, but I may get a chapter or two up eventually.

Lost Between Words: Chapters 3&4 up. I've actually lost my writing partner so I'm hoping to find someone to write from Cloud's POV. So far I've been unlucky.

Digimon Adventure 00 Digidestined

Kensuke - Pururumon

Antira - ???

Umi - ???

Austin - ???

Kaven - ???

Liorosa - ???

Cissy - ???

The Dark Digidestined
Here's a list of the dark digidestined and their digimon from Digidestined of Despair


In Italics are a list of the pairings that I like, in order of how much I like them. The shows are in no particular order.

Digimon: Takeru/Hikari, Mimi/Koushiro, Mimi/Taichi, Taichi/Sora, Rika/Takato, Takeru/Mimi,Mimi/Yamato, Zoe/Takuya

Pokemon: Satoshi/Kasumi, Shuu/Haruka, Mitsuru/Haruka, Blue/Green, Red/Yellow, Lance/Yellow, Ruby/Sapphire, Red/Blue, Crystal/Gold, Hikari/Shinji, Pikachu/Buneary, Satoshi/Latias, Lucario(male)/Gardevoir(female), Hikari/Conway, Lugia(male)/Articuno(female), Tracey/Daisy, Diamond/Platina, Satoshi/Aoi

Inuyasha: Inuyasha/Kagome, Sesshomaru/Rin, Kohaku/Rin, Sesshomaru/Kagome

Naruto: Naruto/Sakura, Shikamaru/Ino, Kiba/Hinata, Gaara/Sakura, Sasuke/Hinata, Kiba/Ino, Naruto/Ino, Lee/TenTen, Neji/TenTen

Slayers: Lina/Zelgadis, Filia/Valgaav, Sylphial/Gourry

Beyblade: Tyson/Hillary, Ray/Mariah

Strawberry Eggs!: Fuko/Akira

Card Captor Sakura/ Tsubasa Chronicles: Syaoran/Sakura, Tomoyo/Eriol

The Cat Returns: Baron/Haru

Spirited Away: Haku/Chihiro

Monster Rancher: Genki/Holly

Saint Seiya: Sienna/Seiya

Shaman King: Tamao/Yoh, Tamao/Ren

Pixie Pop: Mayu/Shinya, Mayu/Kakeru

Castle in the Sky: Pazu/Sheeta

Nausicaa: Nausicaa/Asbel

D.N.Angel: Daisuke/Riku, Risa/Satoshi, Risa/Dark

DearS: Ren/Takeya

Escaflowne: Hitomi/Van

Kaleido Star: Sora/Ken

Princess Mononoke: San/Ashitaka

Eureka 7: Eureka/Renton

Fruits Basket: Kyo/Tohru, Machi/Yuki, Hiro/Kisa, Tohru/Yuki

FLCL: Naota/Eri, Naota/Haruko

Zatch Bell: Tia/Zatch, Kiyo/Megumi, Sherry/Brago, Kiyo/Sherry

Sailor Moon: Chibiusa/Pereru

Bleach: Ichigo/Orihime, Ulquiorra/Orihime, Uryu/Orihime, Renji/Rukia, Gin/Rangiku, Grimmjow/Orihime, Ichigo/Rukia

Tokyo Mew Mew: Ichigo/Ryou Shirogane, Ichigo/Kish

Super GALS: Ran/Yuuya, Aya/Rei

Kingdom Hearts: Sora/Ariel, Riku/Kairi

Final Fantasy: Cloud/Aerith

Dragonball/Z/GT Gohan/Lime, Pan/Trunks, Bulma/Krillin, Bulma/Vegita

Kitchen Princess: Najika/Daichi, Najika/Sora, Najika/Seiya

Avatar: The Last Airbender Aang/Katara, Sokka/Togh Zuko/Katara, Zuko/Song, Zuko/Ty Lee, Sokka/Ty Lee

Kami-chama Karin: Karin/Kazune

Gundam Wing: Heero/Relena

Magical Canan:Chihaya/Natsuki

Jungle de Ikou: Natsumi/Ongo

Ouran High School Host Club: Haruhi/Hikaru, Haruhi/Tamaki

Crossover Gundam Wing/Sailor Moon: Usagi/Duo, Usagi/Quatre

Skip Beat!: Kyoko/Ren, Kyoko/Hikaru (Bridge Rock), Kyoko/Shotaro

Never Give Up!: Kiri/Touya

Princess Tutu: Duck/Fakir, Duck/Mute(Mytho), Rue/Autor

Kaichou wa Maid-Sama!: Usui/Misaki, Misaki/Yukimura, Sakura/Kanou

Harvest Moon/Rune Factory: Claire/Gray, Claire/Raguna, Kross/Eunice, White Iris/Raguna, Claire/Cliff, Claire/Rick

Persona 4 (Animation): Yu/Yukiko, Yu/Rise, Yu/Naoto, Yosuke/Chie

Non-Anime pairings

Animorphs: Rachael/Tobias, Cassie/Jake

Justice League: Batman/Wonder Woman, Flash/Hawkgirl

Harry Potter: Harry/Hermione, Draco/Hermione, Harry/Luna, Neville/Luna

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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A Second Chance reviews
Digimon and humans are at war. A public, global war and at the 10th anniversary at the start of it all, a teenage Takeru Takaishi starts an important journey that will force him to choose between what is expected of him, and what he feels is right. Trusting in his friends, he and the others will try and change the future.
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Anime X-overs - Rated: K+ - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,576 - Reviews: 1 - Published: 11/23/2003
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