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Author has written 9 stories for Rosario + Vampire, Love Hina, and Monster Girl Encyclopedia.

As I have returned from a long absence, it is only fitting that I bring this profile up to date. To sum myself up in a handful of sentences: I am a 35-year-old fanfiction author and English teacher. As I finally have gained steady employment, I now can return to writing, at least for a while.

As for my recent writing efforts: My primary focus is on a Rosario Vampire series, which begins with Out of Nightmares. This six- (or seven-) book arc is an exploration of a polyamorous solution to the romantic conflict of that series, and everything that it might take for Tsukune to end up with the three girls closest to his heart. Currently I am working on book 3, hammering away with an effort to erase the years I was unable to write due to the stress of my job. However, I have also been working on a more mature series of vignettes based in the Monster Girl Encyclopedia universe, and will be posting those as they are finished.

As a writer, I can be defined by two things: determination worthy of a shonen protagonist, and a profound ability to get distracted. I may not finish my stories quickly... but they will be done, or I be damned. So, my reader, I hope you enjoy the fruits of my labor, and know I live for feedback.

~Wynn Pendragon

11/24/18, 11:124 P.M.: I finished the story at 1:07 Thursday night, and have reviewed it five times since just to be sure. Chapter 8 goes up on Tuesday! And the climax on Friday...

12/4/18, 10:36 A.M.: Writing goes well, with Chapter 3 of Wisdom in Shadow finished. I'll post the conclusion of Not Alone this afternoon, and the opening chapter of the sequel on Friday, as is usual. This two chapters a week thing is working so far, considering I wrote 3 chapters last week alone...

12/8/18, 2:52 A.M.: Well, perhaps I spoke too soon. This week was rough. Not only do I have grades due next week, a personal terror of mine since I'm one of those horrible teachers who procrastinate on submitting grades, but I also got some pretty unpleasant news about my employment status that cost me a couple of evenings of work as I struggled to deal with some well-deserved anger. The death of my PC's CPU fan was just the cherry on a turd sundae of a week. Still, chapter 4 is all but done, and I will write more this weekend. Christmas break is not far away, and there is snow on the horizon...

12/9/18, 9:10 P.M.: Grading continues... slowly. Writing is making much better progress, which is... good? Bad? Anyways, Chapter 4 is done, and Chapter 5 is 1/3 of the way finished, though I still need to work on plotting out its events. I'm in the part of the story that I have done little planning for, the space of time where I am between major story events, but that makes for the best time for minor, character-building events. I just hope they come across well, without slowing down the story too much...

12/14/18, 8:56 A.M.: WHEW! Grading done! And, to celebrate conquering that waist-high heap of procrastination, I will be posting the next chapter today, earlier than usual, perhaps around noon if I can break free from the faculty Christmas party.

12/17/18, 3:16 P.M.: So, the weekend was busier than expected, sadly. I only managed to begin writing this morning, but I still finished Chapter 5, which is more impressive than it sounds, seeing as that goliath of a chapter is 8 pages over my norm. I also did a lot of driving this weekend, which gave me time to plot out the next few chapters more effectively. Now, let's just see what a few days of freedom can produce... Chapter 4 goes up tomorrow.

12/21/18, 10:37 A.M.: Chapter 6 is finished, 7 is in the works. I had intended to have a callback to the last story in having an ecchi scene in 6, but it didn't work out, so you'll have to wait a little longer. Chapter 5 will go up today, probably 3ish EST.

12/28/18, 2:38 P.M.: Chapter 7 goes up at 3ish. The next chapter may be delayed; I'll try to keep this profile updated as to my progress. With any luck, the next chapter will be short enough for me to finish in time to post Tuesday...

1/2/19, 2:55 P.M.: Happy New Year's, all! Chapter 8 is finished as of now, aside from a few more editing passes. I'll be posting it at my usual time on Friday, so look for it then! Oh, and tonight I will try to post something special to make up for my skipped release yesterday...

1/9/19, 12:37 P.M.: Progress continues on Chapter 9, which is 5 pages in. I've been slowed slightly by an internal debate about whether or not to include a certain scene, but I still hope to have the chapter finished by Friday. Wish me luck!

1/15/19, 11:54 A.M.: Well, somehow I managed to finish Chapter 10 this morning, despite not starting on it till Sunday. I'm going to make a few more editing passes, of course, but I've decided to post tonight, in honor of my old schedule. Expect to hear something around 6ish EST.

1/18/19, 12:10 P.M.: I finished Chapter 11 last night, and just did my last editing pass on it. I will post this afternoon, probably between 4 and 5.

1/25/19, 5:41 P.M.: Bad news, unfortunately: Chapter 12 will be slightly delayed. Despite my best efforts, I only managed to get 3/4 of it finished today, and I have an excursion for tonight that will keep me from the keys. I will return in the morning, however, in time to hit the writing hard, so I hope to have it finished by this time tomorrow. Wish me luck, eh?

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