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At what point did reviews here only become about giving praise and not about giving constructive criticism or pointing out a possible error/issue within one's story in order to help them improve as a writer?

Hello there.

If you're reading this you're probably trying to see if this is a troll account, just someone trying to cause trouble or just simply what I'm about. I am neither troll nor a trouble maker despite what some authors say or how you may feel as you race here ready to send me that message putting me in my place. I am also not out to "ruin things for everyone" despite the feelings of some of the less than polite reviewers.

What I am is an avid reader and sometimes writer (don't bother asking who I really am, I'll never tell but yes - I've written and posted stories) on this site. The reason I set up this account is to protect those stories that I have written from the vengeful authors (and mostly their fans who all act like spoiled entitled 12 year olds) who want to get back at me for leaving the below note by attacking my own work needlessly.

So now you're asking "why are you doing this?" My goal is mainly to help authors realize that they may have unwittingly broken a rule here, and most fit in this category. I also know what it's like to have a story removed by the admins of the site and don't really wish that on anyone else. This is usually done without notice or a reason given - your story is there one day and then the next day it's gone. Therefore I hope my note can serve as a bit of a early warning and give those writers a chance to fix/adjust their work so that if/when an admin looks at their story they can see that it's fine and leave it be.

I'm also sick of the endless parade of spoiled and entitled brats who seem to think they can operate on this site as they wish for whatever dumb reason they come up with and choose to ignore the rules and give the rest of us the middle finger in the process. If you are in this lot then I have no remorse for you and just say this : You do the crime then you do the time.

Don't be too surprised if you PM me and you don't get a response. Chances are you and your fans are looking at this with the intention on coming after me for "daring to flame XXX writers story!" so anything you write like that will be just laughed at and deleted though if I do get entertained I may write back just to see how annoyed you'll really get.

But, and this is a big BUT, if you really come across as thoughtful and really are open to discussing your work then there is a good chance I will reply and even try to help you with your work. Many of the people I have seen are in fact good writers that probably don't realize what the rules are here and if I can help even one of them then I feel that "MrGoodyTwoShoes" has served his purpose.

I always use my account for reviews which means I always log/sign in to do it. If you ever receive an anonymous review claiming to be me (or a copycat account by a different spelling masquerading as me, like a sad little person who think flipping an "o" with a "c" in my username can fool people) then you've been had and it's just a sad little person with nothing better to do with their pathetic life other than impersonating me.

Remember, I do not curse or insult a writer in my reviews - my reviews are always impersonal by design and will always be as such unless I am requested for a direct opinion.

If you really don't like what I have to say then you can either PM me or look me up on Critics United.

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