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Author has written 2 stories for Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and Hunger Games.

If you're looking for my real name/age/gender...you're probably a creeper and please leave this site immediately.

SonofApollo42, I thank you for the Demigod/God Profile Idea!

Greek god Me-

God of Explosions


Symbol-A mushroom cloud

Name: Magneese

Roman name: Mongeese (That's Mongeese, or Me {depending on how you look at it}, over there!)

Olympian?: No, an advisor for Zeus (Also, a go-between for Ares and Zeus)

Married?: Surprisingly, to Calliope, Muse of Epic Poetry

Godly Children?: Voleti, Goddess of Modern Battle Cries (Fire!, etc.). Klaus, Embodiment of the Cold War. And Soony, Goddess of War Poetry

Demigod children?: Twins, Ivy and Harry Jamenson

Demigod Children in a Nutshell: Big pranksters, but are SUPERB and OBSESSED with anything having to do with bombs/explosions.

Cabin?: Made of bricks of C4, with the windows constantly blowing out, fire spurting out the chimney, etc. and full of bomb-supplies (Small tools, explosive, timers, remote-controls, etc.)

Any Secrets?: Actually a son of Hermes and Nike, a great pair to tell you the truth. However, Athena found out and threatened to tell Zeus if the child was not abandoned. So, Mongeese was raised by his father's cousin Persephone in the Underworld.

Egyptian god Me-

God of Fur and Skin of Animals

Name: Ferreim

Animal: A cross between a Civet and an African Porcupine

Sign: That animal

Married?: Yes, to Bast, Goddess of Cats

Godly Children?: Fret, Goddess of Kittens and Palet, God of Pelts

Demigod Children?: One, Marsh Kittar

DCs in a Nutshell: Obsessed with fur (the fur they were is real, but the furs are ones I gather, meaning that the animals are not hurt) and LOOOOVE cats (especially Civets)

Cabin?: A large teepee-like tent made of different furs (explained in DCs in a Nutshell) with a large tail of my Animal that responds to Marsh's emotions.

Any Secrets?: A Son of Nephthys and Set, raised by Nephthys. However, when he found out he was a son of Set, he asked Anubis for advice. In the end, Sobek took Ferreim as his adoptive son.

Norse God Me-

God of Doom and Horrible Fate


Symbol-A Black Spiral

Animal: None

Married: No

Godly children: One, Ragel, God of Death Sentencing

Demigod Children: Three: Rush Michaels, Sue Arsonic and Gnome Freeman

DCs in a Nutshell: Morbid and kinda scary, but are good to have around talkative people, so they can listen to them.

Cabin?: You step through a black spiral, into a "void" of "Doom Energy" (almost like Duat), in which my kids float through and the the furniture floats (though it stays stationary)

Secrets?: He is actually a mix of gods! His father is Carn, God of Hateful emotions, making him 3/8 Egyptian and 1/8 Greek. His mother is Hel (formerly his wife, but I thought she worked better as his mom) , a Norse goddess, completing the circle with 1/2 Norse!

Greek Demigod Me- Son of Thanatos and/or Zeus, depending on how I'm feeling that day.

Egyptian Demigod Me- Son of Sobek

Norse Demigod Me-Son of Odr

Roman Demigod Me- Son of Vulturnus

TKC Profile!

Name: Cobalt Hat

Nome: Lives in 21st , originally from the 56th (Australia)

Blood of the Pharaohs?: Yes

Pharaoh Ancesto: Horus Nebra, Third King of the Second Dynasty

Magic Type: Water Elementalist and Animal Charmer

Godly Path: Sobek, God of Crocodiles and the Nile

39 Clues Profile

Name: Trace Scene

Branch: Ekaterina

Weapon: My brain and explosions...

Wizard/Witch profile: (Thanks Chinese girl 50)

House: Ravenclaw, because of my intelligence, but people say I should be in Gryffindor

Status: Muggle-born, at least, I pretend to be so no-one knows about me being a GOD

Wand: 13 inches, Redwood, Rok-feather (Good for Transfiguration and storm-based spells)

Excellent at: Care of Magical Creatures, DADA and Transfiguration ( I also get lesson's from Ollivander's son for Wandmaking!)

Position on the Quidditch team: Beater, god I feel like I'm copying Chinese girl 50, but she said almost EXACTLY WHAT I WAS GOING TO SAY!!!

Quidditch team I support: I don't really have one team...I pick a new one every year...but, now, Hollyhead Harpies...

My broomstick: The Black Lightning, my own invention. It's like, a better version of the Firebolt. It's got Self Heating/Cooling Seat and Hand-holdon a Black Walnut body (With a Extra-Hard Diamond finish & polish) , Black Walnut twigs, a built in Auto-break, (O-60 in 1.5 sec., 200 mph max, Max Altitude: 200 feet) and Extra-Padded, Adjustable, Self Cooling/Heating Foot-rests

Animagus : Yes, a hummingbird. I'm not registered, So DON"T TELL ANYONE! (If you ever see a bright red hummingbird with a green mohawk, that's me!)

Spell's I'm good at: I make up my own spells! Jupiterosion (Shoots storms at the target) Weirdoltin, (a new, more powerful version of Ridikkolus) and Inanitite (takes non-food and makes it into food, using a simple form of Alchemy.)

What I want to be when i grow up: Wandmaker, Some type of Magical Creature Breeder/Care-taker or Broom-maker

Fear/What the boggart transforms into: A cloud of man-eating darkness!

What it becomes when I use the riddikulus charm: A little smoke-man trapped in a bottle!

Pet(s): The headmaster allowed to bring Fure-Animal, my Egyptian animal disguised as a dog (Yes, I am all three gods at the same time!)

Can I see Therestals/Hear through the veil thing at the ministry of magic: Yes, I saw my brother die, after choking on a marble (a truly unfortunate death R.I.P Fidelius)

Member of the O.o.T.P (Order of the phoenix): YES! OF COURSE!

Special things: I'm a animagus and werewolf...an awful combination...

Hey, If anybody sees stuff that any of my godly/demigod children did to my page, PM me.

And, if your a Starkid or a Gleek, PM me!

REAL name: The Coolest Person in the UNIVERSE!!!


Birth: YOUR FACE!!!

Hair: Dark brown with a major cowlick


Eyes: Changes from blue to green depending on the light!

School: NONE!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Anyways, why would I tell you?

Job in school: Being AWESOME!

Sign: Taurus

My element: Earth. People rely on us, we never get into other people arguments, we are calm, can be harsh when we want to, yada yada yada. We also keep the balance of friendship and happiness, so PM me if you have friendship problems. WE ARE THE BALANCERS! (well said CG50!)

Favorite kind of stories: Fantasy! Nothing even remotely real!

Year: TIGER!

Spirit animal: Hummingbird! Symbolizes: Joy, lightness, beauty, and magic. If YOU want to find out YOUR spirit animal, go to this link:


Favorite animal: A Blaze Humminghawk! A cross between a ruby-throated hummingbird and a red-tailed hawk! I made it up! YAY!

Pssst! Hey over here!

Hey it's Ivy and Harry! We're kids of Mongeese, God of Explosions! We wanted to let you know that our dad is really just a baby, so don't insult him!

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